Making videos and telling stories is fun but can be intimidating for some. Vlogging requires you to think about how to convey your message to your audience and tell a story creatively. Here’s how you can vlog and learn the art of storytelling.

How To Vlog?

Once you create a video and people begin to view it, something extraordinary occurs. 

A tale is now delivering, just as it is when engaging in a conversation, watching a film, or reading a novel, that you cannot cast aside. 

Irrespective of the show’s brilliance, it is nevertheless being delivered. People share information, talk about their worldviews, and spread a concept to more than one person. 

Well before the development of modern science, legends were handed down from generation to generation to maintain traditions and culture. People combined oral and visual narratives with cave drawings or characters carved onto paper. 

The only difference is that there have been more ways of telling a tale. 

Storytellers? How Can You Vlog Better?

Creating a vlog involves conveying a story. It may not be a true “story” with chapters and everything, but it spreads an idea, gives a point of view, and encourages the reader to find out more. 

The inability to know how or what to speak is among the key reasons many individuals are hesitant to appear before a camera (which we will discuss next). We act strange in front of the cameras! So, what are our options? 

There are numerous methods to tell a narrative (or a tale), but I’ll offer you two simple instances of how you can now tell the story via your vlog. 

Tell A Tale

I mentioned in a preceding section that the fact that nobody else has experienced your journey is your greatest asset in the universe. 

It implies that every encounter is a tale that you may share. 

To clarify, you must not discuss every aspect of your life. There are particular and intimate events and recollections that you must preserve for yourself. But if you are unsure what to convey, you can relate a personal tale! 

There are times and periods when I do not even feel like filming. Either the scenario in my daily life appears a bit mundane, or I’m not in the mood to vlog. 

These are the times when I grab my cameras to tell a narrative. 

Tutorials for Bloggers – How to Vlog for Beginners?

Below are a few techniques for delivering simple stories from recollection: 

  • Describe an event or situation from the past as you recall it—the greater your ability to be detailed, the more remarkable.
  • Be sure you provide context for the tale, not just the punchline.
  • If you own visuals, you will benefit greatly. Photos, objects, and anything else you might associate with your video.

It is correct that story is a skill that requires practice, but if you have ever revealed a little about your experiences with another person, you have already practiced it. 

It might be from whatever point in time, including ten moments earlier! It does not have to be anything from the distant past; it may have occurred just recently. 

It is a terrific method to interact with the viewers and the most straightforward approach to begin producing vlogs. 

Do not rely solely on verbal communication when composing your paragraphs. 

You can also write a tale through the scenarios and locations you film. 

Storyteller Vlog: How To Be A Better Storyteller For YouTube

Many YouTubers take the cameras, aim this at themselves, and speak, which is good. However, you can add context and a good deal of appeal to your videos by demonstrating it. 

Another of the simplest types of this is the overused downhill shot of walking feet, which I am also guilty of utilizing. While traveling, you aim your lens downward and capture your shoes. 

It may initially appear quite absurd, but what is the message of this shot? It indicates that they are going someplace. The spectator is fully aware that a position change is occurring. 

Such shifts provide a better context for the action and help the audience to follow along. 

Filmmakers commonly employ these transitions. In the final shot of a scene in a city that features persons discussing a hike in the hills, the camera moves up towards the mountain peaks. The next photo may be an overhead view of the forested areas or a shot of a car speeding through the hills on a roadway. 

Another example I’ve used is: 

  • The camera pans to the floor, which is full of cereal. 
  • The camera moves further to reveal a spoon and a bowl separated from the cereal. 
  • Following a break, the lens tilts upward to see a small figure seated by the window. 
  • The final move is directed toward the youngster, who spins and laughs with chow on her lips. 

I have indicated without words that there is a massive problem for somebody to be accountable. It may be a highly amusing time for followers of your video with a bit of pace. 

We are still telling a tale, but the audience has some power over how the story is perceived. As you guide your viewers, they generate the appropriate words in their heads. 

Presenting is one of my favorite ways to tell a narrative, and although it requires a little more skill than merely talking, it can be a great way to enhance your YouTube videos and connect with customers. 

The narrative could be about anyone. 

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What If I Don’t Want To Tell A Story Of My Own?

Perhaps you do not wish to vlog about your daily life. Maybe you’d like to create a vlog regarding your company or the organization you currently work for. 

These concepts apply regardless of the subject matter. Telling anecdotes about what you’ve done for customers or carrying the camcorder on to meetings and rallies are excellent methods to convey to your audience what you’re about to do. A good example of this can be the A Day in My Life videos.

Creating a video for any company or business could be one of your most significant marketing advantages. Numerous businesses hide behind a veil of secrecy and seclusion, leading to a disconnection from their customers. 

By opening the gates, you may illustrate that the company’s employees are individuals like their clients, which can make a massive difference. 

Currently, numerous tools and videos are available about how to tell a story more effectively. 

When considering vlogging, many individuals feel stuck. I’m not here to demonstrate how to be the next master storyteller. I am here to aid you in getting started. 

You will attain development and discover your personal story’s flow. The beginning is more crucial than finishing “perfectly.”

Video Editing Software For Beginners

Many beginner-friendly options are available for aspiring vloggers to begin their YouTube journeys, such as Apple iMovie, InShot, PowerDirector, Lightworks, VideoPad, and Adobe Premiere Pro. They are all readily available on iOS and Android, and you can download some on your laptop for better and professional editing options. If you are starting your vlogging journey, then make sure to download any of these applications/software.

FAQ: Can you earn through storyteller vlog?

There are many ways to make money from your vlogs. You can do sponsored posts, sell your own products, or even take donations from your viewers. The most important thing is to be authentic and consistent. Consistency will build trust in your audience and encourage them to support you financially.

Key Takeaway – Is It Worth To Try Making A Storyteller Vlog?

You can use your vlogs to communicate a deeper meaning to your audience, so do not worry if you are starting. There is a learning curve to it, and you can always get better along the way as you begin YouTube vlogging.


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