Facebook verification? Checked. TikTok verification? Checked. Now, what about your Instagram? Oops, looks like that’s still on your to-do list. Well, it’s time to get the job done. But how to get verified on Instagram? We’ll learn about it.

Instagram blue checkmark isn’t just a fancy icon. It’s a special badge that shows your followers that you’re the real content creator they like. Now, how do you go from being a regular creator to someone with an Instagram-verified badge?

It’s all about showing that you’re a professional and trusted. That’s why it’s important to do the Instagram verification correctly. Read on to learn how to get your Instagram verified and make your profile stand out from others.

What Does Instagram Verification Mean?

Instagram verification is a way to verify that your Instagram account is real. It means the account represents you as the content creator that people are talking about. And this process of verification not only applies to individuals but also to brands and companies.

When you get verified on Instagram, it means that the platform has confirmed your authenticity. A verified account will then have an Instagram-verified badge with a checkmark next to your username. Also, you’ll see the Instagram blue check marks on your profiles, search results, and comments.

Some people think it’s hard to become verified on Instagram. They believe that only important, well-known accounts can be verified. These accounts are either popular or at risk of being copied.

At some points, that’s true. You can see that verified accounts often belong to famous people, Instagram influencers, well-known brands, news organizations, and sports teams. Instagram doesn’t verify regular accounts or accounts that contain only user-generated content.

But bear in mind that on their official page, Instagram wants to make it clear that verification badges don’t mean they endorse or think someone is really important. It’s just to show that the account is authentic.

So, it is clear that Instagram verification is a challenging process but it doesn’t mean you can’t get verified as a content creator in your niche. The most important thing is you have to do it correctly. That’s why you’re interested in learning how to get verified on Instagram, right?

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Can I Get Verified on Instagram as a Content Creator?

Yes, as a content creator, you can get verified on Instagram if you meet the criteria. We suggest you visit the official Instagram page to know the requirements because they may change over time.

As of now, some of the criteria are:

  • You must follow their Terms of Use
  • You need to have a real account that shows a person, a business, or an organization.
  • Your account should be unique and show the right information about you or your business.
  • If your account is related to notable pets or publications, Instagram might think about it, too.
  • You are only allowed for one verified account.
  • Your account has to be public and have a short description, a profile picture, and at least one post.
  • Your account should be about someone or something that many people know about. And it should be the most-searched figure.

To get verified on Instagram, you must meet those criteria and fill out a form within the app. The verification process may require you to provide documentation to prove your identity. After submitting your request, Instagram will review it and inform you of the outcome.

Yes, the process takes time, but it has many benefits. What are they?

Why Does Getting Verified on Instagram Matter?

Getting verified on Instagram is important because it can help you to:

1. Make You Trusted Right Away

Imagine when you see an Instagram account with a blue check mark. What do you think? You probably think the account is real, right? Well, it’s the same for your account if you have an Instagram-verified badge.

When you have this badge, your audience feels safe knowing they’re talking to the real you, not someone pretending to be you. This trust can make your followers more likely to interact with your account.

2. Make People Have a Good Opinion of You

Not everyone gets verified on Instagram, so it’s a special status. Even if you’re eligible and ask for it, Instagram might not give you the badge.

That said, if you have an Instagram-verified badge, it makes people think better of your brand. It shows that your brand is important. This can change how customers, partners, and influencers see your brand.

3. Get More People to Know About You

People often wonder how to get verified on Instagram because they know it can make their Instagram profile more visible. That’s right. Verified accounts show up more when people search, which helps new users find you easily.

When you get verified on Instagram, more people can see you and recognize your brand. This means you can reach a bigger audience and become well-known in your industry.

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4. Keep Your Brand Identity Safe From Fake Accounts

The numbers show that there are 95 million accounts fake accounts on Instagram. Another study says that 30% of celebrity accounts are fake. That’s why having a verified account is important.

When you get verified, it keeps your brand safe from fake accounts with the blue check mark shown. Some people will keep on trying to pretend to be you. But if you have a verified badge, your real followers will know that your account is yours.

5. Find Chances To Work Together With Other Creators

When you become verified, it assures people that your account is real. So, they don’t hesitate to work together with you. It can be famous influencers or brands. Also, if you’re verified, it shows that you’re respected in your niche. Why? Because only respected people can ask for Instagram verification.

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How to Get Verified on Instagram?

There are two ways to become verified on Instagram: you can either request verification or subscribe to Meta Verified. Here are the details:

1. Request Verification

Many content creators use this way to get verified on Instagram. They like it because it’s free and shows that they meet all the requirements. But there’s no promise that you will also get verified.

To ask for verification, you have to follow these steps:

  • To get started, open up your Instagram app and tap on your profile picture located at the top right corner of your screen.
  • On your profile, tap the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • Go to Settings and Privacy > Account Type and Tools > Request verification
  • On the Apply for Verification Page, fill out the form with your full name, and username to confirm authenticity. Plus, upload the file for your personal document like a government-issued ID
  • You can fill out the form with your category, country, audience, and also known as to confirm notablity.
  • Add links to show that you are in the public interest. Give up to three links.
  • Click Submit when you think all the information is correct.
  • Wait for Instagram to review your request. You will receive a notification in your app if your request is approved or denied.

2. Subscribe to Meta Verified

The new way to get verified on Instagram is through Meta Verified. It is a paid subscription service for eligible profiles. To subscribe to Meta Verified, you need to follow these steps:

  • To get started, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Once logged in, go to your profile and tap on the menu icon located in the top right corner.
  • On the settings page, select Meta Verified.
  • Choose the account you wish to get Meta Verified. You can subscribe to up to two eligible profiles for a discounted price.
  • Set up your payment method for your monthly payment. In the US, the web costs US$11.99, while the app costs US$14.99.
  • Confirm your identity and complete the verification process.
  • Upload your ID and record a selfie video.
  • You’ll receive a notification whether your subscription has been approved or denied.

10 Tips to Get a Blue Check Mark on Instagram

To get a blue checkmark on Instagram, you need to follow some tips that can increase your chances of getting verified:

1. Make Your Instagram Profile Great

Bear in mind that optimizing your Instagram profile is key to a strong online presence and verification. So make sure that you create a profile that clearly shows your brand as a content creator.

You can do that by choosing a username that people can easily recognize. Or, you need to make sure that your username matches your name.

Also, find a good profile picture that reflects who you are. Then, write an Instagram bio that talks about your skills. Ensure your profile is public and accessible to all Instagram users.

2. Create a Consistent Look For Your Brand

You should have a set of visual elements that make your brand as a content creator easy to recognize. These can be things like colors, fonts, pictures, and more. Then, use these elements the same way on all your social media accounts.

Doing all of those things will help you create a strong brand that connects with the people you want to reach. Well, you don’t have to do anything crazy like dyeing your hair or wearing bandages like Ninja, but you get the idea. And remember, being notable is a factor in getting verified on Instagram.

3. Make Awesome Content

Great content creators stand out because they can consistently produce high-quality content that engages their followers. So, if you want to learn how to get verified on Instagram, start by creating awesome content.

Good Instagram posts get people’s attention and make them want to interact. It’s not just about amazing pictures. They have to be memorable. And keep posting regularly at the best times to get people to engage with your posts.

4. Build a Real and Engaged Following

How to get verified on Instagram? Start with building real followers that engage with your posts. It’s important to do this. So you can get verified without anyone thinking you have fake followers to seem popular.

If you want a strong connection with your followers and get more people to join your community, you need to engage with them actively. Respond to their comments quickly and thoughtfully. Encourage conversations where you both share ideas.

5. Apply When Your Name is in the News

To get verified on Instagram, you need to prove that you’re important in the public eye. One way to do this is by getting featured in the media. There is no guarantee, but it can greatly improve your chances of getting verified on Instagram.

You can have a good relationship with journalists, bloggers, and online magazines. And then you can share your story or opinions on trending topics. Also, it’s good to attend events, conferences, and workshops in your niche. This can help you gain recognition and make connections with others.

6. Protect Your Online Reputation

Having a good online reputation is important for content creators, especially if they want to become social influencers. They need to protect their digital presence and make sure they have a positive image on the internet.

This means taking action to prevent negative things from spreading and making sure their online presence matches how they want to be seen. It doesn’t mean pretending to be someone else, but it means focusing on sharing positive things on the internet.

Instagram may verify your account if they see that you are spreading positivity and have the potential to do good on their platform.

7. Request Instagram Verification Properly

To get verified on Instagram, you need to make sure you meet their requirements. This includes being genuine and having a notable presence. You have to go through the process yourself and make sure you provide the correct information and follow the steps.

Even if you don’t get verified the first time, don’t worry. You can try again later. It’s important to start the process right to avoid problems in the future because Instagram is very strict about verification.

8. Collaborate With Influencers And Brands

If you have a blue checkmark on Instagram, you can work with more content creators and influencers. That shows you’re a credible content creator. Interestingly, when you haven’t got the blue badge, but you’ve collaborated with notable content creators, your chance to get verified on Instagram is higher.

So, no matter what your niche is: gaming, cosplaying, or ASMR, don’t be afraid to get a chance to collaborate with others who have similar interests.

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9. Subscribe To Meta Verified

If it’s hard for you to get verified on Instagram using the regular process, you can try subscribing to a Meta Verified. But even if you do that, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be verified. Instagram still has to decide if you’re eligible.

Some people say this way is easier, but remember, you might have to pay every month. If you’re a new content creator, think about if it’s worth the money. And if you do subscribe, remember that if you cancel, you’ll no longer get that Instagram blue checkmark.

10. Maintain Your Verification

Once you get verified on Instagram, it’s important to maintain it for your account. This helps you have long-term success as a content creator on the platform. To do this, you need to keep following Instagram’s rules and guidelines.

And there’s more. You need to stay true to yourself as a creator by making awesome content and keep bringing positivity to the platform. Be aware that if you break Instagram’s rules, they can take away your verification.

Ready to Get Verified on Instagram?

Did you figure out how to get verified on Instagram? Do you know how that little Instagram blue checkmark can make people trust you more on a platform with 2 billion users worldwide? Well, if you do, what’s stopping you?

We’ve already talked about the steps and requirements for applying for Instagram verification. Just make sure you do everything right and don’t worry about being rejected. Believe in yourself and show off your talent as a content creator.

Once you get that verified badge and more followers on Instagram, you’ll get many benefits. You can even make money by working with brands or making sponsored posts. But if you want to make money differently as a content creator, you can try a platform like Gank.

On Gank, you can get donations and money from memberships. You can even sell your own merchandise. And guess what? You can start for free since Gank is a membership platform with a 0% platform fee.

We hope this information helps you, and we’ll catch you in our next article.

FAQs about Getting Verified on Instagram

How many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram?

You can become verified on Instagram even if you don’t have many followers. It all depends on how famous and authentic you are. But, of course, having more followers makes it more likely for your Instagram to get verified.

Yes, this makes sense because when you’re important, more people want to follow you. And it’s best to have around 10,000 followers before trying to get verified. But if your followers are less than that but you’re popular, you can still try to request Instagram verification.

Can I buy Instagram blue tick?

No, you can’t buy an Instagram badge. Instead, you can join something called Meta Verified. But not everyone can join because you have to follow certain rules.

Just make sure your account is real, unique, and active. And if you think you meet the rules and follow Instagram’s guidelines, you can ask to join Meta Verified using the app. But remember, meeting the rules doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepted. Instagram decides who gets verified.

Is it hard to get verified on IG?

Sadly, that’s true. Instagram has some strict rules for verification. They only verify a few accounts because they want to make sure that verified badges are given to real and important accounts.

But don’t worry. If you want to get verified on Instagram, you can try these tips: build a strong and active following, post great content, and be active on the platform. Also, make sure your profile is complete and follow Instagram’s rules.

Do celebrities have to pay for Meta Verified?

No, celebrities do not have to pay for Meta Verified. They can simply request verification for free. And since they are famous and notable, they are likely to get verified.

But, Meta Verified is a paid subscription service that offers benefits such as account protection, account support, and exclusive features. So, if they choose to, celebrities can opt for this subscription service.

Is everyone offered Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is not available to everyone. It’s a service you have to pay for, and only certain profiles can use it on Instagram. And not everyone can get Meta verified. Even if you meet the requirements, Instagram will still decide if they will give you Meta verified or not.

Can I use my nickname for Meta Verified?

Sorry, but you can’t use your nickname for Meta Verified. Meta wants your profile to have your whole name, follow their naming rules, and have a clear picture of your face. So, if you’ve been using a different name or stage name on social media, Meta won’t allow it if you pay to get verified.


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