What VTuber software do I need to use? You probably have that question after reading our article on how to become a VTuber.

Worry not because this article will recommend some of the best VTuber software and explain what they can do. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

9 Best VTuber Software to Try

Here are nine recommended VTuber programs worth using:

1. VRoid Studio

Do you want to know how to create a VTuber avatar in 3D? VRoid Studio may be one of the best software to do that.

Thanks to VRoid Studio’s model presets, you do not have to start a design from scratch. That is why this 3D VTuber software is suitable for beginners.

Furthermore, the VTuber program has an avatar editor to customize every fine detail of your character, including facial features and outfits. You can change all of those parts as easily as dragging sliders.

Apart from being easy to use, VRoid Studio also offers a user community called VRoid Hub. With this feature, you and other users can show avatars to inspire each other.

The best part about VRoid Studio is that it is completely free. Not only that, but it is also available for Windows and macOS devices.

However, please note that this VTuber software is only for designing avatars. To animate the models, you need to export them into other VTube tools that we will cover in this article.

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2. VTube Studio

Let’s say you already have a 2D VTuber avatar and want to bring it to life. In that case, you need VTube Studio at your disposal.

VTube Studio allows you to import existing VTuber avatars and animate them using motion capture. To do that, make sure you connect a motion-tracking webcam to your device.

With VTube Studio, you can smoothly track your facial features, including eyebrows, eyelids, and mouth. On top of that, the 2D VTuber software also records upper body movements and hand gestures.

Apart from ensuring natural avatar animation, VTube Studio offers an easy way to switch props with hotkeys. Because of that, you can change your avatar’s accessories during the live stream just by pressing the keyboard buttons.

If you want to use VTube Studio, it is available for free with the software’s watermark on your video. However, you can remove the watermark by paying $14 once in a lifetime.

The good news is that the VTuber program is available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. That means you can opt for a mobile device for motion capture instead of a webcam.

3. V-Skin

In addition to VTube Studio, you can use V-Skin for avatar animation. This VTuber software does not only support 2D models but 3D as well.

Similar to VTube Studio, V-Skin allows you to use any iOS device to do facial capture. Though, the program requires a webcam to track your body movements.

Other than animating your avatar, V-Skin also gives you the opportunity to import props and backgrounds. With that feature, your VTubing experience will surely be more unique.

If V-Skin is the VTuber program you are hoping for, it is available for free on Steam. However, you can extend its usability by paying for its downloadable content.

The extra contents include stage and prop packs, so you do not need to design accessories and backgrounds beforehand.

4. Wakaru

Wakaru may be one of the oldest VTube tools, yet it provides all the necessary features to animate your avatar.

The main difference between Wakaru and other VTuber animation software is that it only supports motion capture for facial features. For body and hand gestures, you need to animate them manually using your mouse and keyboard during live streaming.

Despite the downside, Wakaru does a detailed job of animating your avatar’s facial elements. This VTuber software naturally renders eye rolling, brow twitching, and lips movements.

Plus, Wakaru is completely free for PC users. With that in mind, you can start being a VTuber without breaking the bank.

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5. OBS Studio

Your VTuber software suite is incomplete without a streaming program. One of the well-known options is OBS Studio.

Even though this VTuber program is free, it serves users who want a lot of customization for their broadcast control. For example, you can adjust the audio level and configure video output for better quality.

Apart from that, OBS Studio allows you to use hotkeys to control your stream. For example, you can mute sound sources, switch video outputs, and insert screen transitions by assigning those actions to your keyboard buttons.

With the amount of customization that OBS Studio has, you may be overwhelmed at first. Because of that, it may take time for you to get used to the controls of the VTuber program.

6. XSplit

Do you need another live-streaming program recommendation? XSplit is one of them.

With XSplit, you can broadcast multiple video and audio sources. It means that this VTuber program is suitable if you plan to enrich your VTuber content ideas with gameplays while still displaying your avatar.

Plus, XSplit has features to give your broadcast a professional look. Some of the features include overlays, scene transitions, and camera switching.

Apart from that, XSplit integrates with popular live streaming services like Twitch and YouTube seamlessly. With that in mind, you will spend less time configuring your broadcast.

You can use XSplit for free, but the broadcast feature is only available in the paid version (180$). Though, it does not come with any recurring payment as long as you choose the lifetime plan.

7. Animaze

Preparing your VTube tools can be a hassle since it consists of multiple software for designing, animating, and streaming. However, Animaze combines all of those in one package.

Like VRoid Studio, Animaze provides avatar presets to customize using an intuitive editor. Though, users who already use a separate avatar design software are also free to export their model to Animaze.

With Animaze’s avatar animation feature, you can do motion capture of the entire body. That means you can be even more creative with the avatar’s movement.

After completing your avatar’s design and animation, you can easily connect Animaze to any live-streaming platform. However, you are free to use a different VTuber software like OBS or XSplit as well.

Are you interested in using Animaze? Start free with watermarked video and a limited number of avatar presets. 

If you think Animaze fulfills your needs, you can upgrade to the paid version for $19.99/year. This premium version comes without a watermark and more presets.

8. Live3D

Similar to Animaze, Live3D is an all-in-one VTuber software. However, it offers additional features.

First of all, Live3D includes customizable “avatar poses,” which allow you to assign certain poses to your avatar. In other words, this feature eliminates the need for motion capture for specific movements.

Secondly, Live3D’s Twitch extension gives the opportunity to add various props or visual effects to your Twitch streams. You can monetize these props and effects in Twitch Bits, enabling you to earn more from streams.

All of those helpful features, along with main functionalities like avatar editor, motion tracking, and streaming, are available for free. However, Live3D’s free version comes with key limitations, such as:

  • Limited number of avatars and poses
  • Limited number of backgrounds and overlays
  • Motion tracking for head only
  • Watermark on videos

If you wish to be free of those constraints, the paid version of Live3D is available for $3.9/month.

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9. Hyper

Hyper is a relatively new VTuber software that caters to iOS users. With just an iPhone or iPad, you can start being a VTuber.

Though, you must first have an avatar design. Thankfully, Hyper accepts the avatars that you make using VTuber tools in this article, such as VRoid Studio and Animaze.

Once you import an avatar, Hyper helps to animate it and start your stream using OBS Studio integration. The rest is just choosing a live-streaming platform.

Interestingly, Hyper also offers its own social network where you can interact with other users and hold live chats with followers. Just like on Twitch, you can earn tips through the live chat feature.

Which VTuber Software Would You Like to Use?

There are many VTuber software in the market, and we have already introduced some of the best options in this article.

Based on its functions, there are four types of VTuber tools:

  • Avatar creators, such as VRoid Studio
  • Avatar animators, such as VTube Studio
  • Streaming programs, such as OBS Studio
  • All-in-one solutions, such as Animaze

All of those VTuber programs can work well for both beginners and advanced users. However, we recommend you try each of them to see which one gives the best customization.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the software that you like and start your journey as a VTuber!

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