In recent years, gaming and Esports have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Big studios spend anywhere between 60 to 80 million in developing AAA games such as Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Based on this information, you would think that the bulk of money is made from game development. However, there are actually many other avenues to make a living through gaming. At Gank gaming, we seek to empower our fellow gamers by providing a platform for you to sell your services and monetize your game time. 

Here are the ways that you can make a living through gaming:

1.  Esports

At some point, someone (your parents) might have told you that your gaming will get you nowhere in life. If you’re good enough to be an Esports athlete, you can prove them wrong by joining competitive teams and entering tournaments (some of which have multi-million dollar prize pools). On top of tournament earnings, sponsorships, advertising and merchandise sales provide additional income for Esports professionals. Build a team with Gank LFG and find like-minded companions to party up and train together.

2.  Streaming

Streamers on platforms like Twitch can make a living by streaming their gameplay and interacting with their viewers in chat. Viewers can choose to subscribe for a monthly fee, or donate by sending one-time payments in exchange for perks such as playing a text-to-speech message on stream, or even playing in-game with streamers. Notably, a top earner like “xQc” makes a monthly estimate of $135,000 just off his subscriptions alone. On top of this, streamers often upload highlight videos on their YouTube pages for additional income and promotional purposes. As a streaming newbie, or as someone hoping to take their content to the next level, you can engage mentors on Gank gaming to help with your streaming setup and provide advice on how to improve your streams.

3.  Coaching

Competitions and tournaments form the core of Esports. Esports teams often have coaches, as you would expect in other sports like football and basketball. However, game coaching is not a luxury reserved only for high-skilled gamers. New gamers are beginning to look to game coaching as a way to improve their skills faster and to develop their understanding of competitive games’ mechanics. If you have what it takes to coach other gamers, sign up for Gank and sell your coaching services on our platform. 

So there you go, three tried and tested ways that gamers are using to make a living through gaming. At Gank, you can easily gain an entry point into the gaming industry and start building a gamer portfolio for yourself. There’s no better place to start. Try out our app today!

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