Playing online games is always more fun with friends. The funniest and spiciest moments in a gaming session always depend on your group dynamic, and even if your group is a bunch of misfits, the fireworks that are produced will still be spectacular.

These five types of personalities are some of the best kinds of people to have in your group for non-stop laughs, memorable moments, and unforgettable games. Read on and try to see which category you and each of your friends falls into!

The Shotcaller

The Shotcaller is the friend who’s really good at bringing the entire team together. They’re the one who assembles the crew for a gaming session and is excellent at leading the team, no matter the game. They are naturally friendly people and will turn your rag-tag group into into a well-oiled, efficient team.

When on voice comms, everyone listens in when The Shotcaller’s voice pipes up, quelling arguments and keeping the peace (parent mode activated). Being a Shotcaller is no easy task, but leading a team comes naturally to them and you can always count on them to lead the charge, whether into glorious victory or a well-fought last stand.

The Genius

Nobody knows more about the game than the Genius. They might be quiet, but you can rely on them to answer any question you have about the game. They know the optimal builds, weapons, abilities, and the ins and outs of every character your group is playing.

The Genius is a veteran of the game, and the person the group looks up to when it comes to analysing situations and determining the best way to win. Truly, the sharpest digital tool in your team’s shed.

The Hotshot

If there’s anyone who wants to go in guns blazing, it’s the Hotshot. No matter the game, no matter the circumstance, the Hotshot is ready to risk life and limb to try to make the flashiest plays. “YOLO”’s the word for The Hotshot.

Confidence is a trademark of the Hotshot, and it shows in their gameplay and the way they communicate. It can be a bit hard to control them, but their antics make for some of the most intense, hype and fun gaming moments you’ll always remember.

The Joker

No, not the clown in the purple suit. The Joker is always ready with a humorous quip or witty remark to make everyone laugh even in the tensest situation. This type of gamers can make fun of anything with their legendary sense of humour that keeps the group laughing throughout the game session.

Fun, not effective – they are always looking for the jankiest strategy and/or roles to play. This probably means they might lose a couple of games, but hey, the entire group will have a laugh doing it. With The Joker on your squad, you’ll always have a smile on your face.

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The Moral Support

When you’re not sure if you can keep going, the Moral Support swoops in and picks you back up. This person is just a ball of wholesome energy, and keeps the morale of the group up with encouraging remarks and a can-do attitude. 

“Winnable” is the most used word in the Moral Support’s arsenal, and they will do everything in their power to carry the team’s spirits to the end. It’s important to them that everyone’s having a good time, and they keep the good times rolling with their perky attitude and bubbly personality.

What makes online gaming truly great are the friends we have along for the ride. Whether you’re playing Among Us, League of Legends, Valorant, or Jackbox, having a combination of personalities in your group will give you some of the best gaming experiences you’ll never forget. 


Seemingly all over the place, but will do it all over again.

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