How can you maximize your earnings and monetize your cosplay career?

Cosplay is a hobby that many people enjoy, but not everyone can afford to go to conventions and events. Fortunately for those who are passionate about their costumes, there are plenty of ways for cosplayers to make money on social media. In this article we will discuss some of the best ways professional cosplayers can monetize their work online and how you can do the same!

Charge For Content On Gank

These are platforms that allow fans to support their favorite creators. It’s similar to Kickstarter, except it allows you to set up a page and charge for access to your content. You can offer rewards for different levels of donations and set up a tier system so people know what they’re getting in return for their money.

These types of platforms are really starting to become popular within the cosplay community recently. That’s because there are lots of benefits associated with using this platform!

For example:

  • It gives you direct access with fans who want something from you (like tickets) or just want some insight into how it’s made/where ideas come from etc.
  • It helps build community around projects like yours as well as provide motivation when things get rough.

Sell Ad Spots On Your Website

If you’re looking to make money on social media, selling ad space on your website is a good option.

The first step is ensuring that you have a good website. You can charge for ads on your site and if you have a lot of traffic, it may be worth it. If not, there are other ways to monetize your site.

Once you have created an online presence for yourself and built up some credibility with fans across various platforms like Instagram or Facebook Ads Manager/AdWords etc., it’s time to start selling those ads!

Become A Brand Ambassador Or Influencer.

Brand ambassadors and influencers are people who promote a brand through social media, blogs and other online platforms. They can often be paid to promote products in exchange for free samples or access to events.

Be passionate about the product/service.

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador or influencer, there are some things you should keep in mind: If you don’t love what you’re promoting then no one else will either! The best way to get started is by researching companies that fit your interests and following them on Instagram so when they post new content related to their products/services – check it out!

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Be consistent.

Always remain consistency with posting content about these products/services (posting less than once every two weeks is good). This helps build trust between yourself and potential clients who may be looking for someone like yourself who’s passionate about making money from this industry too!

Sell Prints Of Your Cosplay

If you have a costume that’s one of a kind, it might be worthwhile to consider selling prints of it. Some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for custom-made cosplay costumes and accessories.

You can also find many other ways to make money on social media by promoting your art or designs through various channels like Etsy and Pinterest!

Offer Online Classes Or Tutorials.

Offer online classes or tutorials. If you’re a professional cosplayer with a large following, consider offering online classes or tutorials on your website (or even YouTube).

You can charge for these courses, but you could also offer them for free and just try to get some exposure by promoting them in social media. You could also sell your own patterns and tutorials as an alternative way of making money from this platform.

One great thing about selling patterns is that they don’t require any artistic talent—they’re just printed pieces of paper! Selling props requires more artistic skills than designing patterns does.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if the prop is already designed by someone else but needs some minor alterations before being sold online.

Additionally, there are sites like Etsy where people who love collecting costumes can purchase vintage outfits made by other people who love making costumes too!

Attending Conventions

Conventions are an excellent way to make money on social media.

You can charge for your work, or get paid in cash! Look into the different types of events you’re interested in. If it’s a convention with vendors and panels, look into getting on a panelist list. That will let you tell people about yourself and help them learn more about your craft.

Ask around as well. See if anyone knows any artists who have had good experiences at conventions lately, then reach out!


Sponsorships are a great way to make money from cosplay. They can come from companies, or other cosplayers.

Sponsorships can be local or international, depending on what you’re looking for and how open it is to the public.

The new wave of cosplay influencers

Cosplay is a huge part of social media, and the new wave of cosplayers are becoming more popular than ever. They’re also starting to make a living from their craft.

If you’re in cosplay, you know how much work it can be: building costumes, attending conventions (and spending money on travel), interacting with fans through social media. But if you’ve got the right skillset and can market yourself effectively online—and if your hobby doesn’t get too mainstream—you may find that making money from your hobby isn’t too far off!

Social media is just one way cosplayers can make money.

Cosplayers have been using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share their costumes with the world. These platforms have helped cosplayers connect with other cosplayers and gain a following.

The use of social media has also helped some of these cosplayers make money from their hobby. Some of them have been able to turn their passion into a full-time job by making costumes for others or selling merchandise on sites like Etsy, Gank and many more!

FAQ: Can Anyone Make Cosplay As Their Career?

You will have to be consistent with your content, creative and unique. If you want to make money from social media, you need to be active on social media. This means that every day of the week (or at least every other day) you are posting something new on your page or account.

Another way that cosplayers make money is by selling memorabilia. This can mean anything from t-shirts, hats and hoodies, posters etc., all of which they sell directly through their own websites or via eBay or Etsy shops.

There are lots of ways to make money from your cosplay on social media, but it takes hard work and dedication.

TAKEAWAY: Monetize Your Cosplay Career

There’s no one right way to make money as a cosplayer, but we hope that this article has provided some insights into how others are making their living in the world of online media.

You don’t need to quit your day job or move out of your parents’ house just yet! We know it can be overwhelming when you first start thinking about building an income stream from cosplay, so remember that there are many ways to do so besides just charging for content on Patreon or selling ad spots on your website. The best thing you can do is keep exploring different options and try out new things until something clicks with them (or not).


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