Tired of the mediocre sound from your laptop’s built-in mic for livestreaming? As a streamer, you don’t have to buy a premium audio upgrade option. Guess what? A cheap gaming mic starting at just $50 can get the job done.

No kidding, the best cheap microphone for gaming, like HyperX SoloCast is known for its affordable price and decent audio quality. It’s perfect for beginners or those who already spent their budget on a camera setup or a high-spec gaming PC.

And you’ll never run out of options, even for much more affordable ones. In this article, we’ll cover the best budget microphones for streaming available in the market. Ready?

11 Best Cheap Gaming Mics for Streamers

Let’s check the best budget microphone for streaming that you should never miss out:

1. Behringer XM8500 – $25

  • Type: Dynamic Microphone
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: XLR
  • Frequency: 50Hz to 15kHz
  • Key Features: high signal output, integrated spherical wind and pop noise filter, rugged construction

If you are looking for a cheap gaming mic that easily outperforms others in its price range, the Behringer XM8500 should be your pick. Just imagine, you can get this dynamic microphone for only $25!

This cheap streaming mic features a cardioid polar pattern that can help you isolate your voice from background noise. This results in a cleaner, more focused sound. Regardless of your streaming niche, this audio quality is what you need to make a more immersive livestream.

XM8500 is affordable and yet offers great audio quality for vocal recording and live streaming. Some users often compare this mic with Shure SM58, which is also great but costs twice as much.

As one of the best budget streaming microphones, the Behringer XM8500 has a high signal output. This allows you to have clear audio even when the environments around you are a bit noisy.

Not only that, it comes with an XLR connection, known for its more stable connection. However, you might need an audio interface or mixer to use it properly.

  • Verdict: a cheap mic for streaming that has a rugged construction. One of the best options if you are okay with its XLR connection.

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2. Razer Seiren Mini – $39.99

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Connection: USB
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: ultra-compact design, plug-and-play functionality, built-in shock mount

Not looking for a dynamic microphone? Razer Seiren Mini is a cheap gaming mic you can consider. This is a condenser microphone which is common used by gamers for live streaming and is popular among voiceover artists.

Your first impression of this cheap streaming mic is, “It’s so tiny!”. But does it mean that the audio quality will be compromised? Of course not.

The Razer Seiren Mini features a super-cardioid polar pattern, meaning that it has a tighter pattern at the sides. This ensures your voice is isolated from background noise as it produces focused sound from the front.

We recommend this mic as the best budget microphone for streaming because its 14mm condenser capsule and flat frequency response allows you to have a crisp sound quality.

Adding to that, the microphone comes with a USB connection. That said, with its plug-and-play functionality, you can count on this little mic for your small desk setup or on-the-go recording.

Unlike XM8500, a pop filter is not included with this cheap mic for streaming. But you can buy it separately. Luckily, you’ll get a desktop stand and built-in shock mount to minimize handling noise while streaming.

  • Verdict: the best budget streaming microphone recommended for streamers looking for an ultra-compact design with a super-cardioid pattern.

3. Marantz Pro MPM-1000 – $49

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: XLR
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: low self-noise, shock mount and foam windscreen included

Here is another cheap microphone for gaming with a cardioid polar pattern: Marantz Pro MPM-1000. Whether for podcasting or gaming streaming, this is a studio-grade mic with awesome audio quality you can use.

Built with metal and plastic as its base material, Marantz Pro MPM-1000 is a perfect choice for any content creators and streamers. This best-budget microphone for streaming offers a wide frequency response, resulting in accurate and detailed audio capture.

Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, MPM-1000 produces low self-noise, making it suitable for recording vocals.

Marantz Pro MPM-1000 is easy to set up, too. Equipped with a shock mount and foam windscreen, you can start your livestream anytime. All of these are included in the box, so you don’t need to pay extra dollars to get ready.

This mic uses an XLR cable as the main connection, so you are required to have an audio mixer as your game streaming setup. This way, it will ensure the audio output is of its best quality.

  • Verdict: an easy pick for you who are looking for an XLR mic with cool audio quality and a complete package included.

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4. HyperX SoloCast – $49.99

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: USB
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: Tap-to-mute sensor with LED indicator, compact design, customizable setup using HyperX NGENUITY software
image source: intemerdz.com.br

You’ll find the HyperX SoloCast looks like any condenser microphone today. It has a sleek design, with either black or white as the colour options, and an adjustable mic stand.

Measuring just 6.1×6.1×18 cm, this tiny mic fits easily on any desk. Thanks to its swivel mechanism, you can even put it under a monitor to make your streaming setup tidier.

SoloCast is one of the best products from HyperX, which offer intuitive features like tap to mute sensor with an LED indicator.

What’s so special about these features? You can control your audio during live streams more seamlessly. The LED indicator displays will let you know whether you’re live or muted at a glance. These are the features you deserve from one of the best budget streaming microphones, right?

Bear in mind that with all of those features and robust build quality, you can get this compact USB-C connection mic for only $49.99.

Now, what about the audio quality? The HyperX SoloCast uses a cardioid polar pattern. That means it can capture your voice perfectly while minimizing background noise. With a frequency response ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz, this is one of the best budget microphones for gaming you can rely on for any of your streams.

This cheap gaming mic is already certified by TeamSpeak and Discord. It is also compatible with OBS, XSplit, and Streamlabs OBS. In short, it’s a streamer-friendly microphone from the get-go.

  • Verdict: a recommended cheap gaming mic for those who want great sound quality and a unique tap-to-mute feature. However, you need to pay extra money for accessories like a shock mount, boom arm, or pop filter.

5. PreSonus Revelator – $59.99

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Multiple polar patterns (Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional)
  • Connection: USB
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: multiple polar patterns, UC Surface control software, onboard presets

PreSonus Revelator might not be for streaming only, as you might find musicians record acoustic songs with this microphone, too. But this USB condenser mic is one of the best budget microphones for streaming you can find on the market.

Why this cheap gaming mic can be multipurpose? It’s due to its multiple polar patterns feature. The PreSonus Revelator allows you to select cardioid, omnidirectional, or bidirectional to adapt the microphone to different recording environments. For solo streaming, cardioid is the pickup pattern you should choose; while for interviews, you can choose a bidirectional pattern.

With only $59.99, this is a good bargain to make your streaming setup supported with decent audio quality output. This best cheap gaming mic delivers clear, crisp audio. The integrated pop filter included in the box will help reduce plosives to produce even smoother sound capture.

In addition, you can experiment with the sound effect to set up reverb, compression, and even equalizer. While this is mainly for music production, as a streamer, you can try to make unique sound settings, too. The software included lets you create and save custom presets, giving you full control over your sound.

  • Verdict: streamers will love this cheap microphone for gaming as it is a versatile and feature-rich microphone supported by the amazing Studio Magic Suite software.

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6. Beyerdynamic FOX – $89

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: USB
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: gain control, onboard control (mute, mix, volume), latency-free monitoring

The Beyerdynamic FOX is a cheap gaming mic that boasts itself as a “24 Bit 96 kHz studio-grade quality as in professional recording studios”. Something that most gaming streamers will love to have it. But is this microphone good?

At first, you’ll notice its solid build material made of metal. This will give you a professional look and long-lasting use. Then, its cardioid polar pattern making this cheap streaming mic ensures your voice is captured clearly.

Beyerdynamic FOX is the best cheap gaming mic which is packed with useful features, from a mute button to sound off the microphone to a headphone output for monitoring. While these seem to be standard, those two features are what you need to control over your audio during live streams.

Unlike HyperX SoloCast, this cheap microphone for gaming is generous in terms of accessories included. In the box, you’ll get a windshield, a USB cable, and a desk stand adapter. Exactly what you need for a complete recording setup, doesn’t it?

  • Verdict: a cheap mic for streaming with strong build quality and complete accessories in the bundle.

7. Logitech Blue Yeti – $99

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Multiple polar patterns (Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, and Stereo)
  • Connection: USB
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: onboard control, multiple polar patterns, Blue VO!CE software with lots of audio effects

Yes, another multi-pattern USB microphone are on our list. This one comes from a well-known brand, Logitech. Blue Yeti is one of the best budget streaming microphones you can get for only $99.

As a part of Logitech for Creators, Blue Yeti is a product specially made for gamers, streamers, podcasters and even online musicians. Its multiple polar patterns and easy setup prove to be favourite among creators of all experience levels.

If PreSonus Revelator offers three patterns, the Blue Yeti comes with four polar patterns to choose from. They are cardioid, omnidirectional, Figure-8, and Stereo. This makes the mic versatile to meet the needs of various recording situations or content creators’ niches.

What’s more, if you like onboard control, then you’ll love the one from Blue Yeti. Not only volume control and mute button, but you can also access gain control and pollar pattern right from the mic. Pretty handy, right?

Do you want to make your livestream a great online entertainment to your audience? You should try the Blue VO!CE software is available exclusively for Yeti microphones. You can have fun with their vocal effects like a robot, pitch switcher, and many more.

Finally, as a cheap mic for streaming with a USB connection, Blue Yeti is compatible with most devices. Thanks to its plug-and-play functionality. To make a complete streaming setup, it is recommended to buy an optional shock mount and pop filter for better audio quality.

  • Verdict: one of the best options from a big brand Logitech. If you are serious about your gaming stream as a real entertainer, the Blue Yeti Microphone offers great features.

8. Audio-Technica AT2020 – $99

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: XLR
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: sturdy design, high SPL handling, stand mount and soft protective pouch included

If you’re looking for the best budget microphone for streaming with an XLR connection, the Audio-Technica AT2020 should never be off your radar. This sturdy mic has everything you need, at its price range, to take your livestream to the next level.

First, let’s talk about its construction. It’s made entirely of metal, which means it’s built to last. You’ll have the advantage of owning a rugged microphone that’s less likely to break after a short period of use.

What about the audio quality? The Audio-Technica AT2020 boasts its high-quality output with a 120-degree cardioid pattern. This pattern is claimed to improve the isolation of sound sources for accurate recording. As a side-address microphone, AT2020 allows you to get a crisp audio sound with a broader recording surface.

Not only that, the XLR connection is an excellent option if you want to set up a more professional recording. This mic has up to 44kHz sampling rate, making it perform better at recording sound samples, resulting in clear audio.

It also has a maximum of 144dB SPL (sound pressure level). It means that the highest pressure level a mic can handle is 144dB, which is great before the onset of distortion. That said, AT2020 can handle all types of sound without distortion.

  • Verdict: an amazing cheap gaming mic for steamers who want to set up their live stream using an audio interface to get maximum personalized performance. For a more convenient setup with a USB connection but a higher price, choose AT2020USB+ instead.

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9. Elgato Wave:3 – $121

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: USB
  • Frequency: 70Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: Clipguard technology, capacitive mute button, multifunctional control dial

One of the cheap microphones for gaming which we covered on our game streaming setup recommendation: Elgato Wave:3. This is a top-notch microphone made especially for any content creators, from streamers to musicians.

We understand that with a $121 tag price, this is not a super cheap microphone, especially for you who have just started. But the build quality and the amazing features it comes with make it totally worth the investment.

The steel grille makes Elgato Wave:3 looks nice. This grille also helps the smooth sound diffusion as well as protects the condenser capsule. However, don’t get it wrong. This cheap mic for streaming is not all metal. Most of its construction materials are plastic, although it won’t make it feel inferior.

On top of that, you’ll get onboard multifunctional dials for adjusting input gain, headphone volume, and crossfade between mic and PC mix. This makes this best-budget microphone for streaming a breeze to control the audio.

One of Wave:3’s most impressive features is a multilayered noise shield. It has a built-in pop filter to reduce plosive noise. But you can add an additional filter separately to ensure a crystal clear voice.

What’s more, clipguard technology will prevent distortion during louder moments. Let’s say when you scream out loud after defeating the enemy, your audience will still hear a comfortable sound from your mic.

  • Verdict: the Elgato Wave:3 is a recommended cheap gaming mic for those seeking a simple setup with excellent sound quality and unique features.

10. Sennheiser Profile – $129

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: USB
  • Frequency: 50Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: broadcast-quality audio, flexible positioning, onboard control

When it comes to finding the best gaming setup, big brands like Sennheiser are on everyone’s radar. But can you get a cheap gaming mic from this brand? You’re in luck; the Sennheiser Profile mic is on the list.

You might argue that $129 is not cheap if you are a casual streamer. And yet, it is still a budget-friendly microphone when you look at the features and build quality it offers.

The Sennheiser profile is a microphone specifically designed for streamers, podcasters, and content creators, challenging the Blue Yeti mic, which seems to dominate the market.

Boasting its cardioid condenser capsule and off-axis rejection, this best-budget microphone for streaming can deliver broadcast-quality audio. The adjustable tilt function, equipped with a self-locking joint, will make an optimal positioning that allows you to get clear audio as you intended.

Not only does it indulge you with easy adjustment for optimal positioning, but this best budget microphone for gaming also gives you full control from onboard dials. From soft touch mute button with an LED indicator to mic gain control, headphone volume control, and mix control, all at your disposal.

The package includes a table stand and a 1,2 mm USB C cable with plug-and-play functionality that make sure you’ll have compatibility with PCs and Macs without any additional drivers. If you want an entire setup, including a boom arm with integrated cable management, a 3 meters cable, and a mic pouch, you need to pay $199.

  • Verdict: it’s hard to believe that in its price range, you can get a great Sennheiser microphone with awesome audio quality, onboard control, and a complete package in the box.

11. Rode NT USB – $169

  • Type: Condenser Microphone
  • Pattern: Cardioid
  • Connection: USB C
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Key Features: professional audio quality, zero-latency monitoring, accessories included (pop shield, tripod desk stand, ring mount)

The last from our list of the best cheap gaming mic is the Rode NT USB+. This microphone costs $169, which will spark a debate over its being affordable. However, its audio quality is no joke making it one of the cheapest mics for those who want pro audio quality.

As its name suggests, the Rode NT USB+ is a USB condenser microphone with a crisp audio quality, making it perfect for streaming online. The USB connection indicates that you no longer need an audio mixer. You can start your stream right away.

As for the polar pattern, the Rode NT USB+ is a cardioid mic known for its minimal background noise due to up-front capture.

This cheap gaming mic comes with a 3.5mm output with onboard headphone volume control. However, it lacks an input gain dial. This way, it is not easy to ensure the optimal audio quality as you need to adjust it from your computer.

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The NT USB+ comes with a pop shield, tripod desk stand, ring mount, storage pouch, and USB cable in the box. So, you pretty much get what you need to start a stream right off the bat.

  • Verdict: the Rode NT USB+ is a top-tier cheap gaming mic that offers you a professional look and audio recordings, but you need to pay as much as $169.

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Tips on Buying the Best Budget Microphone for Gaming

It’s important to buy the best budget streaming microphone that suits your need as a streamer. Here are quick tips for you:

  • Price. Unless you are flexible with your budget, make sure that you set a certain range of prices for your cheap gaming mic. Otherwise, you will be tempted to buy a microphone that is way too expensive for your needs. As microphones come at various price points, it’s essential to find one that offers good value for money.
  • Type of Microphone: Different types of mics produces different sound character. Today, there are two main types of microphones for streaming: condenser and dynamic. Condenser mics are versatile with a highly sensitive response. Dynamic mics are less sensitive, so they will be better for streaming in a bit of noisy environments or capturing louder sounds.
  • Polar Pattern: Some microphones come with a certain polar pattern, while others might have multipolar patterns. Bear in mind that cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional will pick up the sound differently. Choosing the wrong pattern might end up with you capturing a sound that doesn’t match what you’re aiming for.
  • Connectivity: XLR mics are older technology and yet offer higher audio quality. However, you need additional audio interfaces to make them work. On the other hand, USB microphones are great due to their plug-and-play functionality and compatibility with most computers.
  • Accessories: It’s nice if you have a bundle of accessories when buying a cheap gaming mic. But if you don’t, make sure that the mics have accessories ready to purchase separately. In fact, you’ll need a pop filter, a shock mount, and even a boom arm to get optimal audio quality for your stream.

Best Budget Microphone for Streaming: Which One to Choose?

Your quest for the best cheap gaming mic might be challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel like an impossible mission. Do your own research and take our recommendation into consideration to make the best streaming setup that suits you best.

From HyperX to Sennheiser, we covered it all. You can even pick the USB mics or the XLR ones as your best budget streaming microphone.

As for the features, it depends on what type of game streaming you would like to do. If you prefer easy audio control, onboarding dials from Wave:3 or Blue Yeti can be a good option. Or if you are on a very tight budget, Seiren Mini, with only $40, is the best you can get out there.

In short, you deserve the best audio experience for your streaming setup, even on a budget. Now, what are you waiting for? Let the game streaming begin!


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