Are you having a hard time coming up with ideas to show the real you to your audience? Why not try vlogging? You can make videos about your experiences, connect with people, and even earn money. But what is vlogging?

Vlogging is a way to share your story using videos. You can do it on sites like YouTube, where many people can see your videos and help you get more viewers.

Before you start vlogging, it’s important to have a plan. Vlogging can be overwhelming, so this article will explain everything you need to know, including what a vlog is and how vlogging works.

This will help you become a great content creator with amazing videos. Are you excited to learn more? Let’s start and dive in.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is a type of content where a content creator records videos to share their thoughts, experiences, or information with others. 

What does a vlog stand for? Vlog is short for “video blog.” 

Yes, you can think of it as a blog. But, instead of typing words and adding pictures to a website, you make videos and upload them on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or more.

Now, what is vlogging? Vlogging is the process of coming up with ideas, creating high—quality content, and sharing the videos on any platform you prefer. And if you do all of this, then you can call yourself a vlogger.

Let’s go down a bit deeper. You may think that vlogging is quite new, and it is. But it’s very popular and impactful. 

Four out of every ten people watch vlogs each month. Plus, 83% of businesses believe that using video content is a great way to connect with the audience and persuade them to try their products.

What does all this mean for you as a content creator? It means that vlogging is promising, whether you want to just share your experiences or mainly make money from your content.

That’s the purpose of vlogging, meaning vloggers can get benefits like personal growth and  promising careers. And for the audience, vlogging is a new way to learn things, connect with others, and get inspired.

History of Vlogging

We already answered the questions: What is a vlog? But did you know how it all started? Let’s learn a bit of history here: 

  • 2000 — Adam Kontras, an American singer and animator, began making vlogs about moving to Los Angeles.
  • 2005 — YouTube started, making it easy to share videos, including vlogs.
  • 2006 — Google bought YouTube, making vlogging even more popular and promising.
  • 2010 — Daily vlogging became popular, especially in the early 2010s. Some top creators were Shay Carl, Ze Frank, and Jenna Marbles.
  • 2011 — Creators started using better cameras like DSLRs to improve their vlogs.
  • 2014 — Vlogging spread to other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.
  • 2016 — Facebook and Twitch joined the vlogging world, even though they focused on different niches.
  • 2017 — YouTube introduced Super Chat for more interaction between creators and viewers, which was great for vlogs. TikTok was launched internationally. 
  • 2020 — YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels were introduced as a new way to support vlogging through short videos.
  • 2023 — YouTube Shorts introduced as a new way for creators to earn money with short videos.

Types of Vlogs

If you’re a new content creator, you probably have many ideas about getting started. But let’s begin by finding out about different kinds of vlogs. Here are a few:

1. Beauty Vlog

Beauty vlogs are about beauty salons in an online world. You can offer advice on makeup, skincare, and haircare in the form of video content. 

If you’re interested in this niche, professionals like Jaclyn Hill and Michelle Phan can show you the path. But keep in mind to always be yourself.  Your unique style is what will attract viewers. But what is the point of vlogging if you’re not having fun, right?

2. Gaming Vlog

Gaming vlogs are where video game fans meet. They discuss games, show how to play, and share tips, like everyday gamer chats. This niche is powerful because the gaming industry is growing fast, aiming for $153 billion by 2024. 

With that in mind, you can turn your love for gaming into a vlog. Look to famous gamers like Markiplier and PewDiePie for inspiration to avoid starting from the beginning with ideas, but remember to include your unique style.

3. Travel Vlog

If you like visiting awesome places and trying local food, why not try travel vlogging? Travel vlogs are like online travel guides. You go to fantastic places and give travel tips to others. Basically, you share all your adventures through videos.

Travel vlogging is about being fun and helpful, just like what Nashville Notes and Nomadic Matt have done.

4. Technology Vlog

Tech vlogs help people stay informed about gadgets, software, and tech trends. If this is your passion, consider starting one in your own niche.

The tech market is growing, set to reach $5.2 trillion, and more and more individuals are joining this vlogging trend. You can watch MKBHD and Linus Tech Tips for inspiration. Your genuine perspective could be what tech enthusiasts are looking for.

5. Health and Fitness Vlog

Health and fitness vlogs provide workout routines, diet plans, and mental well-being. These platforms make it easy for anyone with internet access to get expert advice. 

Famous vloggers like Pamela Reif and Athlean-X have set high expectations. But your fitness journey is special. Your unique way, like facing your own problems, trying new diets, or caring for your mental health, can motivate others. That would be great content for your vlog.

6. Cooking Vlog

Cooking vlogs are all about making various dishes. Famous chefs like Laura Vitale and Jamie Oliver teach not just recipes but also cooking tips.

The great thing about cooking is you can be creative. Your special touches, like a family secret recipe or a new food combo, can make your vlog unique and inspire others to cook like you.

7. DIY Vlog

DIY vlogs have ideas for crafts, home improvement, and tech tricks. Many people like practical solutions, making the DIY market grow.

Even though vloggers like SwoodLife and The Hacksmith share many ideas, DIY wants new things. Your creative projects can be special and popular. In a world wanting new ideas, your DIY could be the next big thing everyone wants to try.

8. Lifestyle Vlog

Lifestyle vlogs cover a wide range of topics, like personal stories and travel experiences. The influencer market, including these vlogs, was worth $10.39 billion in 2021.

Big names like David Dobrik and Emma Chamberlain are awesome when they give tips on this vlogging niche. But being yourself is what really matters. Your own stories and uniqueness make your vlog special.

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Components of a Vlog

You can find out how to vlog in our other article. Now, let’s grasp the key elements of a vlog before you begin:

  • Topic or Theme — This is your vlog’s main idea. Choosing something you love can help you grow in the long run. Your enthusiasm will make your vlogs interesting.
  • Personality — This is what makes your vlog unique. People watch for you, not just the content. Be yourself, be real, and show your passion. 
  • Video and Audio Quality — Good video and sound are important. You don’t need fancy gear, but a decent camera and microphone help make your message better.
  • Introduction — It’s the beginning of your vlog. It tells viewers why they should stay. A clear intro that explains what viewers will learn is vital. Get right to the point.
  • Thumbnails and Titles — These are your vlog’s first impressions. They can make or break someone’s decision to watch. Create eye-catching and accurate thumbnails and titles.
  • Categories and Tags —These help people find your vlog. Understand SEO (search engine optimization) basics and use them to make your content easier to discover.
  • Comments and Social Sharing — Engage with your audience. Respond to comments and encourage sharing. Building a community around your vlog boosts viewership and provides feedback. It makes viewers feel like they belong.

How Does Vlog Work?

Vlogging works in a circle or a loop. If you’re a content creator, you must make sure that each process is going well to make sure that the end result is great.

1. Making the Video

The first thing in vlogging is recording content. Vloggers use cameras to film their actions, ideas, or how-to guides. It’s not just pressing the record, though. It includes preparing the scene, making sure there’s good light, and maybe planning what to say or do in the vlog. What is a vlog without a proper script, right?

2. Editing Videos

Once you have recorded your video, the next step in vlogging is editing. This is where you get to choose what parts to keep and what to cut out. You can also enhance it by adding music, words on the screen, and effects. 

There are different software options, from easy ones to awesome pro tools. The main point is to make your vlog interesting, and all come together nicely.

3. Sharing Your Vlog Online

Vlogging means sharing your content with everyone. So, after you have edited your vlog, you need to put it on platforms where people can watch it. 

Many people choose YouTube. But you can also use platforms like Vimeo or social media sites like Instagram and TikTok for shorter videos. Remember to give your vlog an interesting title, description, and tags to make it easy for people to find.

4. Connecting with Your Viewers

You might hope many people watch your videos once they’re on the platform. But it doesn’t stop there. Viewers can do different things like liking, disliking, sharing, and commenting on your videos to show support or give feedback.

Don’t stress about it; this interaction is really important because it helps more people find your videos. The algorithm likes content that gets a lot of interaction. That way, they show it to even more people.

5. Making Money from Your Vlog

You can totally skip this step if you’re vlogging just for fun. But if you want to make some money from your content, vlogging is a great way to do it.

When your vlog gets popular, you can start earning money in a few ways. One way is by showing ads before, during, or after your vlog.

You can also collaborate with companies that pay you to promote their products. Another option is affiliate marketing, where you get a commission when people buy things through the links you share. 

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Equipment for Vlogging

What is a vlog without being supported by great equipment? This is true for both newcomers and seasoned vloggers. Let’s look at the essential equipment for successful vlogging:

1. Cameras

When you’re thinking about cameras, you’ve got three main choices: DSLRs, webcams, and smartphones.

DSLRs have big sensors, different lenses, and manual controls. This helps you capture more details and better colors. Webcams are great if you’re vlogging from your laptop for a specific audience. They give you good visuals without costing too much.

What about smartphones? They are handy and can record good videos for the travel vlog niche. Plus, they’re always with you, ready to capture moments.

2. Microphones

Just thinking about the picture quality for vlogging is not enough. Sound quality is crucial. What is a vlog without good sound? Bad sounds can make people leave. But good sound makes your videos look more professional.

You can pick from different microphones: built-in ones for simplicity, lavalier mics for moving around, and shotgun mics for clear sound. A cheap gaming mic can also be a good choice for you who want to focus on gaming content

3. Lighting

Lighting is more than just making things visible. It’s a skill of a great content creator. Natural light is free and gives your videos a real feeling, but it’s not always dependable.

That’s where artificial light helps. You can have more control over the light exposure, depending on your niche. This is key because lighting creates the mood and helps people pay attention. It can change a good shot into an impressive one.

4. Editing Software

Editing turns your raw footage into an interesting story. For beginners, there are some easy-to-use editing software options. Adobe Premiere Elements and Wondershare Filmora work well for Windows and Mac users.

If you have a Mac, iMovie is a free and strong tool. You might also like Movavi Video Editor. It  has simple setups and many features to help you begin.


A vlog is a video version of a blog. You use it to share your thoughts, skills, or experiences through videos. It lets you express yourself more clearly than writing alone.

Vlogging is making video blogs. It’s more than just pressing a record button. It’s about telling a story, connecting with your viewers, and giving something valuable to your audience. 

Vlogging goes beyond just you and your camera. It’s about having clear sound, good lighting, and careful editing, too. The equipment you use, like your camera, microphone, lights, and editing software, can make your vlog look professional.

Now, what’s holding you back? We’ve explained all the questions: What is a vlog? What is vlogging? And how does vlogging work? If you want to make content, you’ve got something really important: your unique point of view. Start vlogging and share it from your own perspective.

Remember, if you want to make money from your content, you can use a platform like Gank. You can earn money through donations, selling merchandise, and offering memberships, all without any platform fees.


What is a vlog, and how does it work?

A vlog is a video blog. Making one is called vlogging. You create interesting videos about a topic and share them online to connect with your audience through stories and useful information.

What equipment do I need for vlogging?

To make good vlogs, you’ll need a camera, like a DSLR or smartphone. You also need a microphone for clear sound and good lighting. Plus, make sure you have great video editing software to make your content better.

What is the purpose of vlogging?

The purpose of vlogging is to teach, entertain, or inspire your viewers. It’s like your own platform to share your unique perspective, make friends, and build a community.

How is a vlog different from a video?

A vlog is a specific type of video content often featuring a more personal, conversational tone. It typically revolves around the creator’s experiences, interests, or expertise.

Can you make a living off vlogging?

Absolutely. You can make money through ads, getting sponsors, and selling your own merchandise like t-shirts. But to do well, you need to keep making videos regularly and make sure they’re really good. 

What type of vlogs make the most money?

Vlogs about beauty, gaming, or travel can make big money because many people watch and like them. For example, Safiya Nygaard was the highest-paid beauty influencer in 2022, earning over $196,000 from one post. Travel vloggers like Matthew Kepnes make over $50,000 per month.


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