Content Creators face the constant challenge of engaging their audience consistently and effectively. Here are some ways to better engage your audience and increase interactiveness. We found some experts talking and giving out useful tips for audience engagement online, and we are here to share snippets of our findings with you. 

Understanding Your Audience

Understand the differences in your audience. You may find that different groups of people interact with your content in different ways. 

And that interaction can vary based on things like age, preferred social media channel, or personal interests. First, Persol Community Manager Roberta Merlino realized that the brand’s audience on Facebook is different from the audience on Instagram. “The way we use Facebook and Instagram depends a lot on our individual communities on each platform,” Merlino said. 

“Demographically, our Facebook audience is older and has been a big fan of the product for a long time. We get very specific and detailed questions and we prefer private messages. On Instagram, our Audiences are younger and more likely to engage with brands in comments or stories.” 

Understanding the fundamental differences between your followers can help you communicate more authentically as a business, as well as identify your target audience. 

Optimizing Content

Optimize your best organic content with paid advertising. Jarvis Maachi is the Head of Social Media at Luxottica. On a typical day, Maachi and his team create compelling organic content for Persol’s audience, amplifying even the strongest content with paid advertising. “My best advice to companies would be that organic can’t live without paying, and payments can’t live without a great strategy and organic content,” Maachi said. 

View your account feed to see what your audience interacted with the most. When a post or story is liked, commented on, or saved frequently, there’s a good chance it will work well as an ad. You can then use the Instagram Promote feature to deliver the content your audience loves to a new, larger group of people. 

Daily Engagement

Interact with your audience on a daily basis and use the knowledge gained in your content. While there is no secret recipe for creating great content, engaging with your audience can build trust and is a great way to ensure your content resonates. Merlino recommends engaging your audience with posts, stories, and posts on Facebook and Instagram and counting every response. 

“The most important thing you can do is interact with your audience and listen to them,” Merlin said. “Find out what you are asked about privately or publicly and let that information influence your strategy.

This is just a snippet of how creators can manage content creation and engage their audience. If you are looking for ideas and methods to get effective engagement out of your audience, you will find many other content creators on Gank’s Discover page and get some inspiration there.

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