Are you a gamer who wants to share your talents and expertise with the rest of the world? Want to make friends who also love games? You might be thinking, How to Start a Gaming Channel? Starting one can be fun, but it can be hard to know how.

We will lead you through the 15 easy steps of launching a successful gaming channel. We deliberately divide it to 15 micro steps so that you didn’t leave any detail.

The Gaming Channel Ecosystem

To build a successful gaming channel on YouTube in 2023 and beyond, it’s crucial to grasp the gaming channel world and the opportunities for growth and viewership. This understanding helps you pick the best gaming content to concentrate on and create a loyal group of viewers. With regular uploads, commitment, and fresh ideas, you can kickstart and expand your gaming channel successfully.

Types of Gaming Content

There are various types of gaming content you can create. Each type of gaming content offers something unique:

  • Gameplay: It’s like sharing your adventure with others. You play a game, and people watch to see how you navigate through it. It’s like watching your favorite sports team play, but it’s a game on a screen.
  • Tutorials and Guides: These are like cooking recipes. You show others how to play a game, solve puzzles, or become better at it. It’s helpful for those who want to learn and improve.
  • Reviews: Think of this as being a movie critic but for video games. You share your thoughts and opinions about games, helping others decide if a game is worth playing or not.
  • Live Streaming: Imagine this as watching your favorite band perform live. Gamers play a game live, and you can chat with them in real-time. It’s like going to a virtual concert.
  • Challenges and Let’s Plays: These are like fun experiments. You set challenges for yourself in games or simply play games and share your reactions with the audience. It’s all about having a good time and making others laugh.
Challenges and Lets Plays is popular type of gaming content nowday

Now, the exciting part is, you can mix these type or specialize in one. It’s like creating your own ice cream flavor with your favorite ingredients. This variety makes the gaming channel ecosystem rich and diverse.

The Potential for Growth and Viewership

  • How well your gaming channel grows and attracts viewers mostly depends on the game you choose to play. People are more likely to subscribe if your videos are mainly about a game they really like or want to learn about before deciding if they want to play it.
  • The gaming world is huge, and there are many videos uploaded every minute, around 300 hours’ worth! So, it’s important to find a way to be different and show what viewers can learn or enjoy from your channel.

How to Start a Gaming Channel in 15 Easy Steps

Starting a gaming channel on YouTube can be really exciting, but it’s a bit like entering a big gaming tournament – there are lots of players out there.

Here are 15 steps how to start a gaming channel successfully on YouTube in 2023:

1. Focus on Your Target Audience, Not a Particular Game

To identify your target audience, think about the games you enjoy playing most and the type of people who might enjoy watching you play them. Are you into action games, RPGs, or sports simulations? Understand your audience’s preferences, age group, and interests.

It is important to select a game that you enjoy playing and are enthusiastic about, as this will allow you to create high-quality material that resonates with your viewers.

Popularity and Viewer Engagement

After you decide the type of game, you need to know which games is best to stream in each category by apprehend the popularity and viewer engagement. Why? Because you can improve your chances of attracting and keeping viewers.

  • Popularity: Games with a substantial player base often attract larger audiences, providing opportunities for channel growth. However, it’s essential to recognize that popular games also come with increased competition, making it challenging to stand out.
  • Viewer Engagement: Building an engaged viewer base is critical. Research indicates that interactive elements are pivotal in single-player gameplay streams. Chat rooms on gaming platforms facilitate social interactions among regular viewers, moderators, and streamers. These interactions between viewers and streamers are central to fostering viewer engagement.

You don’t need to worry, because we have collected the 20 best games for streaming on YouTube and Twitch. Review our recommendations in the best games to stream article.

2. Get the Right Equipment

Research and invest in equipment suitable for your budget. Look for a good-quality microphone and camera to ensure clear audio and video. Popular choices for beginners include USB microphones and webcams.

To get the right equipment for your game streaming setup, consider the following:

  1. Invest in a Powerful PC:
    • A robust computer is a must for seamless streaming. Seek a system with a speedy processor, ample RAM, and a dedicated graphics card to handle the demands of streaming.
  2. Select Appropriate Audio and Visual Gear:
    • Headset: Most gamers use the microphone in the headphones because it is more comfortable when streaming gamers move their heads. Choose a high-quality headphone for clear, professional audio during your streams. There are also wired and wireless gaming headset to consider. Read the detail in wired vs wireless gaming headset. However, if you prefer to use separate mic, our cheap gaming mic recommendations may be suit you.
    • Camera: Choose a high-quality webcam or camera to capture sharp and clear video, enhancing the visual appeal of your streams. If you have high speed internet and want to invest in camera, you may use 4k streaming camera to pleasure your audience with high quality video.
    • Lighting: Ensure proper lighting to create a professional-looking stream. Consider options like diffused lighting to reduce eye strain during extended streaming sessions.
    • Green Screen: A green screen can add immersion to your streams by allowing you to overlay your gameplay onto various backgrounds.
  3. Utilize an Audio Mixer:
    • An audio mixer is a software that combines and adjusts various audio streams into a single output signal. An audio mixer can help you fine-tune your audio for an improved streaming experience, ensuring balanced sound quality.
  4. Prioritize Comfort:
    • Gaming Chair and Desk: Given the extended hours of streaming, invest in a comfortable gaming chair and ergonomic desk to maintain good posture and reduce fatigue.
    • Mousepad: Consider a quality mousepad for smooth and precise mouse movement during gameplay.
  5. Explore Additional Accessories:
    • Depending on your specific needs, you may want to consider supplementary accessories such as a stream deck for streamlined stream control, a sound mixer for advanced audio management, and other personalized additions. The accessory that is currently trending for game streamers is a mini punching bag, to vent the streamer’s emotions when playing games. This attracts the viewer’s attention because of its cuteness and satisfaction

Remember, you don’t need to start with the most expensive equipment. Begin within your budget and gradually enhance your setup as your channel expands. The key is to deliver a high-quality streaming experience for your viewers, regardless of your starting point.

3. Choose a Catchy Name for Your Channel

Choosing a memorable gaming channel name is crucial for creating your brand identity and attracting viewers. Here are concise tips to help you decide:

  • Brainstorm Creatively: Think of words, phrases, or game-related references for your channel’s name. Use puns, alliteration, or nods to popular games.
  • Prioritize Simplicity: Choose a name that is easy to remember and spell. This makes it easier for viewers to find your channel.
  • Research Competitors: Check other gaming channels on YouTube to understand naming conventions. Learn from their choices.
  • Utilize Online Resources: Tap into tools like Business Name Generator and NameMesh for name suggestions and inspiration.
  • Stay Original: Avoid names resembling others to prevent confusion and potential legal issues. Stand out with a unique identity.

4. Define Your Content Type, Style, and Format

Determine what type of gaming content you’ll create. Will you focus on Let’s Plays, tutorials, reviews, or a mix? Decide on your video style (casual, informative, humorous) and the format (length of videos, series, or one-offs).

  • Content Type: Begin by selecting the type of content you wish to create, whether it’s game walkthroughs, reviews, or live streams. Tailor your choice to your target audience’s interests.
  • Content Style: Define the style in which you’ll present your content. You might opt for a humorous, informative, or serious approach. Ensure that your content style aligns with your personality and brand identity.
  • Content Format: Determine how you’ll deliver your content to your audience. Consider options like live streams, pre-recorded videos, or a blend of both, taking into account your audience’s preferences and your content goals.

5. Research Your Competition

Study other gaming channels, especially those covering similar games or topics. Analyze their content, engagement strategies, and what sets them apart. Take inspiration but aim to offer something unique.

To gain insights into your competition and refine your content strategy, employ these effective tactics:

  • Utilize Online Tools: Tools like TubeBuddy, Social Blade, and VidIQ can help you research your competitors’ video views, engagement rates, and subscription growth. Analyze factors like their video views, engagement rates, and subscriber growth to understand their performance.
  • Study Other Gaming Channels: Examine various gaming channels on YouTube to gain a deeper understanding of their content, style, and format choices. This exploration helps you discern effective and less effective content creation practices.
  • Identify Market Gaps: Seek out opportunities that your competition may be overlooking on YouTube. Identifying these gaps allows you to stand out by creating content that addresses unmet needs within the market.
  • Analyze Their Content: Thoroughly review your competition’s content to determine the games they play, the content they create, and how they engage with their audience. This analysis provides valuable insights into the type of content that resonates with your target audience’s interests.

6. Create a Content Calendar

Plan your video releases in advance. Decide how often you’ll post (e.g., weekly or bi-weekly) and stick to your schedule. Tools like Google Calendar can help you stay organized.

7. Optimize for “Watch Time”

Watch Time is a crucial YouTube metric. Engage viewers from the beginning with captivating content. Maintain their interest throughout the video by providing valuable insights, humor, or exciting gameplay. Encourage likes, comments, and subscribes in the outro.

  • Titles: Craft descriptive and attention-grabbing titles that accurately represent your content. Incorporate relevant keywords for search optimization.
  • Descriptions: Provide additional context in the description box, summarizing the video’s content and including links to related videos or social media.
  • Tags: Use relevant tags to help YouTube’s algorithm understand your video’s content and boost discoverability.

9. Utilize New Features and Trends

Stay informed about YouTube’s new features, such as YouTube Shorts. Use reels app to make your work easier. Experimenting with these can expand your reach. Additionally, keep an eye on gaming trends and new game releases to create timely content.

10. Maintain Video Quality

Ensure good lighting and clean audio with the equipment we explained above. Edit your videos to remove any unnecessary pauses or dull moments. Invest in video editing software or use free options like DaVinci Resolve or Shortcut.

11. Balance Consistency with Innovation

Stick to your content calendar for consistent uploads. However, don’t be afraid to try new things occasionally. Surprise your viewers with unique video ideas, collaborations, or challenges.

12. Collaborate with Other Gamers or Creators

Collaborating with other gaming channels is a fantastic way to expand your audience, introduce diversity to your content, and build meaningful relationships within the gaming community. Whether it’s co-op gameplay, joint live streams, or cross-promotions, game channel collabs can lead to exciting and mutually beneficial content opportunities.

Reach out to fellow gamers or creators whose content aligns with yours. Collaborations can range from multiplayer gameplay sessions to co-hosted videos.

Collaborations introduce your channel to new audiences.

13. Build Industry Connections

Building industry connections for your gaming YouTube channel involves actively engaging with the gaming community and industry professionals. Attend gaming conventions to network, stay updated on trends, and promote your channel.

Join online gaming communities, such as forums and social media groups, to connect with like-minded gamers, share your knowledge, and potentially collaborate with others.

Additionally, networking with fellow creators in the gaming niche can lead to partnerships, learning opportunities, and staying informed about industry news and trends. Building these connections is a valuable strategy for enhancing your channel’s visibility and growth within the gaming community.

14. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a way for you as a creator to make money from your videos on YouTube. When you join the YPP, you can earn money from things like ads, channel memberships, and selling merchandise.

But to be part of the YPP, you need to meet certain requirements, like having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of people watching your videos in the last year. Once you’re in the YPP, you can turn on ads on your videos and start making money from them.

You can also offer channel memberships where viewers pay a monthly fee for special perks. Joining the YPP is a way for you to earn money from your gaming channel on YouTube.

15. Promote Your Channel

Share your videos on social media platforms where gamers hang out, such as Twitter, Reddit, or gaming forums. Engage with your viewers by responding to comments and building a community around your channel.

By following these 15 steps, you can start and grow your gaming channel on YouTube in 2023. Just like in a game, adaptability, consistency, and creativity will help you succeed and keep your viewers entertained and engaged.

Staying Relevant in 2023

Starting a gaming channel on YouTube can be lots of fun, but it’s also tough because there are so many other channels. However, don’t worry! You can still succeed. Here are some tips for 2023 to help you do well and make your gaming channel great:

Keep Up with Changes

  • Keeping up with algorithm updates is critical to ensuring that your material gets noticed by your intended audience.
  • You can also try new things, like YouTube Shorts. It’s a way to make short videos that people can find easily.

Quality is Important

  • Make sure your videos look and sound good. Get good equipment and use good editing software.
  • Try to make your videos interesting so that people want to watch more. You can try new things in your videos to keep them exciting.

Work with Others and Make Friends

  • You can work with other gamers or YouTubers. This can help you get more viewers and learn new things.
  • Also, make friends with people in the gaming world. This way, you’ll know what’s new and exciting in gaming. You can do this by going to gaming events and conferences.


Starting a gaming channel on YouTube can be a thrilling and fulfilling experience if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort to produce excellent content and communicate with your audience. By following these micro stages of how to start a gaming channel, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful gaming channel and engaging with gamers from all around the world.

Remember that consistency, engagement, and a commitment to quality content are the keys to thriving in this exciting field.


Here are the questions many people ask when figuring out how to start a gaming channel:

How often should I upload videos to my gaming channel?

Consistency is crucial; aim for at least one video per week to keep your audience engaged.

What are some effective ways to engage with my gaming audience?

Live streams, responding to comments, and community events are great ways to engage.

What’s the best way to handle negative comments from viewers?

Maintain professionalism and consider moderating comments if necessary. Constructive criticism can be valuable, but ignore trolls and avoid engaging in arguments.

Are there any legal considerations when using copyrighted material in gaming videos?

Yes, using copyrighted material without permission can result in copyright strikes or content removal. Familiarize yourself with copyright laws and use licensed material or fair use principles when applicable.

Can I monetize my gaming channel from day one?

No, you can’t. The easiest and most common way to make money from a gaming channel is by joining the YouTube Partner Program. This program lets you earn money through ads on your videos. But there are some rules to get in – you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of people watching your videos in the past year.

How long does it take to start earning money from a gaming channel?

It varies, but it may take 3 months of consistent content creation to start monetizing.


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