ASMR Popularity – When did ASMR become a sensation?

What are the similarities between the audio of whispering, rustling noises, soap cutting, and tapping nails? How about the gaze of smooth paints on the canvas, wax lightly cut apart, and body movements similar to trying to turn the pages of a book? If you have the autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR, you may recognize this relatively normal audio and sights as “stimuli” for the ASMR perception.

Do you have any clue what I’m discussing? Don’t be concerned; you’re genuinely in the majority that doesn’t. Most folks, myself included, are unaffected by these inducers. But what about the ones who are? Here is how ASMR became a sensation.

What Is ASMR?

You must be questioning, “what is the origin of ASMR?” The spread of ASMR started as early as 2008. It is also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response — a tingling sensation that begins from your scalp and moves down your neck and spinal cord. When Jennifer Allen engaged in content online that spread tingling sensations all over her spine, she wanted to come up with a term for this feeling. It felt unreal. It felt fulfilling and enjoyable. This feeling was indescribable and did not have an existing word for it, so Jennifer Allen searched and searched for content related to brain-gasms and pleasure-inducing tingling sensations. 

According to a New York Times report published in April 2019, thousands of ASMR Youtube channels jointly publish more than 200 video content of ASMR stimuli per day. Some ASMR YouTube channels have become entertainers, with soaring savings accounts, millions of viewers, and just enough celebrities to be interrupted on the sidewalk for photographs.

Latest ideas emerge rapidly in the A.S.M.R. picture, propelled by the ability to innovate, commercial product placement agreements, and a purpose of human communication that tries to push the most acceptable new content to the top.

Whatever trigger that begins to gain popularity is infinitely picked up and executed — pulled off by different networks for advertising money — at least until another trigger takes its place; in one fortnight, they will perform cranial nerve tests. The following month, the producers are all shaving soap bars or snacking on various foods.

However, a vast majority of people do not experience anything when listening to ASMR. They do not feel the tingling or orgasmic feeling wash over them when engaging with ASMR content. There’s been a little debate. Some people question if this ASMR interaction is “genuine” or the outcome of opiates or dreamed sensory experiences. Some attribute the occurrence to New gen Z’s solitude, as they get their fix of affection by observing random people pretend to be doing their makeup without needing to interact with real people. ASMR triggers can even be offensive to some individuals. They do not enjoy these sensations and instead get the ick by listening to them. Well, ASMR is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The Gentle Whisperer

Billions of individuals all over the globe have tuned into it to hear this YouTube star’s whisper just as she began making videos about five years ago. Maria, popularly known as the Gentle Whisperer, can send shivers all over the spines of her over 500,000 subscribers.

The ecstatic wave of sensations her audience experiences is known as ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, and is usually triggered by “feel good” sounds. Video tutorials, slow verbal patterns, tapping sounds, painting, and other stimuli are common reactions.

Maria’s clips have received over 203.5 million views, and she left her nine-to-five managerial job to pursue her passion as a full-time content producer.

Maria, or Maria of GentleWhispering for legal reasons, moved from Moscow to the U.S. for a study abroad program ten years ago. In 2011, the then-24-year-old ambitious young lingual translator decided to settle in Maryland and launched her own Youtube channel.

Maria claims she had had unintended ASMR experiences all across her life. For instance, when a preschool buddy softly pinched her shoulder or an instructor whispered instructions to her class, she had no idea there was a phrase for it at the moment. In 2009, while battling depression during a relationship breakdown, she came across a video called “whisper” and felt a tingling sensation ripple of stress relief upon listening to the author’s tone.

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ASMR & Mental Health

Maria also shares that many of her followers suffer from anxiety and depression, and P.T.S.D. would write to her and let her know how her content helped them combat their negative thoughts and feelings. To investigate further, researchers examined neuroticism and anxiety symptoms in both ASMR experienced meditators and non-experienced people pre and post-watching a video containing famous ASMR stimuli.

Research On ASMR‘s Popularity

While analysis revealed that ASMR only lowered nervousness in those who had experienced it, researchers developed another discovery. When the researchers took into account levels of depression and anxiety, as well as how much the people enjoyed the ASMR clip, they discovered that all these levels might also account for the decline in anxiety symptoms even though respondents did not feel any tingly sensations.

If you want to immerse fully into the world of ASMR and experience it to its full potential, you can dive into it without any trouble. It takes an average of ten minutes for a person to feel the effects of ASMR completely. You can begin engaging with ASMR, which will slowly build up the feeling of comfort and pleasure inside you. As the sensation builds up, it will take ten minutes for a person to reach complete comfort.

With so many ASMR content creators on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, the industry is one of the most thriving. ASMR gained popularity worldwide and is loved by people of all ages and sizes. Everyone loves an excellent relaxing ASMR session! It is a sensation and one that is not going to go away due to its timeless nature.

Frequently Asked Questions about ASMR Creators & ASMR Popularity

How Much Do ASMR Creators Make?

Jane ASMR, a South Korean ASMRtist on Youtube who has about 9 million followers and earns more than $500,000 per month, is the highest-paid ASMRtist. A typical top earner in this field makes roughly $6 million annually. 

According to reports this year, 2.3 million people search for ASMR on Google each month. The audience is expanding. 

How Do I start Doing ASMR Content?

Here are a some of the most well-liked ASMR starter triggers:

Speaking softly or in whispers: The pace, volume, tone, and emotion of your voice are the factors that can affect ASMR. Many creative people speak slowly, which conveys a collected demeanor that could be soothing to the listener.

The simplest sounds: The gliding, scratching, or tapping of fingernails, can be very soothing to some listeners. For instance, playing with latex gloves, the clicking of an old cassette tape, or the tapping on a glass, the sound of flipping pages through a magazine, or the crumpling of a piece of paper and other materials.

Eating sounds

In the ASMR community, this technique is one of the most well-liked. ASMR can be triggered by making noises with the lips (smacking) or the tongue (snapping) while eating food like soft shell crabs and fruits such as a crispy apple.


A trip to the barbershop or a spa can send tingles to your head. Many listeners mistakenly think they are lying on a massage table or sitting at a hair salon. The sound of a beard shaving with shaving cream could be popular among men!

Skincare and cosmetics: Common “trigger” sounds include swiping the microphone’s brushes, cleaning cotton balls, and the slick sounds when applying nail paint. 

The list is endless and it all depends on your creativity to discover sounds that tickles the senses.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Paid To Do ASMR Content & Take Advantage Of ASMR Popularity

Set up a Gank account. Gank is complementary to whichever platform you choose to upload your ASMR videos, be it Youtube or Twitch. You can accept donations and set up paid subscription tiers for your fans to fund your work and engage them directly on Gank. 
You can also try soliciting donations by leaving a link to your Gank account on all your content so that your fans could send donations directly to you. The best part of this is that your supporters can have some control over how much they wish to give, and you can receive them through localized payment methods of your choosing, depending on your own location.

Conclusion: Should You Become An ASMR Content Creator?

It is not at all difficult to start an ASMR channel, but it will take a lot of time, effort, and dedication to make it successful. Additionally, it’s crucial that you are aware of this right away: ASMR is much more about the audio content than the video material. 

You can also find examples of how successful ASMR creators on Gank like Batxandr and ReoBenjamin do their content. It is always a good idea to start with emulating what others have done and evolve your own ASMR content along the way. Stop thinking and start creating!


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