Did you know that a great streamer like Ninja can earn as much as $500.000 per month? You heard that right, the world of live streaming is really promising. However, achieving that success doesn’t come easy. It needs a strong personality, a solid setup, and the best streaming software.

You should never underestimate the importance of stream software. It plays a vital role in captivating your audience. If your channel lacks excitement due to limited live streaming software capabilities, you may be in trouble.

Luckily, there are many broadcasting software options available in the market. You are free to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. However, it might not be as easy as it seems. Some software requires you to pay upfront, so you’d better pick the right one from the start.

Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll help you find the best streaming software for your channel, whether it’s for gaming, commentary, or any other niche. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is Streaming Software?

Streaming software is any streaming program to help content creators broadcast video and audio over the internet. This streaming software can be installed on a computer or accessed directly through cloud technology provided by various platforms.

A live stream software will help you produce audio and video suitable for streaming. Without it, your camera and microphone will only have recording capability, unable to reach an online audience. In this sense, that stream program will play its role as broadcasting software.

Adding to that, software for streaming is important to control over your screen, overlays, and other aspects of your stream. This way, you can create a more professional-look stream that fascinates the audience.

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So, what does a streaming software do? It does everything to make sure your livestream runs smoothly.

  • Capturing. Taking video from your webcam and sound from your mic or audio setup.
  • Recording. Saving your livestream offline to upload it manually to different platforms later.
  • Encoding. Converting audio and video to a certain format that is suitable for streaming.
  • Editing. Making any changes to the content, from trimming to adding special effects.
  • Broadcasting. Making your content live to the audience, either in a certain platform or multi-platform.
  • Stream Management. Taking over your livestream by switching screens, adding overlays, controlling volume, and anything like that.
  • Collaborating. Working together with another content creator like co-streaming.
  • Scheduling. Planning stream in advance to attract more viewers tuning in to your streams
  • Analytics. Analyzing your livestream performance to improve the next streams.
  • Integration. Connecting to other services to enrich its capability while maintaining the quality of the streams.

It’s awesome to have streaming software with all of those capabilities. Unfortunately, sometimes a stream software emphasizes a strong feature or two and has to sacrifice other capabilities.

So, as the livestreaming market is expected to grow up to $2.61 billion in 2026, how can you stand out from others? Picking the best streaming software will be a good start.

What to Check when Picking Streaming Software

These are the factors to consider when choosing the best live streaming software for your channel:

1. Compatibility

We believe you will have your hardware setup ready before picking up the streaming software, right?

If that is the scenario, you’d better ensure that your software for streaming is compatible with your devices. It means your broadcast software should mainly recognize your cheap gaming microphone and camera. And it should be compatible with the broadcasting platforms you use.

Otherwise, it will be hard to make your stream appropriately run due to compatibility issues.

Also, don’t forget to check for the supported operating system of that live stream software. Some software are built only for macOS or Windows, while others support multi-platforms.

2. Unique Features

As for the basic capabilities, most streaming software have many things in common. So, you’d better check out their unique features that suit your needs or align with your streaming niche.

Let’s say if you just want to focus on streaming, then having a recording feature in that stream software is a bonus. However, if you are a professional who streams for webinars or any lecturing stream, having text overlays or screen sharing features is a must.

3. Performance

Streaming is about giving the best user experience online for your viewers. So, it will be great if your stream software doesn’t cause any lag, buffer, or other performance issues during your stream.

It is recommended to check whether that software for streaming is resource-friendly, especially if you don’t have high specs for your streaming setup. That way, you can prevent any possible hiccups that disturb your stream and annoy your audience.

4. Ease of Use

Using a new software means you need to get used to it as soon as possible. But it will be nice if it has a shallow learning curve. That way, you can focus on how to make your stream more engaging rather than learning the nitty-gritty settings most of the time.

Ideally, if you are not tech-savvy, choose the software that comes with simple presets. On the contrary, if you are an advanced user, check if that video streaming software offers more customization options.

5. Price

You don’t always have to go with the premium options that offer lots of features. If the free streaming software can accommodate your needs, you can pick that one right off the bat.

Also, different streaming programs may offer different pricing models. For example, there are stream software that have subscription-based options, while others only provide a one-time purchase model.

If you are unsure, you can always check if they have a trial version to consider if that live stream software worth the money you’re investing.

6. Customer Support

It’s always recommended to choose those streaming software that have customer support. This way, it will be more comfortable if you encounter any technical issues or need to solve certain problems when using the software. The more channels they have for support, the better.

As for the free streaming software, it would be great if their official website provided tutorials or basic guidance for users. Or, you can check if they have online forums discussing product reviews or problem-solving when the program runs into certain issues.

7. Regularly Updated

The last but important thing to check when picking streaming software is whether the software is regularly updated by its developer.

Although your software offers a lot of features, if it is not updated for some time, it will be prone to having security issues. This can lead to a bigger issue if not handled properly, especially in the online world of streaming.

Not only that, regularly updated streaming software will provide better compatibility and features aligned with the latest trend. This way, it will make you quickly adapt to the market changes without having to buy another software.

Top 16 Best Streaming Software Worth Trying

Here are the best live streaming software you should try to make your stream stand out in 2023:

1. OBS Studio

  • Best for: any streamers, from gamers to vtubers looking for free and yet powerful live streaming software.
  • Pricing: Free
  • Operating System: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio) needs no introduction. This is a great streaming program that you can use for free and yet offers versatile functionality.

Once installed on your computer, you can start broadcasting yourself on any platforms you choose, from YouTube to Twitch and Facebook Live. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS users.

OBS Studio is a live stream software packed with awesome features to create high-quality streaming. You can create scenes with multiple sources and switch between them using custom transitions.

This streaming software offers easy-to-use configuration options, too, making it perfect for those who just started.

Unique Features:

  • Multiview. Allows you to monitor 8 different scenes and switch between them.
  • Studio Mode. To preview your scenes and sources before pushing them live.
  • Intuitive audio mixer. Offers filters like noise gate, suppression, and gain.
  • Modular ‘Dock’ UI. To rearrange the layout as you prefer.
  • Customizable hotkeys. Streamline your broadcast with shortcut keys.

If you’re looking for free streaming software with many customization options, OBS Studio is an easy pick. However, you must know that the interface can be overwhelming for beginners.

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2. Streamlabs OBS

  • Best for: any live streamers who want to have user-friendly software
  • Pricing: Free without multistream (Starter), USD19 (Ultra) all premium features
  • Operating System: Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android

Another free streaming software is on our list: StreamLabs OBS, also known as SLOBS. This live streaming and recording software is designed to integrate the basic OBS interface with Streamlabs’ awesome user-friendly interface and customizable features.

This is one of the best streaming software to simplify the streaming process due to its easy-to-use dashboard. In that main dashboard, all the tools you need to produce high-quality live broadcasts are integrated.

Do you need a stream software with the ability to broadcast to multiple platforms all at once? This is a program you can choose. From YouTube to Twitch and Facebook Gaming, the streaming program covers them all.

Unique Features:

  • Face Masks. Augmented reality filters to hide your face or add funny expressions to your liking.
  • Cloud Bot. A chatbot to moderate your chat to build engagement and announce new followers automatically.
  • Themes. Over 750 themes to customize your stream: scene, widget, and site, divided by categories like generic, sports, simulation, role-playing, and more.
  • Mobile streaming. Stream on the go from your phone whenever you need it.
  • Merch Shop. Allows your audience to buy merchandise right from your official store using a Streamlabs account.

For those who are looking for an alternative to OBS Studio and want to have streaming software with a more user-friendly interface. Remember that you have to pay for more extra features, and this software is resource-intensive.

3. Wirecast: A Comprehensive Review

  • Best for: any professional streamers, from sportscasters to church live events organizers
  • Pricing: USD599
  • Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Wirecast is a live streaming software made by Telestream. It’s designed to help you start a professional live stream with a studio-grade production in minutes. Great names like Harvard University and Fox Sports are known to entrust their broadcasting events using Wirecast.

With this live streaming software, you can stream almost any show, from live sports streaming to worship services. What’s more, Wirecast allows you to switch between multiple live cameras, add pre-recorded video, and even virtual backgrounds.

This live stream software has the capability to encode 1080p streams to various platforms simultaneously. Also, that’s compatible with many devices like Elgato Stream Deck and Novation Launchpad MK2.

Unique Features:

  • Multiple Resources. Allows you to use multiple cameras, mics, webcams, and more.
  • Compatible with Controllers. Helps you use controllers like Stream Deck seamlessly.
  • Social Media Integration. Allows you to engage with your audience using integrated Twitter and YouTube comment overlays and even Facebook Polling.
  • ScoreBoards. Allows you to show replay and scoreboards, which will make your viewers never miss any important play.

Verdict: One of the best live streaming software that offers professional-grade features to create a professional-look live stream if you are okay with its price.

4. XSplit Broadcaster

  • Best for: casual streamers and professional broadcasters
  • Pricing: USD9 per month, USD120 (Broadcaster Premium)
  • Operating System: Windows

For those who run Windows and are looking for powerful streaming software, Xsplit is highly recommended. This streaming program is versatile that it will ease casual streamers and professional broadcasters to stream live on YouTube, Twitch, and even LinkedIn.

You can use this stream software for workshops and interviews, virtual events, productive restrictions, gaming streams, webinars, and many more.

XSplit Broadcaster boasts itself as a live-streaming and recording studio. It features an intuitive interface to create high-quality video content and broadcast it online with ease.

The software’s main features include the ability to stream and record in 4K 60fps and beyond, scene and source transitions, and support for all popular streaming services. With its drag-and-drop function, adding and managing sources is a breeze.

It also offers advanced audio features, like audio mix preview and noise suppression, to ensure crystal-clear audio quality.

Unique Features:

  • Professional Layouts. Choose the best professional scenes available to make your live stream more appealing.
  • Scene Preview Editor. Go ahead and make changes to any scenes before going live.
  • Multistream. Stream to more than one platform all at once.
  • Recording. Create the best video content to later upload to many platforms.

For streamers who want software with multi-stream capability and subscription pricing model. Also, a streaming program can record high-quality videos ready to upload to another platform as on-demand content videos.

5. Twitch Studio

  • Best for: Twitch streamers who are just getting started with live broadcasting on the platform.
  • Pricing: Free
  • Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Are you a musician, gamer, or vTuber who wants to stream online on Twitch as your platform? You can’t go wrong with Twitch Studio. This streaming software is Twitch’s proprietary software available for Windows and MacOS that allows new streamers to set up and start broadcasting quickly.

If another live streaming software like OBS Studio scares you with its customization options, then the simplicity of Twitch Studio’s interface and functions will encourage you to get going.

The stream program will automatically detect your camera, streaming microphone, and screen resolution. This will save you time in dealing with standard settings. However, it will still provide many templates and easy-to-use controls for managing your stream’s audio.

Unique Features:

  • Easy Setup. Help you set up your streaming environment in minutes.
  • Built-in Twitch Chat. Allows you to engage with your viewers without needing to have separate monitors.
  • Streamlined Alerts. You’ll get notified of new followers and subscribers.
  • Real-time Tweak. Allows you to tweak your customization even when you’re already live.

This Twitch streaming software is a must-try as it offers a simple setup that offers standard features to stream online exclusively on Twitch. Bear in mind that it may not be suitable for advanced streamers.

6. Lightstream

  • Best for: any streamers or podcasters who want simple web-based streaming software.
  • Pricing: Free Trial 7 Days. USD8 per month for max 720p, USD16 per month for max 1080p (Gamer), USD25 per month for max 720p, USD50 for max 1080p (Creator)
  • Operating System: Web-Based

One of the best live streaming software based on cloud services is Lightstream. This program allows you to start broadcasting yourself online without worrying much about your low-specs setup.

It means you can create professional-looking streams directly from your web browser using the cloud technology from Lightstream, making it perfect for beginners or those who have just started.

Boasting its intuitive browser-based interface, Lightstream is also packed with full of features like the ability to add multiple layers and scenes. On top of that, it provides direct integration with popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Unique Features:

  • Cloud Sync and Storage. Hinder you from the need for building a streaming setup with high-end hardware.
  • Real-Time Editing. You can make adjustments to your stream while engaging with your audience.
  • Guest Invitation. Allows you to invite up to 7 guests to your stream with a simple link.
  • Automated Settings. Optimizes stream settings for your specific internet and hardware.
  • Support Multi Platform. You can stream on any platform that supports RTMP.

A web-based live streaming software for those who want easy-to-use programs and yet offer amazing features without burdening their streaming setup resource. However, it is a bit pricey if you want to enjoy their premium features in Creator’s Plan.

7. Be.Live

  • Best for: influencers, online teachers, and any professional streamer
  • Pricing: Free Trial 14 Days, USD 21.09 per month for 7 streams (Starter)
  • Operating System: Web-Based

Be.Live is another web-based live streaming on our list that is made for professional live streamers.

Unlike Lightstream or Twitch Studio, which are aimed at gamers, this streaming software is for professionals who want to focus more on audience interaction for professional purposes, like promoting products or doing webinars.

As a web-based professional streaming software, Be.Live boasts its ability to stream directly to Facebook and AmazonLive, that can add up to 10 people on screen. You can even have branded logos and overlays and schedule streams to attract more viewers for your marketing campaigns or live courses.

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about your standard streaming setup because you don’t have to install this streaming software on your computer. Everything is accessed online through Be.Live cloud technology.

Unique Features:

  • On-Screen Comments. Show your viewers’ comments during the live stream.
  • Advanced Analytics. You can measure your stream’s performance and engagement easily.
  • Product Showcase. Allows you to import your products from the Amazon app to show to your viewers during a live stream.
  • Dynamic Widgets. Awesome dynamic widgets are available to keep viewers entertained, like highlighting stream commenters with the “Snake” widget.

With no installation required and beginner friendly dashboard, this streaming software is an easy pick for any professional streamer to reach an online audience with amazing live streaming. However, it has limited customization options for specific purposes.

8. vMix

  • Best for: any professional streamers, from live event streamers to sports broadcasters who use Windows
  • Pricing: Free Trial 60 days, USD50 per month (MAX), USD60 one-time purchase (Basic HD)
  • Operating System: Windows, MacOS via Bootcamp

If you’re using Windows, then you can choose vMixas your life streaming software that boasts its robust and versatile functionality. This streaming program is excellent for professional-grade broadcasting on a variety of platforms.

This stream software allows you to mix, switch, record, and live stream in many qualities, from HD and SD to 4K. On top of that, vMix includes multi-camera switching as the main feature and graphic overlays with virtual sets as the unique features to offer.

If you are looking for streaming software that supports NDI (Network Device Interface), vMix is the one. It allows you to transfer video sources over a local network.

Unique Features:

  • Live Recording. A feature that allows you to record in Full HD for further upload needs.
  • Transition Effects. Up to 13 effects to make your live stream more lively
  • Abundant Virtual Sets. Allows you to use the preset virtual backgrounds or our own sets.
  • vMix Call. Let you invite up to 8 guests, which is perfect for a more engaging stream
  • Instant Replay. What most sportscasters needed to broadcast sports events with slow-motion instant replay.
  • vMix Social. Integrate social media feeds directly into the broadcast.

One of the best live streaming software with lots of features, including great social media integration. However, please consider the price, which is steep, and it is only for Windows.

9. StreamYard

  • Best for: any beginners in the streaming world and professionals who want easy-to-use software to engage with their audience.
  • Pricing: Free, USD25 per month (Basic)
  • Operating System: Web-Based

Another broadcasting software option for those who want to use only their browser for live streaming. StreamYard is a cloud-based streaming program that allows you to easily create professional live streams.

Similar to what StreamLabs or Twitch Studio offer, StreamYard’s simplicity, and ease of use is its main feature. But don’t misunderstand, StreamYard is a professional streaming software that has the capability to multi-stream. This way, you can accommodate more audiences who stay tuned using various platforms.

If you need an on-screen comments feature like what Be.Live has to offer, StreamYard can be a great alternative. It helps you pay attention to comments received from any platform to respond to questions and mention viewers to build a more interactive live stream.

Not only that, but this video streaming software also lets you invite guests to your stream and add customizable branding to make the presentation or webinar more professional.

Unique Features:

  • Guests on Screen. Allow you to invite up to 10 guests on display them on screen.
  • Multi Streem. Lets you grab a wider audience from multiple platforms with one live stream
  • Recording for Repurposing. With separate audio and video tracks integrated into your editing tools, post-production for repurposing content will be easier.
  • Giveaway Tool. Allow you to host a live giveaway and select the winner during the livestream.
  • Professional Webinars. Use participants’ emails to invite them to register for your webinars with branded virtual sets.

For professional streamers who need cloud-based live streaming software with abundant features for various needs. Bear in mind that the free version is limited to 20 hours per month.

10. Ecamm Live

  • Best for: Mac users who need professional live streaming software with lots of features
  • Pricing: Free Trials 14 Days, USD20 per month (Standard)
  • Operating System: MacOS

If you are in a macOS environment and want to stream, do a podcast, or give a presentation online as a professional, then Ecamm Live can be your choice. It supports multi-stream on many platforms, including Amazon Live, LinkedIn Live, Twitch, and Facebook.

Known for its ease of use, Ecamm Live features its broad support of many devices, from DSLR cameras, and DeckLink, to NDI sources. In short, this stream software can be your professional suite tool to create high-quality streams (up to 4K) which will captivate the audience.

Do you want to have on-screen comments and reactions? Or do you like to invite guests to your live stream? Ecamm Live will let you do that with ease. You can even enjoy the green screen support features that will make your background replacement perfect.

Unique Features:

  • Social Media Integration. Easily link to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Realtime Monitoring. Make sure your stream runs well by watching it directly using AirPlay Device.
  • Live Sechduling. Allow you to schedule a live stream in advance.
  • Sound Effects. Options to add sound effects to make the stream more engaging.
  • Replay Recording: Allows you to create replays for your stream and offer direct upload to YouTube.

One of the best live streaming software for Mac users that support 4K streaming and multiple inputs and outputs.

11. OneStream: A Comprehensive Review

  • Best for: content creators or educators who want to stream pre-recorded videos
  • Pricing: USD10 per month (Basic), USD 79 (Professional)
  • Operating System: Web-Based

OneStream is a cloud-based live streaming software, meaning you don’t have to install anything on your computer. In short, you can rely on your browser, where the software offers a hassle-free experience.

However, that’s not the only thing that makes this broadcasting software stands out. Its unique approach to allowing you to stream pre-recorded videos is just amazing. You can ensure that your content is polished before reaching out to the audience.

Using only three steps, your content will be live for your audience: select the video file, choose the date and time for the stream, and choose the social media platform as the medium.

While this approach might not suit all streamers who want real engagement with the audience live, this is an excellent alternative for those who want to focus on the content or the information.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t live stream, though. You can even multicast to more than 40 social media platforms, including Facebook Live, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Steam, and TikTok.

Unique Features:

  • Pre-recorded Live Streaming. Allows you to stream using pre-recorded videos using different upload options.
  • Multi Stream. Stream to over 40 platforms all at once.
  • Unifed Chat. Manage your incoming messages and comments from many platforms using only a single screen.
  • Professional Branding. Allows you to use customized logos, overlays, banners, and more.
  • Participants invitations. You can invite up to 10 participants to the stream.

Ideal for those looking for video streaming software that can stream pre-recorded videos on multiple platforms simultaneously. You need to go with the professional plan to have 1080p resolution video quality and not be limited to a 1-hour duration.

12. Restream.io

  • Best for: any streamers who need free streaming software with the multi-stream capability
  • Pricing: Free, USD19 per month (Standard)
  • Operating System: Web-Based

It’s incredible how a web-based streaming software can offer a great live stream experience like Restream.io. This streaming program will handle all the technical aspects in the background. That way, it eliminates the need for complicated stream key configurations.

Restream.io is a great tool to help you broaden your audience reach and engagement without additional strain on your system resources. And guess what, you can use it for free as a service.

This streaming program is known for its multi-streaming capabilities. It means you can live stream to more than 30 different platforms, including Twitch and YouTube, simultaneously.

Not only that, this stream software has a chat function to put messages from all platforms into one place, making it easy for you to highlight certain comments. Also, it has analytics features to track your streaming performance.

Unique Features:

  • Unified Chat. Consolidate chat messages from different platforms into one interface.
  • Stream Scheduling. Schedule pre-recorded videos to stream as live with up to 60 minutes of videos.
  • Multi Streaming. Choose up to 8 platforms out of 30+ channels for multi-stream.
  • Guest Invitation. Add up to 9 guests to your stream with Restream Studio.

One of the recommended live streaming software with freemium pricing models, where you can multi-stream up to two channels at once and upload 15 minutes video without paying a dime.

13. Dacast

  • Best for: any professional streamers who want to live stream with their own brands
  • Pricing: Free Trials 14 Days, US$39 per month billed annually (Starter)
  • Operating System: Web-Based

Dacast is one of the best streaming software that focuses on professional streamers, regardless of their niches. From entertainment and sports live streams to enterprise live events, streamers can rely on this robust platform.

This streaming software offers a white-label service to make your livestream without Dacast branding. This way, it will make your business presentation or product launch event look more professional.

What’s more, packed with awesome features like secure video hosting, Dacast surely stands out from the crowd. You can assign tokenized features to your viewers. That way, if someone tries to access it from an unregistered device, they can’t do that.

Also, you can protect your streaming video content with password protection. It will block people outside of your community from gaining access.

Unique Features:

  • Video Monetization. Provide you with a built-in paywall for subscriptions, pay-per-view, and ads with global currency monetization.
  • White-Label Service. Allow you to customize the video player with your own branding.
  • Live Event Support. If you need help from the technical support during the live stream, you can do that.
  • VOD to Live. Allow you to stream pre-recorded videos live with a live countdown feature.

A robust, professional-grade streaming software that offers amazing security features for professional streamers. No free plans are available, so make sure you take advantage of the 14 days free trial before buying as the price is quite high.

14. Gecata by Movavi 6

  • Best for: any gaming streamers who prefer easy-to-use streaming software
  • Pricing: Free for 10 minutes recording and watermark, USD 35.95 one-time purchase
  • Operating System: Windows

Unlike other streaming programs, Gecata by Movavi 6 is designed mainly for gamers who want to record their gameplay or broadcast it live easily on any platform. There are many games you can live stream with this software, from Apex Legends to Roblox and World of Warcraft.

This streaming software removes all the complexities often associated with extensive streaming software. That way, gamers can focus much more on the gameplay.

Gecata by Movavi 6 is a lightweight game recording software. However, it is packed with essential features that will help you create tutorials or stream your gaming sessions easily. Once downloaded and installed, you can enjoy high-quality screen recording with adjustable frame rates and live streaming capabilities.

Do you want to polish your recording for later upload? Sure, you can do it. The software includes a built-in video editor that allows you to trim, crop, and add effects to your recordings.

Unique Features:

  • Made for Gamers. Tested on a collection of popular games to ensure the recording and live streaming ran smoothly.
  • Game Overlay. Display real-time FPS and system information while recording.
  • Voice Commentary. Allow you to record your voice along with gameplay to make it more immersive.
  • Game Mode: Optimize system performance for smoother gameplay recording.
  • Hardware Acceleration. Allow you to use your graphics card’s hardware acceleration to encode the video four times faster.

This streaming software is recommended for gamers who want to stream their gameplay easily. It has a nice user interface which is perfect for beginners. But it’s only for Windows users.

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  • Best for: any streamers who want to use custom streaming servers
  • Pricing: Free with limited features, USD 34.99 (Essentials)
  • Operating System: Windows

CyberLink Screen Recorder 4 is a feature-rich screen recording and live streaming software developed by CyberLink. It is made for any streamers, from gamers to YouTubers and professionals, using any platform like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

What’s great about this streaming software is you can move the stream to five different platforms all at once. Not only to popular platforms, but you can use custom servers to reach a wider audience around the world.

Unique Features:

  • Custom Server. Allow you to stream using custom streaming servers to reach your viewers.
  • Resource-Efficient. Minimize the use of processing power to hinder any disturbance to the streaming.
  • Overlay Objects. Allow you to put a logo and watermark for branding.
  • Customizable HotKeys. Take full control of your recording faster with assigned keys.

One of the best products from Cyberlink with great features for live streaming. Although it is claimed not to be resource-intensive, you need to manually install it on your computer.

16. LiveReacting

  • Best for: any professional content creators, digital agencies, and social media managers
  • Pricing: Free 3 live streams per month 1-hour max, USD 19.99 (Small)
  • Operating System: Web-Based

One of the best live streaming software made for professionals on our list is LiveReacting.

This software offers a variety of interactive elements to add to your live stream. From polls, quizzes, countdowns, and games, you can have them all. These widgets are easily customized to fit your branding and content style. This will create a unique element for your live streams.

Like any other professional streaming software, LiveReacting lets you multi-stream on multiple platforms, including Twitch and RTMP outputs.

If you want to pre-record your video content before making it live, you can do it. Just prepare your video file, schedule the live stream and choose what platforms you want it to be live.

Unique Features:

  • Interactive Quizzes. Build strong engagement using real-time quizzes and trivia.
  • Polls and Surveys. Make the live stream more interactive by gathering opinions from your viewers.
  • Gamification. Add interactive games to increase audience participation during the live stream.
  • Multiple Scenes Automation. Set up many scenes to display to your live stream, which switches one after another automatically.

An excellent stream software that focuses on interactive widgets to create a more engaging and entertaining stream. However, it is limited to certain niche only.

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Wrap Up on Best Streaming Software

When it comes to live streaming, choosing the right streaming software can be a game-changer. It allows you to have full control over the encoding settings, leading to impressive visuals and excellent audio quality.

Not only that, a great live streaming software will help you to start streaming on a wide range of platforms, like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and more. You can even have multiple streams, which is great for reaching a wider loyal audience with better engagement.

We have presented the best streaming software above, so let’s wrap it up:

  • OBS Studio
  • StreamLabs OBS
  • Wirecast
  • XSplit Broadcaster
  • Twitch Studio
  • Lightstream
  • Be.Live
  • many more

Bear in mind that having the right setup is crucial for stream success. Whether you’re a professional streamer looking to level up your game or a beginner trying to become the next highest paid Twitch streamers, it all starts with choosing the right software for streaming.

That’s all for now. Wishing you the best of luck on your streaming journey!


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