ASMR artists have become a new internet sensation in recent years. With a steadily increasing worldwide search trend, it seems that ASMR content has a bright future.

Due to that fact, it is not surprising that there are around 500,000 ASMRtists on YouTube alone. So, you might ask, which ASMR creators are worthy of following?

Do not worry! This article will list more than 50 of the best ASMR artists to date. Without further ado, let’s check it out!

Not sure which ASMR video creators to watch? The following are 25 best ASMRtists based on the number of their YouTube subscribers: 

Sand Tagious

Number of Subscribers: 5.7M

Most Popular Video: Very Satisfying Kinetic Sand Cutting and Scooping Video (156M views)

Debut: 2017

As the name suggests, Sand Tagious is an ASMR YouTube channel that uses kinetic sand as a trigger. It is a mix of multicolored sand and a hydrophobic compound, which makes it dense, yet soft.

Most of the ASMR artist’s videos show various ways to play with kinetic sand, which includes cutting, scooping, and transforming. Without any accompanying props or dialogues, the idea behind these videos seems very simple.

However, the sound that those actions create proves to be a popular tingling factor to the audience. If you do not believe it, the channel’s most popular video has garnered 156 million views as of this writing.

Apart from the smooth sound, the way kinetic sand dissolves when being cut can serve as a visual trigger to some viewers. If that sounds interesting to you, give Sand Tagious a try!


Number of Subscribers: 4.67M

Most Popular Video: Fastest ASMR | Dentist, Eye, Cranial Nerve, Sleep Clinic, Lice, Ear Exam, Ear Cleaning, Makeup, Spa! (52M views)

Debut: 2016

Gibi could be one of the most versatile ASMR artists. You can see her creativity through a diverse range of video themes, from various roleplays to trigger assortments.

But that is not all. Not only does she do character impersonations well, but she also made her original characters, all of which have unique personalities.

Over the years, Gibi does not only produce videos alone. She often collaborates with some other top ASMR artists, including ASMR Glow, Slight Sounds, and more. Plus, she features her significant other at times.

Ppomo ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 2.64M

Most Popular Video: ASMR 15 Keyboards with Fast Typing for Studying & Works (20M views)

Debut: 2016

If you like falling asleep to subtle, repetitive sounds, Ppomo ASMR is one of the most popular ASMR artists worth following. Her content mostly includes inaudible whispering, ear triggers, and tapping on objects.

Aside from that, she also creates roleplay videos, most of which portray her pampering you like applying skincare products and ear cleaning. So, her videos are recommended for those wanting personal attention after a long day.

Although Ppomo ASMR is South Korean, she does not only speak in her native language. There are videos in which she speaks English and Japanese, both in the form of dialogues and trigger words.

ASMR Darling

Number of Subscribers: 2.52M

Most Popular Video: ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep (39M views)

Debut: 2016

Random ASMR triggers in one video is a quite mainstream content idea. Due to that, ASMR Darling’s themed trigger collections are exceptional. She is known to use triggers with only certain colors or materials in some of her videos.

That is not only what propelled her to become one of the most popular ASMR artists, though. ASMR Darling’s personal attention videos are guaranteed to keep you calm even on the roughest days.

Apart from that, there are occasions when ASMR Darling posts ASMR gaming content. She has played popular video games like Animal Crossing, Fall Guys, and Fortnite.

ASMR Zeitgeist

Number of Subscribers: 2.66M

Most Popular Video: ASMR Turquoise Triggers for Sleep [No Talking] Over 3 Hours of Tingles & Relaxation (15M views)

Debut: 2017

Sometimes ASMR videos are not only about tingle-inducing audio. ASMR Zeitgeist, for example, stepped up his game by presenting a nice-looking minimalist environment in his content.

This German ASMRtist achieves that with his ASMR equipment, which includes neon lighting and a black studio background. He adjusts the lighting’s color to that of the object that he uses as a trigger. Thus, resulting in eye-catching videos.

Apart from visually pleasing content, ASMR Zeitgeist offers another interesting detail in his videos by naming his microphones. For instance, he names his Tascam recorder Toshi.

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 2.25M

Most Popular Video: Sleep-inducing Haircut ASMR | Shampoo | Page Flipping | Scissors (38M views)

Debut: 2012

Gentle Whispering ASMR could be one of the longest-running top ASMR artists. With that in mind, it is not surprising that she has not only provided a significant increase in content quality over the years but variations as well.

What is the proof, you ask? Gentle Whispering does not limit herself from producing videos inside a studio. In a few videos, she takes the audience on a car ride and lets them relax with her calming voiceover.

On another occasion, the ASMR YouTuber brings her viewers to a garden gazebo where he does her makeup. With a seemingly serene place and a soft narration, the video can definitely lull you.

Another interesting aspect of Gentle Whispering is that she produces Russian videos alongside her regular English content. Due to that, viewers who exclusively speak Russian may enjoy her videos as well.

Chynaunique ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 2.08M

Most Popular Video: ASMR | Putting You To Sleep (15M views)

Debut: 2017

If beauty personal attention can help you relax, Chynaunique ASMR is one of the best ASMR artists to follow. Her videos mostly focus on applying beauty products, including makeup, nail extension, and skincare products.

What’s interesting, the object of her pampering is not only herself or the audience. At times, she invites her siblings and applies beauty products to them.

That is not the only ASMR content that Chynaunique ASMR has to offer. In some videos, she also delivers tingles through eating sounds. So, if that is the kind of trigger that you like, check out this ASMRtist!

Jojo’s ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 2.68M

Most Popular Video: Extremely Tingly ASMR (10M views)

Debut: 2017

Looking for a calming, yet entertaining ASMR artist? Jojo’s ASMR might be one of the best picks for you.

He is not only one of the most popular male ASMR artists around, but he could also be one with the wackiest attitude. Take a look at his videos and you will chuckle at his low-key hilarious facial expressions while delivering tingles.

Not only that, he has some funny ideas to play around with ASMR content. For instance, Jojo’s ASMR has a video category where he roleplays as the worst reviewed service givers, including a chiropractor, a news reporter, and a hotel attendant. 

While no one would not want to meet a service giver with a bad reputation in real life, Jojo’s way of delivering these characters and ASMR expertise can still put viewers in a relaxed state.

Latte ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 1.94M

Most Popular Video: School Nurse Lice Check ASMR (20M views)

Debut: 2017

Attending a doctor’s appointment is known to induce anxiety among certain individuals. However, you will feel otherwise while watching Latte ASMR’s doctor roleplays.

She is one of the most popular ASMR artists who mainly produces very soothing medical exam videos. Her running themes include nurse checks, cranial nerve exams, and skin treatment.

That is not the only thing that Latte ASMR is known for, though. The ASMRtist is also famous for her low contrast videos. Combined with a slightly desaturated environment and props, her content is pleasing to the eyes.

Also, Latte ASMR does not only cater to English-speaking viewers. She creates ASMR in Korean and Japanese as well.

FrivolousFox ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 1.92M

Most Popular Video: ASMR Ear Licking ~ Extreme Mouth Sounds for Tingle Immunity (24M views)

Debut: 2017

Mouth sounds are the base of FrivolousFox’s videos. From ear licking on 3dio mics to nibbling on earphone mics, you can find all of them.

Nonetheless, the ASMRtist diversifies her content throughout the years. You can also find personal attention videos like head massage and ASMR singing in her catalog. Combined with dim lighting, FrivolousFox’s content is truly a remedy for those in need of relaxation.


Number of Subscribers: 1.75M

Most Popular Video: ASMR 50 Triggers for ∼2H of Tingles (8.9M views)

Debut: 2017

ASMR Glow is famous for a variety of ASMR categories, from simple mic tapping to elaborate personal attention. However, what sets her apart from some other top ASMR artists is her roleplay content.

Apart from real-life roles like a classmate, a nurse, and a barber, ASMR Glow also likes to portray herself as historical or fictional characters, including a Roman goddess, vampire, and Viking queen.

Because of that, ASMR Glow’s roleplay videos work well as escapism for those in need of a break from real life.

Gracie K

Number of Subscribers: 1.53M

Most Popular Video: ASMR Plucking & Brushing Away Negative Energy (8.5M views)

Debut: 2018

Gracie K is one of the top ASMR artists who are famed for trigger assortment videos. Compared to many similar ASMR artists, though, she gets creative with her trigger materials.

She has been known to use various everyday items, including paperclips, feathers, and children’s toys. Her ability to find different things that can produce tingling sounds just shows how brilliant she is.

Apart from random object tapping or scratching videos, Gracie K also creates a variety of ASMR content. Some of the most notable include cooking, arranging grocery, and daily life vlogs.

FredsVoice ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 1.79M

Most Popular Video: Ultra Fast RAW Barbershop Razor Shave Sounds (26M views)

Debut: 2014

Do you feel extraordinarily calm during barbershop visits? If so, FredsVoice might be one of the best ASMR artists that you should subscribe to.

Whether it is a shave or a haircut, FredsVoice ASMR’s videos let you get immersed with ease. That is thanks to the ASMRtist’s unique way of recording.

For example, FredsVoice would cover his mic with a fuzzy material and trim it, giving a sense that he is clipping your hair. On another occasion, he covers his mic with shaving cream and begins scraping it with a razor, which sounds just like a beard shave.

Though most famous for his barber roleplays, FredsVoice ASMR’s other personal attention videos are also worthy to watch. His notable themes are medical examination and mechanical repair.

ASMR Bakery

Number of Subscribers: 1.54M

Most Popular Video: The Ultimate Tapping ASMR 3 Hours (No Talking) (21M views)

Debut: 2018

Despite the channel’s name, ASMR Bakery does not feature baking clips. Instead, this ASMR artist focuses on providing top-notch trigger assortment videos.

Apart from offering very tingly sounds, ASMR Bakery’s videos are arguably one of the coolest looking compared to other ASMR artists’. Most of them feature a low key environment where the focus is only on the trigger and the ASMRtist’s hands.

Ephemeral Rift

Number of Subscribers: 1.15M

Most Popular Video: Sleep for the Sleepless ASMR (16M views)

Debut: 2012

Having started his channel in 2012, Ephemeral Rift is one of the first male ASMR artists who rose to popularity.

Avant-garde performance dominated Ephemeral Rift’s video catalog in his early years. Even though viewers may need to understand performance art to fully appreciate these videos, they are still popular enough to become a foundation for his YouTube fame.

In recent years, Ephemeral Rift’s content themes are more conventional, such as roleplay and personal attention. Nonetheless, he still adds his twists with occasional philosophical ramblings, which sets him apart from other top ASMR artists.

WhispersRed ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 1.05M

Most Popular Video: ASMR 3.5 HOURS Fabric Sounds NO TALKING (21M views)

Debut: 2014

As one of the senior ASMR artists, WhispersRed ASMR has featured a wide variety of content on her YouTube channel. It includes show and tell triggers, personal attention, and meditation.

However, what makes her stand out among other best ASMR artists is her soft spoken nature. Whether she role plays or just being herself, WhispersRed ASMR’s voice can immediately make you feel at ease.

Her other signature is close-up personal attention videos. By providing her audience with that point of view, she gives the idea that they are taken care of.

Goodnight Moon

Number of Subscribers: 1.01M

Most Popular Video: Afternoon at the Herbologist’s Greenhouse (7.8M views)

Debut: 2017

Absolute coziness is the phrase that can describe Goodnight Moon’s videos. Featuring dim, warm lighting in most of her videos, this ASMRtist can make you feel like lying down in a bed on a rainy day.

It also just so happens that many of Goodnight Moon’s videos are the roleplay type that happens inside a cozy space, such as a lodge and a bedroom. So, her content suits those looking for a bedtime companion.

Apart from that, Goodnight Moon does not shy away from taking her viewers outdoors. She has done videos like taking a walk in the park and hanging out on the patio, all while narrating with her soft voice.


Number of Subscribers: 924K

Most Popular Video: ASMR tapping (25M views)

Debut: 2016

Despite starting his channel in 2016, RaffyTaphyASMR has not released as much content as other top ASMR artists. However, his trigger assortments are one of the best.

Not only that, RaffyTaphyASMR offers hand movement videos that are usually accompanied by whispers or gentle sounds. All in all, his content can help you wind down when needed.


Number of Subscribers: 924K

Most Popular Video: ASMR tapping (25M views)

Debut: 2016

ASMRSurge is not your usual no-talk ASMR channel. With a close up view of objects and simple lighting, the ASMRtist lets you entirely focus on actions that create triggers.

That is not the only unique part of ASMRSurge’s videos, though. He often uses objects that other best ASMR artists do not feature, including soaps, floral foams, and needle felt.

Also, ASMRSurge likes to show his expertise in carving. He has been seen transforming wood and soap into unique figures.

Rapunzel ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 667K

Most Popular Video: Twin Ear Cleaning That Will Make You Tingle 150% (23M views)

Debut: 2016

If ear cleaning or examination is the ASMR trigger that you enjoy, Rapunzel ASMR is one of the best ASMR artists worth subscribing to. She is famed for realistic ear treatment sounds due to her extensive use of the 3dio mic.

Apart from that, Rapunzel ASMR’s popular videos consist of many “ASMR for sleep” content. We guarantee that you will fall asleep before these videos finish.

Heather Feather ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 526K

Most Popular Video: ASMR Ultimate Head and Scalp Massage Role Play: Realistic Binaural Sounds For Relaxation (5.6M views)

Debut: 2013

Heather Feather is one of the most popular ASMR artists from the early days of the industry. She is mostly known for her binaural roleplay videos and friendly personality. Because of that, her content is very immersive.

Other than roleplays, her video catalog also includes hour-long trigger assortment content. These videos are the kind that you can play in the background while you go to sleep.

Heather Feather ASMR has not posted new videos since 2020. However, rewatching her collection of old videos will still give you tingles again and again.

Moonlight Cottage ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 1.04M

Most Popular Video: Returning From a Late Night Ball | ASMR Servant Roleplay (brushing, scalp check, personal attention) (7.9M views)

Debut: 2019

Even though she is quite new to the scene, Moonlight Cottage ASMR has established a large following. Plus, her content gets famous pretty quickly. Some of her recent videos even gather more than a million views in under a year.

Her vintage era roleplays could be one of the main contributing factors to her fame, as no other popular ASMRtists to date commonly do that.

But what really sets her apart is the production value. Not only that her acting is flawless, but the attention she puts into details is exceptional. From her costumes to her props, everything makes her videos look realistic.

What’s more, her videos’ cinematography is the kind that you would normally find in movies, which sets a new bar on how to make ASMR videos.

Celaine’s ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 951K

Most Popular Video: ASMR The MOST Detailed Cranial Nerve Exam YOU’VE SEEN Doctor Roleplay Ear, Eye Exam Hearing Test (6M views)

Debut: 2020

Celaine is one of the best ASMRtists who started their career in recent years. With her energetic persona, her personal attention videos do not only leave her viewers relaxed, but also happy.

Due to her demeanor, it is common for Celaine’s ASMR to interact with triggers in a fast paced manner. So, even though most of her videos have only been around medical examinations and instructions, they are always interesting to watch.

Catplant ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 442K

Most Popular Video: ASMR – tktk sksk & mic brushing with positive affirmations for relaxation in 4k (4.2M views)

Debut: 2017

Looking for some soft spoken personal attention content? Catplant is one of the most popular ASMR artists who offer that type of video.

Most of her content features a very laid back atmosphere. Combined with her whispery voice, Catplant ASMR never fails to make the audience feel welcomed.

Apart from that, it is worth noting that Catplant is an avid gamer. It is evident from the video game-related triggers, gameplays, and cosplay content that she posts.

The French Whisperer ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 327K

Most Popular Video: Greek Mythology Stories – Myth of Creation, Heracles, Trojan War, Odyssey (5.9M views)

Debut: 2014

If you think ASMR storytelling and rambling are fascinating, you should subscribe to The French Whisperer. He is one of the best ASMR artists when it comes to that.

One of the reasons is his content topics, which include science, history, and art. So, his videos are not only relaxing to watch but informational as well.

Plus, he creates videos in English, French, and Spanish. With that in mind, viewers who only speak French or Spanish can enjoy his content too.

Top ASMR Artists on YouTube: 30 Honorable Mentions

Since ASMR’s popularity has propelled many YouTubers’ fame over the years, the list of best ASMRtists can go on and on. So, here are 30 more top ASMR artists that you should check and their popular content types:

No.NameNumber of YouTube SubscribersPopular Content Types
1Tingting ASMR2.36MPersonal attention & sleep treatment
2ASMR KittyKlaw2.12MTrigger assortment
3Karuna Satori ASMR1.24MPersonal attention & trigger assortment
4Vito ASMR1.74MNo talking & unique triggers
5Pelagea ASMR993KMultilingual personal attention
6Coromo Sara ASMR2.01MNo talking & tapping sounds
7StacyAster1.03MNo talking & trigger assortment
8ASMRTheChew821KEating sounds
9Caroline ASMR630KWhispering
10fastASMR662KFast paced trigger assortment
11PJ Dreams ASMR574KHand movements & sound
12ASMRrequests491KPersonal attention & spa roleplays
13Dr. T ASMR507KUnintelligible whisper & trigger assortment
14Amouranth ASMR743KTongue sounds
15Madi ASMR473KDoctor roleplays & personal attention
16Luna Bloom864KPersonal attention
17Softygaloshes ASMR447KPositive affirmation & mouth sounds
18Ozley ASMR618KPersonal attention
19Jinx ASMR508KTrigger assortment
20Scottish Murmurs ASMR447KPersonal attention & roleplays
21Diddly ASMR450KMouth sounds & hand movements
22Jellybean ASMR289KPersonal attention & trigger assortment
23Slight Sounds ASMR362KPersonal attention & hand movements
24Prim ASMR194KRoleplays & trigger assortment
25Fabled Fawn ASMR135KPersonal attention & unintelligible whispers
26MassageASMR908KMassage & hypnosis
27SophieMichelle ASMR635KPersonal attention & pampering roleplay
28Fairy Char ASMR462KRoleplays & pampering
29Creative Calm ASMR370KRoleplays & meditation
30TirarADeguello249KMedical roleplay & reiki

Which ASMR Artists Are You Excited to Follow?

In this article, we already introduced more than 50 YouTubers that becomes the reason why ASMR is so popular. These ASMR artists feature a variety of ASMR content types, including roleplays, object tapping, and personal attention. So, you get to find out different triggers that work for you.

Even though many of the ASMR artists listed in this article speak English in their videos, some are not shy to use their mother tongue. It means that language should not prevent people from creating content.

So, which ASMR artists that you would like to watch? Do they inspire you to become an ASMR creator as well? Tell us in the comment section!


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