Growing as an ASMR content creator doesn’t require changing who you are, but it does mean listening to your audience and trying new things. A number of creators have delved into ASMR and have started earning while having fun.

How to make ASMR videos with good quality? We’ve created a guide to help you establish yourself as a successful ASMR content creator and make better ASMR content this 2023.

All About ASMR

making ASMR videos

Some people cringe at the idea of ASMR, thinking it’s some taboo trend that lacks practical benefits besides being a form of entertainment. However, often these doubters don’t understand their own ASMR triggers, and the calming effects ASMR can bring to viewers. 

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) content is popular for invoking relaxing and pleasurable feelings in viewers. Although people vary on what triggers they enjoy, many universal triggers like whispering and scratching are popular today. 

ASMR is an in-demand category that content creators can build a strong audience and find success. There are many rewards to becoming an ASMR content creator.

Not only is there a great need for ASMR-related content to help viewers, but at the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing your content is helping your viewers feel more relaxed and calm.

Next, you may be thinking that the ASMR content space is too saturated. However, although there are many ASMR content creators, there are tons of demand for various triggers. Whether you make content on universal ASMR triggers or more niche/ unique triggers, there is a need for both!

What Do Medical Professionals Say About ASMR?

Although ASMR is a trendy topic that has many people claiming it has positive benefits, currently few research studies back these claims. However, one such study reported that people that consumed ASMR content felt more relaxed than those who didn’t consume ASMR content.

Therefore, although few medical professionals and scientific research studies have been conducted to evaluate the health implications of ASMR, there is great anecdotal evidence suggesting ASMR can provide a calming, relaxing feeling for consumers.

Why Are There A Lot Of ASMR Content Creators?

There are a lot of ASMR content creators because many people enjoy the soothing, calming feel ASMR invokes. 

ASMR content creators initially became popular on YouTube, but now many are switching over to TikTok as it has become a place content creators can reach a larger audience, and interact with their followers in new ways.

In fact, ASMR ranks #28 on one of the most watched category on Twitch! Therefore, ASMR content creators understand that there is a demand for viewers to find relaxing, stress-free content they can rely on to lower their anxiety.

This high demand plus the fact ASMR is relatively “easy” to plan (as long as you know triggers your viewers want to hear) better explains why there are lots of ASMR content creators.

Where Do You Share Your Content?

How to start an ASMR channel? You can share your ASMR content on a number of social media platforms that support video content. However, the two main platforms content creators use to share their ASMR content are YouTube and TikTok.

YouTube rose to prominence as a leading place to share ASMR content because it supports long-form videos. Therefore, content creators can easily create 10 minutes or longer forms of ASMR videos and post them to YouTube, with many viewers appreciating this long-form content.

However, with the rise of TikTok, many ASMR content creators have started also posting on TikTok. Even though TikTok is known for its short-form content, the opportunity to reach a broader audience and the live feature of TikTok has many content creators making the switch to posting on TikTok.

Other social media platforms like Instagram can be another option to share ASMR content, especially to promote your brand. Yet, YouTube and TikTok are the top two platforms creators use to share their ASMR content.

Guide on How to Make ASMR Videos

Guide on How to Make ASMR Videos

If you are just a beginner learning how to start ASMR channel for the first time, it can seem overwhelming. Not only do you have to figure out what to film, but you have to ensure you create quality content that viewers will actually enjoy.

Is your mic making you sound very muffled and unclear? This makes ASMR less effective because your viewers’ brain doesn’t process it correctly—it’s like listening to someone speak with a mouth full of marbles! On top of that, ensure that the background music is not too loud.

Here are steps you can follow to learn about how to make ASMR videos that your viewers will love.

1. Figure Out What You Want To Film

You first need to decide what you want to film, or what ASMR trigger you want to focus on. Again, different people find different triggers more or less satisfying than others. Therefore, likely not all your ASMR videos will be loved by all, and that’s okay.

If you are unsure what triggers to do, research online “popular ASMR triggers” to find one that you are comfortable with doing and can achieve well. 

Some relatively easy, common ASMR triggers include whispering, tapping, scratching, and eating. It’s essential you choose a trigger you are comfortable with doing because if you have any feeling of stress or discomfort on screen, this will also make your viewers feel tense as well.

However, exploring new triggers of ASMR and finding new ways to achieve these triggers is also crucial to having a sustainable career as an ASMR content creator.

You can find online ASMR clips to suit a range of tastes. Feel free to explore and experiment with these common triggers by adding your personal flair to them.


Binaural sounds are some of the most common ASMR triggers. These sounds include soft singing, nail tapping, crumpling of paper, and keyboard use. You can experiment with different sound triggers you can perform using your own voice and some readily available household objects.

Visual effects

Additionally, visual elements can also help in triggering ASMR responses. Viewers may find visual cues from delicate movements appealing. This can come from mixing paint, slicing soft objects, and other gentle hand movements. 


Some ASMR content creators use roleplay to supplement their ASMR triggers. By maintaining eye contact and interacting with the camera as they play out a scene, they are creating an immersive experience for the viewer. The feeling of extra attention being placed on you can be therapeutic and soothing. 


The act of eating, particularly the sounds of slurping and chewing, may also trigger an ASMR response. Combined with the visuals of the ASMR artist preparing and enjoying their meal, this can be a very effective trigger for those leaning toward gastronomic content. 


Squishing and crushing are also fairly common ASMR triggers. It can be very satisfying to watch ASMR artists crush and squeeze soft items such as kinetic sand, putty, or foam in their hands. 

2. Prepare Your Room For The Video

Once you’ve chosen what ASMR trigger you would like to do, it’s time to prep your room for the video. It’s crucial you make your room sound-proof. To eliminate echoes, hang blankets or sheets or add furniture to the room you are recording in to help absorb the sound better.

If you are thinking about creating a home studio to record your ASMR videos in, consider investing in acoustic foam to help absorb the sound so it doesn’t sound like there are echoes in the background of your video.

Likewise, it’s essential to eliminate any and all external noise, whether in your room or outside your room. The last thing you want is for outside noise to interrupt your ASMR video.

Consider filming at certain times you know there won’t be any external noise. Whether you have a noisy pet or neighbor, try not to film during those times they are loud to prevent those noises you cannot control from interrupting your ASMR video. Night time when everyone is getting ready or is asleep is a good time to record if you struggle with external noise issues.

Once you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to soundproofing, it’s time to work on ensuring your video is visually appealing to your audience. You can either use a greenscreen backdrop and edit in a visual of your choice, or you can opt to have just a simple, clutter-free background. 

Unless the background is assisting in the effect of your noise (i.e. dentist’s office if making a drilling tool triggers noise), you may just want to opt for a clean, simple background so your viewers can fully focus on the audio.

3. Set Realistic Timeframes for Yourself

Consistency is a significant aspect of differentiating between a successful and an unsuccessful content creator. Try to come up with different ideas for videos and post them regularly. The more your audience sees your post, the more they will likely engage with your content.

However, creating ASMR content can be a tedious process; make sure you’re not sacrificing quality for quantity. If you aren’t realistic with your timelines, it can lead to experiencing burnout really quickly.

Always aim high and look forward to better things, but remember, good things always happen in small steps, so there’s no need to rush. 

4. Practice Makes Perfect

After you’ve set up your recording room to be sound-proof and visually appealing for your audience, it’s time to practice, practice, practice!

Not only do you want to practice the ASMR trigger you are going to be doing, but you want to test out the microphone or audio device you are using to record your video. The last thing you want is to record an entire video and the sound quality is off!

Consider speaking into different sides and angles of the microphone to see how it sounds in your audio. Be sure to listen back to your audio recordings to test the sound quality and make any necessary adjustments before recording your video. If you are using different props in your video, be sure to also try those out with your audio recording device to ensure the sound quality is good to go.

5. Record Your ASMR Video

Now it’s time to create your content! If you are recording a whispering video, speak in a low voice with confidence. If you are whispering and feel uncomfortable and tense, this will come across to your viewers and will make them feel tense.

Also, ensure you are properly groomed and look your best on camera. If you look like you just rolled out of bed, this may distract your viewers to focus on how you look rather than the ASMR trigger.

Likewise, be sure to fully charge all your recording equipment prior to recording a video. Some ASMR videos can be lengthy or take many different tries to get your content perfect. You don’t want to be in the middle of recording and your camera suddenly dies.

6. Edit Your ASMR Video

Once you’ve recorded your video, it’s time to upload your video footage to video editing software. This is where you trim your video, slice together video clips, adjust the sound, and add music or any other special effects you think will enhance the overall quality of your video.

As a content creator, building a loyal fan base is crucial to becoming a successful content creator. Therefore, be sure to add your brand’s logo and where your viewers can follow you on social media in your video to organically grow your fanbase. 

7. Look for Feedback

As an ASMR content creator, it’s essential to know your viewer’s response to your content. Engage with your audience, ask them about which triggers worked for them. You can also check out your channel’s impressions and analytics to figure out which segments hold your audience’s attention the best. 


All in all, ASMR Content Creators are in a period of exploration and discovery. There is so much creative space in the genre, and there are countless of techniques to try out.

As an ASMR content creator, it is important that you keep on learning and honing your craft in order to grow. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make a bit of trial and error with your regular viewers. Keep them engaged, and you will learn from them as much as they learn from you.

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