Meet ReoBenjamin, ASMR Voice Artist 🎙

Tell us about your journey and how it started?

It started in 2019, I created TikTok videos to kill some time. Surprisingly I gained the public’s attention, saying that my voice sound good and even requested me to create create an ASMR.

Hence I made it and here I am, a featured content creator on Gank.

What is a typical day like for you?

As I am still a college student, I spent most of my time doing assignments.

My content and live streams are usually done at night after I’m done with my dinner and assignments.

Biggest challenge and achievement on Gank

Gank helped me reach out to a larger audience out of my main platform on Tiktok. It’s a great place for me to earn more from my content through the Gank shop on my profile. My content normally comes in the form of a sound file, and now my supporters can download their purchases directly to their devices from Gank.

My greatest challenge was the period of time when I wanted to create an exclusive ASMR for my debut on Gank in a short period. As it was for my giveaway event that was in collaboration with Gank, it wouldn’t have gone well unless I did my part as the ASMR artist seriously.

I was very thankful that it turned out pretty well, with about 20 sales within a day! The Gank team was mentioning that it was one of the best sales records so far on the platform!

What rewards do you offer to your members/subs?

I do not have a membership or subscription plan for my fans yet. What I do have are many customized ASMR voice services for sale. I really wanted to just concentrate on making more content for my supporters before anything else, as they greatly supported me when I first started on this content creator’s journey.

That is the least I can do. I also want to start spending more time with my fans, and reward their loyalty through discounts and giveaways in collaboration with the Gank team.

How would you use your donations?

I would use all of the donations from my supporters to upgrade my equipment, such as getting a professional microphone for my ASMR content.

I have also wanted to be recognized as a streamer for the longest time. An upgrade would also mean I will be able to produce higher-quality streaming content for my supporters!

Where can people find your work?

Just head over to my Gank account at!


Seemingly all over the place, but will do it all over again.

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