Content creation is not easy, and that’s why we are here for you. Simply putting out content isn’t enough anymore to maintain your brand as a creator or an influencer. With more creators emerging across different platforms from all over the world, it is now getting more important than ever to build a strong brand for yourself for both identity and authenticity. This is SO-ESSENTIAL to maintain a strong foothold in social media for the long term.

Maintain your brand and credibility with your partnerships
Focus on the core of your audience, and do not jump on every trend you see that works for other content creators. Explore new options and opportunities for you that make sense but also focus on your niche if you have one so you can stand out from other creators.

Tip #1:
Say no to partnerships that may dilute or harm your brand. You don’t have to take on every campaign, even if it pays well. Before taking on a partnership, ask if the product or service makes sense for your audience. If you are a fitness guru, should your audience be encouraged to try slimming products? Give it time to try the product or service yourself, especially if the brand is rather new and unheard of so that you can maintain credibility.

Don’t Be a Perfect Influencer — Be Authentic
Times have changed where people love the image of perfect airbrushed icons they can see on the red carpet or run errands in outfits from the runway. TikTok and BeReal are so popular because the format of the content allows people to be imperfect. Videos do not have to be precisely cut, and the moments you capture don’t have to be staged. Authenticity triumphs now.

Tip #2:
When communicating with your audience, your messaging, whether it’s in a group chat or a private DM, should sound like they are speaking to a friend, not cold and guarded like an idol surrounded by bodyguards or having the message written by a PR agency. Emojis, exclamation marks, slang, or typing how you would speak would help maintain authenticity in your messages.

Tip #3:
Influencers are not superhumans or perfect homo sapiens. Share your vulnerabilities and imperfection for your audience to trust you and relate to you more. Have a bad skin day? Share it on Instastories so people can trust your skincare tips more when you talk about skincare. Failed your driving test? Don’t be ashamed to hide it because half your followers probably went through the same experience, and the common experience creates a stronger connection between you and them.

Tailor your content across different channels
Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, SO-COL, Gank, and other social platforms are good for different content. Your fashion videos on Instagram with high engagement may not trend on TikTok, and vice versa. Understand what works for you across different channels through the analytics provided, especially when the content consumption appetite and demographics vary across the platforms.

Tip #4:
Tailor your content across the platforms Simple ways include using trendy audio specific to each platform for the same video, or shortening your captions on TikTok, or sharing extended videos on YouTube. On SO-COL (much like Gank), what works best is exclusive content never seen before on any other platforms, especially in your premium tiers, as that brings more value to the premium collectibles your followers already own.

This article was originally published on November 23, 2022 on SO-COL is a community management platform that helps creators and brands engage with their audience through gated communities and NFTs. It is a platform for all community leaders, including influencers, musicians, artists, instructors, and interest groups. Learn more about them at:


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