VTuber growth has been exponential since the 2010s. It is evident with the number of popular VTubers who have paved their way to stardom. Here are some of the top Vtubers viewed worldwide!

With the abundance of virtual streamers nowadays, you are probably asking who are the biggest VTubers around. Ask no more because this article lists down some of the most famous VTubers who are worthy of a follow!

The following are nine top VTubers you do not want to miss:

  1. Gawr Gura
  2. Mori Calliope
  3. Ironmouse
  4. Usada Pekora
  5. Shylily
  6. Shishiro Botan
  7. Inugami Korone
  8. Houshou Marine
  9. Shirakami Fubuki

Let’s get to know them better!

1. Gawr Gura

Source: Gawr Gura YouTube

If you ask who is the most popular VTuber right now, the answer is probably Gawr Gura. She took the title from VTubing pioneer Kizuna Ai in 2021, with 4.3 million YouTube subscribers as of this writing.

Gawr Gura’s rise to fame is not without any reason. Her bright, shark-themed outfits easily capture audiences’ attention.

Her charm does not end there. This English-speaking VTuber streamer’s soft-spoken nature creates a soothing atmosphere in most of her live sessions.

Commonly, Gawr Gura entertains her subscribers by playing a wide variety of games, including horror games and RPGs. Though, the shark girl occasionally hosts live chats and does song covers as well.

2. Mori Calliope

Source: Mori Calliope YouTube

If you like idols with a dark but endearing persona, you will be fond of Mori Calliope. She describes herself as Grim Reaper’s apprentice who turned to the VTubing industry since soul reaping business is not going well.

Despite her ghastly backstory, Mori Calliope presents herself as an easygoing and soft individual. You can spot those characteristics in her live chats and gameplay, where the mood is usually chill.

Apart from being a fun VTuber streamer, Mori is also an excellent singer. The Grim Reaper’s apprentice regularly posts music videos on her YouTube channel, both covers and original songs.

With her talent, it is not surprising that Mori Calliope is one of the most popular VTubers at the moment. Right now, she has more than two million YouTube subscribers.

3. Ironmouse

Source: Ironmouse YouTube

Independently debuted in 2017, Ironmouse is a big name in the VTuber industry. She is mainly known for her chaotic persona and high-pitched voice that is guaranteed to cheer you up.

Ironmouse’s VTuber content ideas consist of not just gaming but reaction videos as well. Some examples are her commentaries and reaction to internet memes, YouTube videos, and other things related to pop culture.

Apart from that, Ironmouse regularly collaborates with fellow VTubers and YouTubers in her videos, be it in gameplays or virtual talk shows.

One of the interesting instances is a series of vlogs that she created with Connor from the channel CDawgVA. In the videos, Connor takes Ironmouse to real-life places while the latter appears virtually.

4. Usada Pekora

Source: Usada Pekora YouTube

For those who understand Japanese, Usada Pekora is one of the most popular VTubers to follow.

There are some reasons to like the rabbit-eared virtual streamer. First of all, Usada’s clumsy nature will leave you chuckling while enjoying her content.

Secondly, the rabbit girl’s singing is one of the best in the VTuber industry, which you can listen to in her music videos. With that skill, it is no wonder that she gets to debut under Hololive, Japan’s biggest VTuber agency.

Apart from adorable music videos, though, Usada Pekora is also famous for her gameplay streams. Some of the games that she frequently plays include Minecraft and Fate series.

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5. Shylily

Source: Shylily YouTube

Starting her streaming career in Twitch years ago, Shylily is one of the fastest growing popular VTubers. She already has more than seven hundred subscribers since her YouTube debut in early 2022.

It is no doubt that her presence on Twitch contributed to the growth. However, part of her success is also because of her unique avatar, which she describes as a hybrid between orca and cat.

Whether on YouTube or Twitch, Shylily’s streams mostly involve her chatting with her audience and reacting to memes. Though, sometimes she plays games as well.

6. Shishiro Botan

Source: Shishiro Botan YouTube

Do you like FPS or shooting games in general? If so, then Shishiro Botan is one of the best VTubers to follow.

This white-haired streamer often shows her marksmanship through games like Call of Duty. After watching her videos, we bet that you will be thrilled to compete with her someday.

However, sharpshooting in video games is not Shishiro’s only strength. As a member of Hololive, her singing talent is also over the top.

You can check Shishiro Botan’s music videos on her YouTube, which has 1.3 million subscribers as of this writing.

7. Inugami Korone

Source: Inugami Korone YouTube

Looking for a bunch of gameplay content that you can binge-watch on the weekend? Inugami Korone has you covered.

This Japanese VTuber is a part of Hololive’s group that focuses solely on gaming. She often plays various genres, though she mainly likes to play retro games.

Through all of her gaming streams, she accompanies you with a friendly and charming personality. It is unsurprising since her official profile describes her as “a dog from a city bakery who likes to play games during her free time.”

8. Houshou Marine

Source: Houshou Marine YouTube

While some famous VTubers like Gawr Gura and Shylily create a unique appearance with animalistic features, others wear more recognizable costumes. Houshou Marine is one of the latter. 

Well-known for her pirate-themed outfits, Houshou Marine describes herself as an ordinary girl who cosplays as a sea raider. Additionally, she claims she is earning as a VTuber to build a pirate ship. 

Interesting backstory aside, Houshou Marine regularly entertains her audience with different types of content. Oftentimes, she streams with fellow popular VTubers from Hololive.

9. Shirakami Fubuki

Source: Shirakami Fubuki YouTube

Another Japanese VTuber streamer that you should follow is Shirakami Fubuki, who has more than two million YouTuber subscribers.

Noted for her wacky personality, this self-proclaimed otaku fox is one of Hololive’s frontline singers. You can listen to her sweet voice in many of Hololive’s music videos and virtual concerts.

Apart from performing, though, Shirakami Fubuki enjoys playing games. The her wide gaming genre ranges from role-playing to horror so there is something for everybody.

Recently, Shirakami started displaying English subtitles in her gameplay streams. Because of that, fans who do not speak Japanese can understand Shirakami’s hilarious commentaries.

We have introduced you to 9 of the most popular VTubers to date. However, there are still more top VTubers that are worth mentioning. Below are some of them:

RankVTuber NameOfficial ProfileYouTube Subscribers
1MonarchVoice Actor / Singer / Villain Vtuber294K
2ShxtoFrom the demonic capital comes a young boy who bears the weight of the world and one cold night is birthed the true bane of all demons504K
3SnuffySnuffy is a raccoon girl who masqueraded for almost a year as a catgirl. Eventually her community warmed her heart so much that she realized she had to show her true self to them. She was received with open arms and endless love.267K
4Ninomae Ina’nisA priestess of the Ancient Ones, she picked up a strange book and then started to gain the power of controlling tentacles. After gaining her power, she started hearing Ancient Whispers and Revelations. Hence, she began her VTuber activities to deliver random sanity checks on humanity, as an ordinary girl.1.51M
5Kenji SunComedy gaming commentary!433K
6Takanashi KiaraAn idol whose dream is to become the owner of a fast food chain. Kiara is a phoenix, not a chicken or turkey. She burns brightly, working herself to the bone since she’ll just be reborn from her ashes anyway.1.46M
7Vox AkumaNIJISANJI EN’s Demon from the Past, Returned from the Grave to Seek his Crown1.29M
8Nekomata OkayuA cat being raised by an old woman that runs an onigiri store. She streams from the computer in her grandma’s room.1.59M
9FilianFruit snack goblin. I play VRChat! A lot!1.73M
10KanaeA young man with a healing presence and a fluffy, sweet way of speaking that can wash you away. He suddenly descended like an angel as he holds a cat cushion in his arms.1.15M

There are thousands of VTubers around the globe today. In this article, you got to know some of the top VTubers.

Some of them speak English, such as Gawr Gura, while some others like Usada Pekora, speak Japanese. This shows that the language barrier is not something that should hinder a Vtubers success.

They mostly create similar types of content, including gaming, live chat, and music video. However, all of those famous VTubers can differentiate themselves through unique personalities and appearances, which require great imagination.

So, which popular VTubers do you like the most? Does their creativity inspire you to become like them? If that is the case, make sure you read the steps in how to become a VTuber!

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