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Getting to know the Gank Content Team

With Gank’s popularity on a meteoric rise, it has also kicked its content creation efforts into high gear by bolstering the ranks of the Gank Content Team. Here are the minds, faces, and voices behind all your favorite content from Gank!

Content Creators for Content Creators

Manic Pixie Dani
Gank Studios Resident Youtuber
Content creator, cosplayer, musician, and teacher in one, Manic Pixie Dani shares her knowledge on various art forms and content creation through educational videos.

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Cholo Tolentino 
Video Content Manager
Having worked in the entertainment industry on-site and online through events and content creation, Cholo is ready to add his skillset to Gank’s arsenal.

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Angel Francisco
Gank Tiktok Content Creator
Are you having any PUN yet? If not, Angel’s got you covered by sharing bite-sized learning bits and tips one Tiktok video at a time. ?

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Joscar Malacaman (Jocs)
Written Content Manager

Coming from a multitude of fields and backgrounds, Joscar is a certified Jocs of all Trades. Whether it’s through weaving words together himself or guiding his fellow wordsmiths, he will surely bring his brand of storytelling to Gank. 

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Andi Doodad
SEO and Listening Officer

Gank’s SEO Maestro and Listening Officer who’s been improving her craft for 6 years. She’s always watching ? And for good reason! Andi listens to all current trends and hot topics that can help content creators like YOU who are looking to make an impact with their passion!

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Jinelle Gan
Video Editor

This is Gank’s video editor and rainbow flag warrior, JIN! ?‍? She is in charge of making your stories come to life- IN VIDEO FORM! 

Community Officer

LOOMI is Gank’s Community Manager and your friendly neighborhood cosplayer! An onee-chan that will always be there for you! 

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Content Contributor

Eclxpse’s Solluna is an all-rounder vtuber that works on the entertainment and technical aspects of vtubing & content creation. Join her in sharing her experiences, struggles, learnings, and fun times as a Vtuber on Gank!

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Aila Mei
Resident Vtuber

Our Big Sister Vtuber from Malaysia! Teacher by day, Vtuber by night ? She chats, reacts, teaches, and most of all, GAMES! ?

Fun-fact: We also met during AFA last year in SG and had such an amazing experience with her!

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Want to get to know them better?

With such a diverse and talented team, it’s no wonder that Gank is the premier source for everything about content creation. Make sure to keep up with what the Gank Content Team is up to by following the Gank Now Blog and Gank Studios on Youtube and Tiktok!

Gank is a content membership platform that helps content creators accept donations, sell goods and services, and manage memberships at 0% platform fees.

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