Team-based games are getting increasingly popular nowadays, and it is no surprise that people hop onto these games to spend a good portion of their daily lives. People who play these games also watch their videos and consume content related to that game. This is why getting good at these games can lead to audience growth in your streams. While there are many softwares to use for game comms, there are also etiquettes’ you should follow! Here are some tips to highlight how to win through better gaming comms/communication.

The Importance of Good Communication In Gaming

Being good at the game is alright, but for team-based games, you can’t just expect to win the game all by yourself. It is important to know how to communicate and not be a backseat gamer. Realizing the importance of good gaming comms/communication in gaming and coordination with your team will eventually win you more games.

Turn On Your Mic And Break The Ice

When you on onto an online game, you will most likely be paired with people you don’t know and have never talked to before. So at this point, it may be a little awkward to hold any conversation with them, and everyone will most likely spend the game without talking. This can result in poor performance in-game and maybe even lead to a loss.

To avoid this, try to be the one to initiate a conversation when you go into the game. Ask everyone how they’re feeling, how they want to play this match, etc. Anything will do as long as it encourages healthy communication between the team. This will further lead to everyone giving good callouts, which increases the chances of winning.

Learn The Proper Callouts And Jargon – What Are These “Gaming Comms”?

Speaking of callouts, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the callouts in the game you are playing. When you spot an enemy, immediately communicate with your team and give the proper callout. Or maybe when you die and you know the location where you got shot from, you can alert your teammates so they can plan their strategies accordingly.

Practice Your Callouts

Practice your callouts even when no one else has turned on their mic. Just because your teammates aren’t speaking doesn’t mean they aren’t listening. Voicing out your callouts can help guide the team toward a unified strategy instead of everyone doing their own thing. This is extremely important in competitive games like VALORANT.

Saying your calls out loud will also allow you to revise and practice your calls so you can remember exactly what each location is called. If you are the one doing the callouts, this may establish you as the in-game leader (IGL). Having an IGL is extremely important so everyone knows who to follow. This also makes for amazing content for your stream and TikTok!

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Situational Pings

The ping system is a great feature that helps to improve teamwork. It allows us to get the win through better communication without saying a single word. Pinging anywhere on the map places a physical marker in that place that acts as an indication that something is going on there. Since this feature has so many benefits, you should also make sure that you take full advantage of it.

Ping any important information that you want to communicate to your team. If you see an enemy player, ping it. This will let your teammates know that they should watch out for that spot.

Pinging is also important because it doesn’t require you to speak out loud, which can sometimes be a little distracting. For example, if your teammate is in a clutch situation and you don’t want to speak into the mic because that might be distracting, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize pinging!

Be Pleasant! Stamp Out Toxicity!

Toxicity is your worst enemy in online gaming comms/communication in gaming. If handled incorrectly, it can ruin everyone’s mood and lower the morale of your entire team, which eventually results in more toxicity. This is why when you are communicating with your team; you need to make sure you speak calmly and listen to what everyone has to say.

Don’t make fun of anyone. Everyone learns at their own pace, and no good will come from making fun of your teammates or yelling at them. Shouting at your teammates will only make it worse, and they might end up leaving the game because they couldn’t handle the toxicity.

Instead, encourage them to improve. Appreciate their attempts at winning and be supportive when they need it the most.

Need Someone To Help You Practice Your Comms? Game Pals To The Rescue!

If you want to learn how to communicate in-game but don’t know all the callouts, then the best place to learn is through your teammates. Ask your teammates what each location is called. You may ask them questions like “What is this place called where I’m playing?” etc., so you can ask for their help without being too obvious.

More often than not, good teammates will guide you in your games and help you improve. Why don’t you consider checking out Gank‘s Game Pals to help you practice?


You can improve your win percentage and entertainment value by learning how to communicate effectively in-game. In most cases, proper communication and effective game sense can trump superior technical skills. And communicating with your teammates regularly also helps you create an engaging stream that people will enjoy watching. So turn on your mic, talk to your teammates, and win through better communication!


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