Are you a gamer looking to climb the ranks and show your reputation in the gaming world? If yes, you need to pay attention to your MMR in games.

What does MMR stand for? MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. It is a set of algorithms determining your game skill level and the possibility to explore the game further, as well as to find your best opponents. 

You need the right tactics to improve your MMR and rise to the top of the competition. But how to do it?

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of MMR in gaming and share tips on how to reach the top. So, let’s dive in!

What Is MMR in Gaming?

MMR is short for matchmaking rating, a standard the game maker sets to calculate your game performance and to choose the best opponents for you during matchmaking.

You can think of MMR in games as the system that is intended to make the game more competitive and fun. 

The system assigns a rating to each player based on their performance in past games. This rating is used to know how good you are as a player and to match you with opponents who are of a similar skill level

The MMR system helps to ensure that games are fair and challenging for everyone involved, especially in an online multiplayer game.

That being said, MMR in games will make a new player more enthusiastic and a seasoned player less boring.

So, that is what MMR gaming meaning is. Now, how do MMR games work?

How is MMR in Games Determined?

MMR works using an algorithm determined by the game developer. The system will calculate your gaming performance based on certain factors.

Some of the common factors determining how MMR in games include:

1. Win-Loss Record

This is the most crucial factor that determines your MMR games. If you win more games, your MMR will increase. 

The progress of your rating will then affect the matchmaking accordingly. You will be matched against similar-level skill opponents.

Let’s take Valorant as an example. The win-loss record refers to the number of games you’ve won or lost in the competitive mode. You’ll be tracked throughout the season to define your overall performance and skill level.

2. Strength of Opponents

The MMR system considers the skill levels of your opponents in determining your rating. 

While there will be a default MMR for each winning, if you defeat a highly skilled opponent, your MMR will increase more than if you beat the weaker one.

For example, you play PUBG. Let’s say you’re on the higher tier while your team is in the lower tier and matches against lower-ranked opponents. Even with an impressive kill streak of 10 or 15, it will still have a minimal impact on your MMR. Conversely, if you manage to perform poorly against lower-ranked opponents, your MMR will take a huge hit.

This rating system may change, but the basic principle will remain the same. 

3. Gaming Performance

The MMR in games system also takes into account your performance in a game as an individual player. If you perform exceptionally well in a losing game, your MMR may not decrease as much as when you play poorly.

For instance, in PUBG, you will be weighed up by the number of kills, assists, damage dealt, and survival time you set into the record. 

But bear in mind that your MMR will always be calculated based on the predetermined point that you should get according to the system. 

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4. Winning and Losing Streaks

It’s no secret that winning or losing streaks can influence your MMR. It happens in many games. 

If you win several games in a row, your MMR will increase faster than if you alternate wins and losses. This rating factor often makes gamers manipulate their match.

5. New Accounts

If you create a new account, it is obvious that your MMR will initially be lower. So, don’t worry about it. That means you will be matched against weaker opponents. 

Once you reach a certain skill level, you will be matched with better opponents. In DOTA 2, for example, you’ll be in Herald 2 when you have 154 MMR.

6. Decay

It might not apply to all games. But, being idle or taking weeks off from the game could also be a factor considered in the MMR system. 

So, what does MMR mean in this sense? You need to play the game at a certain range of time to show that you are an active player.  

Don’t get it wrong. It does not mean that you have to play the game all the time. But, there is a range applied by the game developer to calculateyour activity.

One of the games that apply this MMR is Valorant. It is called MMR decay.

According to EvrMoar from the Riot Games, if you leave the game for quite some time, then your MMR will be decreased, and your variance will be higher. 

Those are the factors as the key to how MMR in games is determined.

Remember that each game has its own MMR system. That’s because they have their own unique gameplay and strategies that need different skills to master.

Also, please note that the MMR system is hidden to prevent manipulation from the players. 

You can only see the simplified version of it in terms of Experience Level or anything like that. But, the whole MMR system is most certainly beyond that.

Why Does MMR Matter?

MMR in games is important both for the players and the game itself. Here are the reasons:

1. Perfect Match Brings Better Gaming Experience

Do you want to play against a player whose skill level is far below yours? Or do you want to be completely outmatched by someone who is far more skilled than you? 

The answer to both questions is, of course, no. That will make the game too boring or too challenging. If it continues to happen, you might leave the game because you don’t find it fun anymore.

That’s where the MMR system should come in place for a better gaming experience. That is why game developers apply this system to keep their games attractive. 

2. It Gives A Sense of Progression

If you play against opponents with the same skill levels, you’ll most certainly celebrate it when you win the game, right? You’ll think of it as an achievement because it shows that you are a good player.

What does MMR mean in this kind of situation? The rating system will give you a sense of progression. 

From a newbie, you climb up the leaderboard every time you win the match. Not only that, the game will allow you to have special equipment or unlock characters that will help you to climb up even higher.

3. It Builds a Great Reputation

The higher your MMR, the more reputable you are as a gamer. This is why it is important for you to understand the MMR in the games you play.  

Not only will the community of the game recognize your skill based on your rating, but you’ll also be eligible for any tournaments or events held by the game developer. 

A high MMR indicates skill and dedication to the game. Those are the two important things if you want to be a professional gamer.

How Can You Improve Your MMR?

There are many ways to improve your MMR, depending on the games and strategy. Here are the tips:

1. Learn the Game

A different game applies a different MMR system. So, before trying to improve your MMR, you need to learn the game that you play first. 

You need to know what will affect your Matchmaking rating. Is it the KDA Ratio, the Game Mode, or the champion score?

If you know all of those factors, then you can start to think of any strategy to make your MMR rise higher.

2. Play Often

One of the easiest things to do if you want to improve your MMR in games is to play often. It means you should keep on practicing.

The more you play, the better you’ll understand the game. This will help you to make better decisions or to aim at targets better.

Don’t forget that MMR decay is also one of the factors that will decrease your matchmaking rating, like what happened in valorant.

3. Win Regularly

It’s a no-brainer that the more you win, the higher your MMR. You can even reach it faster to the top if you win certain matches in a row.

However, you should always remember that when you win against lower opponents, you will not get as high a point as when you are against the same-level opponents. 

4. Play with More Skilled Players

It is always recommended to learn from others, especially from the skillful ones, so if you have a chance to play the game with a better player with a higher MMR, go for it.

You can learn how they win the game from how you communicate with them during the match

Not only that, you can get the benefit of duo queue boosting when doing so, like in League of Legends. Simply put, you raise your rank by playing with someone with a higher rank, so you gain higher reward.

5. Analyze your Gameplay

Not only should you learn from others, but you should also learn from yourself, too. 

That being said, after each match, take some time to analyze your gameplay and identify what you can improve. This includes the opportunity that you wasted and the mistake that you made.

All those tips above are major. You can dive deep to find a strategy that works for you to improve your MMR in games. 

But bear in mind that it all takes time and effort. Don’t try to take a shortcut that will bring more harm than benefits. 

Get Ready to Boost Your MMR in Gaming!

So, what is MMR in gaming? MMR, which stands for matchmaking rating, is a system in online games that has the goal to make the game more competitive. 

With many factors determined as an algorithm that works under the hood, the MMR in gaming plays a vital role in making the game engaging and fun. 

It’s important for every player to understand how MMR in games works. That way, they can become a better player and enjoy the game even more. 

Are you ready to get your MMR higher now?


What is MMR in gaming?

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. It’s a standard value assigned to each player of a game that determines their skill level. This rating helps match them with similarly skilled opponents.

Which games use MMR?

Many popular multiplayer games use MMR, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

How is MMR calculated?

MMR is calculated differently in different games. It includes a player’s win-loss record and many factors like gaming performance and decay.

Is a higher MMR good?

A higher MMR will give you a better reputation in the community and a sense of progress as an individual player. But, remember that a good MMR is the rating that should reflect your actual skill as a gamer. 

Is MMR important for casual players or just competitive players?

MMR in games is used in matchmaking for both casual and competitive game modes. So even if you don’t consider yourself a competitive player, having a great MMR can make the game more enjoyable.


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