Who is the best gamer in the world? Setty is one of the best when it comes to Fortnite. But if you’re wondering whether he is a famous gamer, the answer is yes, but not at the same level as Ninja.

Ninja has 23 million followers on YouTube, while Setty has only 116 thousand followers on the same platform. Well, that’s a huge difference.

But you know what? Being the best gamer in the world doesn’t always mean they’re the most famous. Some of the best gamers are all about winning competitions, while others shine as awesome streamers or YouTubers, which helps them gain more fame.

Well, those are just two of the top online gamers. Curious to know more names? Fret not, in this article, we’ll cover the best gamers who win international competitions and top gamers on YouTube who can inspire you to get into the gaming scene.

Make sure to check them out!

Top 15 Famous Gamers in the World

Here are the world’s most famous gamers in 2023:

1. Ninja

  • Real name: Richard Tyler Blevins
  • Games: Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends
  • Followers: 18.5 million (Twitch), 23.7 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $500,000/month
  • Listed due to: Former Halo professional gamer, top YouTube gamer, Twitch streamer

Ninja is a gaming legend. He became a famous gamer for being great at competitive gaming, especially Fortnite. His gameplay is so dynamic, and his personality is just magnetic. That’s why fans love him, making him get tons of followers on Twitch.

Behind the gaming persona, Ninja’s real name is Richard Tyler Blevins. And he has an impact beyond just gaming talent. Ninja has shown a strong commitment to giving back to the community by using his platform for various charitable causes.

One remarkable example of Ninja’s philanthropic efforts was when he streamed to raise money for Suicide Prevention in 2018. In just five hours, the stream raised an impressive $52,000.

Ninja is a great social influencer in the gaming world, too. His transitions from Twitch to Mixer sparked important discussions about streamers’ earnings. That said, he is not only a top gamer on YouTube or Twitch but also an outstanding figure in the gaming industry.

Why Ninja is a famous gamer:
Ninja’s gaming talent and philanthropic efforts have made him an influential gamer.

2. PewDiePie

  • Real name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
  • Games: Minecraft, Amnesia, Happy Wheels
  • Followers: 1.5 million (Twitch), 111 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $500,000/month
  • Listed due to: Top content creator with gaming channel on YouTube and Twitch

Yes, you’ve probably heard of PewDiePie. His real name is Felix Kjellberg, and he’s a top YouTuber from Sweden. As a famous gamer, he made a name by playing scary games like Amnesia and adding his hilarious commentary.

Well, it turns out that people loved his funny personality, which skyrocketed him to YouTube fame. As of now, he has an incredible 111 million followers on his channel.

As his gaming channel on YouTube grew, Pewdiepie expanded his content to cover a wide range of games. He was not limiting himself to just horror. He dived into non-gaming topics as well.

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What makes him different is how he connects with his viewers on a personal level. Through vlog-style videos, Pewdiepie openly shared his thoughts and experiences, making him relatable and approachable.

Why PewDiePie is a famous gamer:
He is more than just a gamer. PewDiePie’s commentary, engagement, adaptability, and global influence make him legendary.

3. Pokimane

  • Real Name:Imane Anys
  • Games: League of Legends, Fortnite, Among Us
  • Followers: 9.3 million (Twitch), 6.65 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $18,000/month
  • Listed due to: Twitch streamer and YouTuber

Imane Anys is the real name of Pokimane (Pokemon Imane). She’s one of the biggest names in the streaming industry and is known for her charismatic personality, engaging content, and genuine interactions with her fans.

It all began back in 2013 when Pokimane first started streaming on Twitch. Since then, she has become one of the biggest streamers out there. Her gaming streams are absolutely amazing.

But don’t get it wrong. Pokimane isn’t just one of the top online gamers. People love her because she keeps it real and isn’t afraid to let them into her world. That even includes the epic debate she had with xQC about the Kick gaming platform.

She’s even been on regular TV shows and movies like Free Guys, which is awesome because she’s bringing gaming into the mainstream.

Why Pokimane is a famous gamer:
Pokimane’s genuine viewer engagement has made her one of the most influential women in gaming.

4. xQc

  • Real name: Félix Lengyel
  • Games: Overwatch, Among Us, Minecraft
  • Followers: 11.9 million (Twitch), 2.31 million (YouTube),
  • Estimated Earnings: $ 318,821/month
  • Listed due to: Twitch streamer and former professional Overwatch player

Another famous gamer on YouTube and Twitch is xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel. He began his gaming career as a pro player of Overwatch back in 2017 and had a great reputation as a skilled player during that time.

He was on the Denial eSports team that won two tournaments and ranked third in North America. After that, he made the transition to become one of the most popular and watched gamers on Twitch worldwide. With over 11.9 million subscribers and 330,000 views, xQc is known for its huge following in the gaming community.

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xQc is widely recognized for his lively and sometimes controversial streams. If you visit his Twitch channel and watch his introduction clip, where he screams and slams the desk, you’ll get a sense of his style.

Adding to that, xQc was once suspended from a tournament and fined $2000 for making offensive comments about Muma, the member of Houston Outlaws.

This top gamer on YouTube keeps his viewers entertained with a variety of content. He plays popular games like Minecraft and GTA V and also reacts to internet content.

Why xQc is a famous gamer:
xQc is a professional gamer who has gained widespread fame due to his extensive experience, diverse content, and unique personality.

5. JuegaGerman

  • Real name: Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis
  • Games: Minecraft, The Last of Us, Roblox
  • Followers: 48.2 million (YouTube), 1.7 million (Twitch)
  • Estimated Earnings: $112,000/month
  • Listed due to: YouTube gaming content creator

Who are the famous gamers on YouTube who speak Spanish? Germán Garmendia would be the first name that comes to mind. He is known as JuegaGerman and is a popular YouTuber from Chile.

Germán is well-known for his entertaining gaming videos, which have gathered a massive following of 48.2 million to date. He initially started with another channel called HolaSoyGerman, where he created humorous videos about everyday situations. This channel now boasts 43.6 million subscribers.

As you might have guessed, JuegaGerman is not only known for his gaming content but also his comedy sketches and vlogs. This expands his appeal and allows him to connect with viewers beyond just gamers.

But wait, did you know that JuegaGerman is also a musician and a voice over artist? If you happen to watch the Spanish-dubbed version of Ice Age Collision Course, Germán is the voice behind Julian, the Mammoth character.

Why JuegaGerman is a famous gamer:
JuegaGerman creates unique gaming content that focuses on humor and creativity to produce entertaining videos that attract millions of viewers.

6. Markiplier

  • Real name: Mark Edward Fischbach
  • Games: Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia, Alien: Isolation
  • Followers: 2.5 million (Twitch), 35.2 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $620,000/month
  • Listed due to: One of the top gamers on YouTube

You might think that the top gamers on YouTube started out with amazing content. Well, that’s not always the case. Markiplier’s early videos weren’t as good as his newer ones, and his first channel only had 97,000 subscribers.

What’s amazing is Markiplier didn’t even delete his old videos, although it might be embarrassing for him. Mark Edward Fischbach, Markiplier’s real name, wants to share the lesson that it’s okay to start small and be yourself.

Well, that poor video was 11 years ago. Now, Markiplier is a top YouTube gamer in the world, with over 35 million subscribers. He started out making Let’s Play videos of survival horror games, and he’s still going strong.

What’s more, Markiplier is not just building a gaming channel on YouTube. He also makes comedy sketches and animated parodies. His sense of humor is one of the reasons why he has so many fans. Adding to that, Markiplier is also a kind person. He once raised $500,000 in 24 hours for a homeless youth organization.

Why Markiplier is a famous gamer:
One of the famous gamers with a fantastic personality. If you’re new to gaming, Markiplier is a great role model.

7. Shroud

  • Real name: Michael Grzesiek
  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Valorant
  • Followers: 10.6 million (Twitch), 6.79 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $200,000
  • Listed due to: Twitch streamer and former professional CS:GO player

Michael Grzesiek is a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, but most people know him as Shroud.

Shroud is highly respected in the gaming community. He made the transition from professional gaming to full-time streaming on Twitch, where he has gathered over 10.6 million followers.

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Shroud gained fame as a great gamer due to his exceptional skills, especially in FPS games. His down-to-earth personality and insightful commentary add to his appeal and expertise in gaming streaming. This makes his Twitch channel both entertaining and educational for aspiring gamers.

Shroud is one of the world’s best gamers who temporarily moved to Mixer but eventually returned to Twitch. His return was eagerly anticipated by over 500,000 active users at that time, highlighting his significant influence and credibility.

Why Shroud is a famous gamer:
Shroud is a top online gamer with professional gaming background. His move can have a great influence on many gaming streamers.

8. Jacksepticeye

  • Real name: Seán William McLoughlin
  • Games: Minecraft, God of War, Among Us
  • Followers: 2.8 million (Twitch), 30.1 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $300,000
  • Listed due to: A top gamer on YouTube, Brain Leak podcast founder

One of the top gamers on YouTube that reached popularity due to the Let’s Play series is Jacksepticeye. His real name is Seán William McLoughlin. He started his gaming channel on YouTube way back in 2007, but he didn’t upload his first video until 2017 when he played Metal Gear Solid 4.

This famous gamer on YouTube is a notable gaming content creator with 30.1 million subscribers. He comes from Ireland. So, if you happen to hear someone says “Top of the morning to ya laddies” in an Irish accent, then you might be watching one of his videos.

Jacksepticeye became famous by playing “Undertale” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. As time went on, he expanded his content and started doing funny sketches and a series called “Meme Time” where he reacted to memes from his subreddit.

Why Jacksepticeye is a famous gamer:
Jacksepticeye is a top YouTube gamer who became famous by creating an awesome Let’s Play series and putting out creative content.

9. ElRubiusOMG

  • Real name: Rubén Doblas Gundersen
  • Games: Minecraft, GTA V, Fortnite
  • Followers: 14.2 million (Twitch), 40.4 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $183,000/month
  • Listed due to: A top gamer on YouTube, Twitch streamer

Ever heard of Virtual Hero? It’s an animated series that was on Movistar+ around 2018. The series is based on a comic book trilogy created by Rubén Doblas Gundersen. If you don’t recognize the name, you might know him better as ElRubius.

Rubén is a creative content creator who runs a gaming channel on YouTube called El RubiusOMG. The channel has more than 40 million subscribers as of now. Yes, ElRuibus is a popular Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber who’s known for his gaming-related content.

How it all started? He broke a record in 2018 when his Fortnite live stream got over 1.1 million viewers. That beat the previous record set by Ninja and Drake on Twitch. It was a big deal, and everyone talked about it, which helped him become famous.

That incredible live stream now has a wonderful 20 million views. How amazing is that?

Why ElRubiusOMG is a famous gamer:
ElRubius gained fame for his animated series and broke a live stream record with 1.1 million viewers.

10. A4

  • Real name: Vladislav Alexandrovich Bumaga
  • Games:
  • Followers: 46 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: TBR
  • Listed due to: A well-known Russian-speaking YouTuber, with content encompassing game walkthroughs.

Who are the most popular gamers on YouTube for Russian-speaking viewers? One of the first names that comes to mind is Vlad Bumaga. His gaming channel on YouTube, called A4, has over 46 million subscribers.

Vlad is more than just a top gamer on YouTube. He includes gaming, humor, challenges, and vlogs in his channel. These types of content are extremely popular with younger viewers these days. That’s why he has deeply connected with millions of followers, becoming a famous gamer with diverse content.

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Inspired by Roblox, he made a video about escape from the cardboard prison. The video ended up attracting a lot of people and has been watched over 82 million times. That’s amazing.

Why A4 is a famous gamer
A4 is a top gamer from Belarus who attracts Russian-speaking viewers with engaging gaming-related content.

11. Fernanfloo

  • Real name: Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado
  • Games: Fortnite, God of War, GTA V
  • Followers: 3.4 million (Twitch), 46.2 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $113,000/month
  • Listed due to: A popular YouTuber from Latin America with millions of following

Fernanfloo is a famous Spanish-speaking gamer who mixes gaming content with funny commentary and acting. His real name is Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado.

Today, Fernanfloo has over 46 million subscribers on the gaming channel on YouTube. He started his channel in 2011 with a comedy sketch. Then, he decided to focus on gaming with humor remaining a big part of his content. That way, he became one of the most popular YouTubers in Spanish-speaking countries in 2016.

Fernanfloo is a real creative when it comes to content. This year, he will be participating in La Velada del Año III, a boxing match organized by Ibai, one of the highest paid Twitch streamers. He will be fighting against Luzu.

Why Fernanfloo is a famous gamer
Fernanfloo is a gaming content creator who blends humor and gaming skills that resonates widely with Spanish-speaking viewers.

12. SSSniperWolf

  • Real name: Alia Marie Shelesh
  • Games: Fortnite, Call of Duty, Minecraft
  • Followers: 340 thousand (Twitch), 33.8 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $224,000/month
  • Listed due to: A famous gamer on YouTube with various content

Pokimane isn’t the only female gamer who rocks the YouTube audience. There’s another top-notch gamer named Alia Shelesh, popularly known as SSSniperWolf, with 33 million subscribers. But unlike Pokimane, Alia doesn’t focus on Twitch.

Alia started out by posting videos of her playing Call of Duty, but she didn’t stop there. She expanded her content to include reaction videos, showing off her versatility as a creator. Now, her channel has a little bit of everything, from hilarious bloopers to behind-the-scenes footage.

But you know what really made her famous? Her incredible skills in games like Fortnite, her absolute favorite. People swarm to her YouTube channel to watch her strategic gameplay and hear her lively commentary. She knows how to keep viewers hooked!

Why SSSniperWolf is a famous gamer:
SSSniperWolf is one of the top female gamers on YouTube who is known for her gameplays and reaction videos.

13. Bugha

  • Real name: Kyle Giersdorf
  • Games: Fortnite
  • Followers: 5.3 million (Twitch), 4.39 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $3,000,000 in one competition
  • Listed due to: Winner of the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in 2019

Bugha is a real phenomenon in the gaming world. His real name is Kyle Giersdorf. He became an overnight sensation when he won the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in 2019 at just 16 years old.

That winning made him a millionaire as he took home the grand prize of $ 3,000,000. And not just that, winning also made him one of the best Fortnite players in the world. He beat 40 million players from all over the world and outperformed the last 100 contestants in the Finals, which happened live on stage at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

This year, there will be a new winner for the Fortnite Championship Series. But the Fortnite gaming community will never forget Bugha’s incredible victory back in 2019.

Why Bugha is a famous gamer:
Bugha is the first Fortnite World Cup winner, making him one of the youngest world’s best gamers.

14. Setty

  • Real name: Iwo Zając
  • Games: Fortnite
  • Followers: 116 thousand (YouTube), 233 thousand (Twitch)
  • Estimated Earnings: $200,000,000/year
  • Listed due to: Fortnite player, Twitch streamer, and YouTube content creator

Iwo Zając or Setty might not have a huge following on YouTube and Twitch. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a famous gamer worldwide. Together with KimiFN, they became the FNCS Invitational winners in 2022, also known as the Fortnite World Cup.

But that’s not the only great thing he’s accomplished as a pro gamer. He achieved second place in the Grand Royale that same year, earning an amazing $400,000. Although it’s not as much as what Bugha received, it shows his determination to be the best in every competition.

And guess what, in 2023, he had another win. This time, he landed 9th position in the Red Bull Contested LAN.

His secret to success lies in consistency and a great strategy. He once spilled his strategy of playing defensively in the mid-game and staying alive as long as possible during the late-game.

Why Setty is a famous gamer:
Setty is a skilled gamer, winning the 2022 Fortnite World Cup and being the runner-up in the Grand Royale.

15. Ali-A

  • Real name: Alastair Aiken
  • Games: Call of Duty
  • Followers: 286 thousand (Twitch), 18.7 million (YouTube)
  • Estimated Earnings: $90,000/month
  • Listed due to: YouTube gaming content creator

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty or Fortnite, you might enjoy watching Alastair Aiken, also known as Ali-A. He has a popular YouTube channel with over 18.7 million subscribers, mostly dedicated to Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Alastair Aiken is a British YouTuber who started his first channel at the age of 13, simply for fun and to share gameplay with friends. However, his gaming skills quickly gained the attention from viewers.

Unlike famous gamers like Tfue or Ninja, who play Fortnite on Twitch in real-time, Ali-A seems to focus exclusively on YouTube. The last time we checked, his channel appeared to be offline with no pinned videos.

Why Ali-A is a famous gamer:
Ali-A is one of the famous gamers on YouTube who share anything Call of Duty in his content.

World’s Best Gamers: Wrap Up

Who is the best gamer in the world? Well, it depends on who wins the competitions. Each year, there may be new winners, but some names may stay at the top year after year.

Now, who are the famous gamers today? You can measure their popularity by how many followers they have on YouTube, Twitch, or other platforms. But, just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they’re the best.

Those top gamers on YouTube or Twitch often make a lot of money. It can be through partnerships, ad revenue, and even fan donations on platforms like Gank. In short, it’s definitely possible to make a living as a gamer or gaming streamer.

So, if you’re inspired by famous gamers, then get ready to learn and practice. You could be the next top gamer in the world!


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