Wondering how to make a VTuber Avatar 3D? Does it require a professional team to design, render, and animate a 3D Vtuber Avatar?

You’re in luck because it is actually fairly easy to create a 3D Vtuber Avatar task. As a matter of fact, you can start Vtubing with a 3D Avatar in just 3 simple steps following this guide.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to become a VTuber with a 3D avatar.

How to Make a VTuber Avatar 3D

Creating a 3D VTuber model is really not as complicated as it appears to be. A lot of the technical know-how needed in 3D modeling and animation is actually covered by user-friendly software that you can use to create your own 3D models. Here are the steps to design a 3D avatar for streaming:

Step 1: Design Your Avatar

To create a 3D VTuber avatar for streaming, you can let someone design for you or do it yourself. Both options come with benefits and challenges, so let’s discuss them.

Hiring a designer to make your avatar is a quick way to start VTubing. This option will give you a high-quality character model without learning to make it yourself.

In fact, many popular VTubers have their avatar designed by artists even after paving their way to fame. You shouldn’t feel bad if you decide to get a 3D VTuber model from a designer.

On top of that, it is easy to find VTuber avatar designers on freelancing websites. In general, they charge between tens to a few hundred dollars for an avatar.

It is important to verify the designer’s trustworthiness before you decide to work with them. So, make sure that they have an original portfolio and real positive reviews.

Now how about creating a 3D avatar for streaming yourself?

Although it will take a longer process, knowing how to make a VTuber avatar 3D can be more rewarding since you have full control of your avatar’s detail.

Moreover, designing 3D avatars is easy If you use VRoid Studio. With this free software, you can create models by modifying presets or starting from scratch.

Even if you choose to design from the very beginning, the process is quite simple. This is because you will get a base model to work with.

After selecting your avatar’s gender, you can customize its fine details, including facial features, body shape, and outfit. Editing all of those features requires no technical skills since you only need to drag sliders.

So, how would you like to design your avatar? Regardless, remember to incorporate the VTuber persona you want to show.

By having a VTuber persona, it will be easier for you to decide your avatar’s appearance. For example, if you have a chill but fun persona, your avatar can have a casual look with eye-catching neon colorway.

That concludes your first step in how to make a VTuber avatar 3D. Next, you will need to animate the avatar using another VTuber software.

Step 2: Animate Your Avatar

Some people may think that animating a 3D VTuber avatar is complicated. On the contrary, it is a pretty simple task.

Animating your 3D model essentially involves rigging or the act of building virtual bones and joints. After applying these bones and joints to the avatar, you can pose them to mimic real-life movements.

The good thing is you do not require any expensive tools to rig a 3D avatar for streaming. Free software like Blender gives you the necessary features to do so.

On top of that, Blender offers thorough documentation and tutorial on its website. So, you can learn how to make a VTuber avatar 3D animated using the program.

Nonetheless, if you are willing to spend some money for a more natural animation, using a 3D VTuber model animation software that uses motion capture is an excellent choice.

Such software requires you to use a webcam or mobile device camera that supports motion tracking. By utilizing motion capture, the software rigs your avatar using your movement and facial expression.

While looking for a 3D VTuber animation software, it is important to know which body parts it can capture. Some only support facial expressions, while others allow for full body movement.

The decision depends on how you want to display your avatar. For example, if you show the avatar’s upper half, you need to motion-capture the head, torso, and arms.

Regardless of your choice, it will be more versatile in deciding on full-body motion capture. One of the recommended software to do that is Animaze.

Animaze is suitable for beginners because of its intuitive interface. Moreover, you can easily learn how to use the software with the documentation on its website.

Plus, Animaze is free to use as long as you are okay with its limitations, including a watermark on the avatar. If you want to remove the watermark and get more features, Animaze’s paid version is available for $19.99/year.

Step 3: Get Streaming Equipment

After figuring out how to make a VTuber avatar 3D and animate it, you need to prepare good equipment for live streaming. What does it consist of, though?

First of all, you want to get a PC or laptop with enough capability to stream and render your 3D VTuber model simultaneously. For that purpose, look for a computer with these minimum requirements:

  • Intel or AMD processor running at 2.5 GHz
  • Nvidia or AMD graphics card with at least 6GB of dedicated VRAM and with at least DirectX 11
  • 16GB RAM
  • Windows 10 64-bit operating system

If you want to diversify your VTuber content ideas, though, getting a PC with higher specs would be better. Especially if your live streams include playing games.

Secondly, you should invest in a decent webcam for motion tracking. A mobile phone camera is good enough for a start, but a dedicated webcam works better.

Moreover, there are webcams that track your movement very well for under $100 today. So, there is no need to break the bank.

Thirdly, accompany your camera with good lighting. This is because motion tracking works best when there is enough source of light.

Studio-grade lighting allows you to control brightness, but they are expensive. If you are just starting out, using a desk lamp is enough to give brightness.

Last but not least, do not forget to buy an external microphone that comes with a filter. This equipment can be as affordable as $60 yet produce a much clearer voice than headphone mics.

Final Thoughts on How to Make a VTuber Avatar 3D

In this article, you have learned about how to make a VTuber Avatar 3D. You can start by either getting an avatar from a designer or create it yourself using VRoid Studio.

Afterward, you need a rigging software like Blender to breathe life into the avatar. As an alternative, a motion capture program, such as Animaze, allows you to animate a 3D avatar for streaming with less effort.

Building a 3D VTuber model is easy, isn’t it? Let’s start your journey to become a VTuber today!

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