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11+ Vtuber Content Ideas in 2023

Without further ado, here are 11+ Vtuber content ideas to try out this year!

1. Do a weekly roundup of news, announcements, and events.

This is a great way to connect with your community and keep them informed. To start, you can do a weekly roundup of news, announcements, and events. You can also do monthly or bi-monthly roundups when there are no big events coming up that week.

Here’s an example of how this might look:

  • Top story – This week, we saw [insert name] release new content on their channel!
  • Upcoming event – Next week, [vtuber] will have another live stream on their channel where they’ll talk about [topic]!
  • Announcement – We just released our new video today! It features [topics]. Go check it out now if you haven’t seen it yet 🙂

2. Play some fun games with your viewers.

Play some fun games with your viewers.

This can be a great way to get more involved with your audience and make them feel like they’re part of the game too. It’s also a good way to keep things interesting if you have a lot of long-form content that requires more time than most people want to watch. If you have fun playing the game, other people will likely find it entertaining too!

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is by playing games with them. If you have a lot of fun playing the game, other people will likely find it entertaining too! You can use this time to help them learn more about what you do, as well as get to know each other better.

3. Talk about your favorite Vtuber!

The next Vtuber you should consider talking about is your favorite. Your audience will be able to relate to you and feel like they know you better, which is a great way for them to connect with your channel! You can share clips of their content or what you like about their channel in general. Even if it’s not something everyone would agree with, it doesn’t matter because only you know what makes them so special!

Remember, this is a big reason why you’re doing it. You want to make your audience want to watch their content as well! If they see that you’re talking about someone else but not them, they may feel left out and not understand why.

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4. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!

Collaboration is one of the best ways to engage with and learn from an audience. It’s also a great way to expand your content horizon and gain skills in new areas.

As long as you’re willing to put in some effort, it doesn’t matter how big or small your fanbase is. There are plenty of other V-creators who would be happy to collaborate with you.

When you collaborate with another vtuber or online creator, you can work together on something bigger than both of you.

You can learn how they do things, they can learn how you do things, and together you’ll create something huge!

If there are other types of creators that interest you (like musicians or ASMR artists), consider collaborating with them on some kind of project too!

Collaboration is a great way to build your audience. It can help you reach people who might not be familiar with the types of content you create. It’s also an excellent way to get feedback on your work and improve as a creator overall.

Most vtubers who sing often collaborate on songs, whilst some vtubers like to play games together through co-op games. The possibilities are endless.

5. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what you do to prepare for a stream.

This is a great vtubers idea who does anything that might be considered a “gig.” As a vtuber, you may talk about how you prepare for live streams. If you do art, you can showcase your progress on stream.

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6. Stream your content creation process (writing, making music, etc.).

You can also stream your content creation process, allowing viewers to see how you choose what to create, what you’re working on currently, and how it all comes together.

For example: “Hey guys! I’m making a new video today, and I’m going to show you a teaser of my lore” Then tell us about some bits and pieces of the lore and why you thought about it.”

If all else fails, try doing a live stream chat with other VTubers who are also looking for VTuber content ideas.

Make sure to let your viewers know about the live stream chat and ask them for suggestions. You can also ask them what kind of content they’d like to see more from you.

7. Take advantage of seasonal events.

Often, vtubers would do huge outfit reveals or 2nd versions of their models during different seasons. For example, Hololive would release New Year Outfits or Christmas outfits and the viewers and fans would anticipate on this big of an event.

Take advantage of seasonal events: Whether it’s Christmas time or Halloween season again, there are always opportunities for unique content ideas around these times. Your audience will appreciate having more variety in their lives too! As long as everyone stays safe while filming/watching these types of videos (or whatever else related activities)!

8. Make a tutorial on something you’re good at.

If you’re good at something, whether it’s drawing or rigging. You can make a tutorial on any topic: how to rig your own Live2D model, ways to come up with a good lore video, and the best way to make a vtuber from scratch. Tutorials are great for beginners who want to learn something new—and they’re also great for experienced people who want to teach others what they know.

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9. Dare them to draw or animate your original character in various poses or situations.

Dare them to draw or animate your original character in various poses or situations.

You can use a template for the poses, ask for feedback on the drawings, and have them draw or animate your original character in various poses or situations.

You can use a template for the poses, ask for feedback on the drawings, and have them draw or animate your original character in various poses or situations. You can use a template for the poses, ask for feedback on the drawings, and have them draw or animate your original character in various poses or situations.

10. Ask hypothetical questions.

Asking questions is a great way to engage your viewers in conversation. Rather than asking yes or no questions, try asking hypothetical ones instead. For example:

  • What games do you want me to play?
  • What emotes do you want to see from me?

These are easy and fun for your viewers to answer because they can go into more detail about their opinions. This makes for a much more engaging stream that keeps people coming back for more!

11. Rank things (could be foods, songs, movies).

Ranking things is a fun and engaging way to make videos. You can rank foods, songs, movies, or anything else you want!

You can also use this strategy in conjunction with other types of content like recipes or DIYs. For example: “I’m going to show you how to make the best french toast in town. It tastes so good that I had to rank it!”

Vtubers like to do Tierlists. It may seem impossible, but they do cooking streams too.

Then your viewers will be interested in watching your video because they want to see what your rankings are like. But don’t worry if it doesn’t work out—you can always try again next time!

12. Talk about your life before becoming a Vtuber and how it’s changed now that you are one.

  • Your channel name, what it means, and how you came up with it.

Your channel description:

  • Did you always want to be a vtuber? Or did it come as a surprise? Why/why not?
  • What was your life like before becoming a vtuber, and how has it changed now that you are one?
  • Was there ever a moment when you realized that vtuber could be something for you, or was it an idea that came to you gradually over time? If so, how did that realization come about, and what steps were involved in getting from point A (your current situation) to point B (your dream)?

What do you want to say about your brand? How do you want people to feel after watching them? Do you have any goals/ambitions for your channel that are more than just reaching the 100k subscriber mark? What are they, and how will you achieve them?

Vtubers content ideas to grow their streams

These are some Vtubers content ideas to grow your streams. You can also add your own suggestions in the comments section of this article!

  • Make your own merch: This is a great way to make money and get people excited about you as a streamer. If you don’t have the funds to start making merch, there are plenty of free online programs that will let you design your own stuff without having to pay anything. Check out Canva, which has templates for shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more!
  • Audience building: Build relationships with viewers by asking them questions about their lives or even letting them ask questions about yours (but watch out for trolls). It’ll help create more connection between yourself as a vtuber and those who watch your channel daily.
  • Filming challenges: People love challenges, so why not film one? Often during Subathons, vtubers like to put challenges for themselves for each goal. You can try this out for yourself.

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Ready to take things to the next level?

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