It always sucks when you encounter a toxic player when playing your favorite online games. And with the games readily available for anyone to play, you are bound to run into at least a few toxic players during your gaming sessions.

So how to deal with toxic gamers?

We can all agree that it can be a huge mood killer when you have to interact with a toxic gamer, which is why you should know these a few healthy tips on how to deal with toxic gamers.

How To Respond To Toxic Gamers?

Games for most people are a way for them to let loose and unwind after a tiring day of school or work. And if you are having a bad day, then you may hop onto a game to try and have a fun time.

When you queue for a ranked match, there is a chance that you will be matched with teammates who are going to become more toxic later in the game. Some may even be toxic in the beginning. There is no point in listening to or communicating with a toxic gamer who is just going to ruin your mood even further.

There may be a tryhard player shouting at you for not playing well. And similarly, there may be someone who isn’t playing well himself and blaming you for his mistakes. Anyhow, as soon as you hear or see any toxicity in gaming, mute it.

You might be thinking, “But I want to say something”.

Muting the toxic player will allow you to focus on your own game and enjoy your time peacefully without someone screaming into your ears.

There Is No Point In Trying To Talk Sense Into A Troll

If you are stuck in a ranked game with someone who is being toxic or throwing, then the first thing you will likely do is try and talk some sense into him and convince him to play properly. And although this may sometimes work, more often than not, all your efforts will be in vain, and you will gain no benefit from trying to talk sense into a troll.

Talk With Other Gamers

If there is someone on your team who is trolling and being toxic, then you should try and avoid interactions with them. In this case, you can instead talk to the other players on your team and see if they are any different.

When playing a game of Valorant, for example, there are going to be four other people on your team. Suppose if one of them is being toxic, you can always try and see how the other three are doing. There is a good chance that not all the players will be as toxic as the first one, and you may also find good and communicative teammates if you try and talk to them.

Be Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem

Dealing with someone who is toxic does not mean that you are allowed to be toxic yourself! Toxic people and toxic online gamers radiate negative energy that can spread to anyone that they interact with. And there is a high chance that while dealing with these gamers, you may also start to become toxic yourself.

Using VALORANT as an example again, suppose you are trying your best but are not on your best performance today (it happens to everyone, and you don’t need to feel guilty about it). There may be a tryhard Jett on your team who may start shouting at you for your low kills. And since these people mostly don’t have any manners, he might also say a few bad words.

Now, if you reciprocate his bad choice of words with offensive slang of your own, then instead of solving the issue, the matter will only get worse. So whenever this happens, it is just better to mute them and try to focus on improving your own game.

Recognize When You Need To Take A Break From Gaming

If you are a regular gamer who spends a lot of your time playing games, but you notice that you aren’t able to perform as well as you normally do, then it may be because you have been playing for way too long.

Everyone needs a break at some point, and if you are seeing that gaming is no longer fun for you, then you may also be in need of a break. Taking a break from a game will allow you to have a breath of fresh air, and it may even help you improve your performance in the game when you return!

Why do gamers get toxic?

The less pleasant aspects of the gaming industry also surface as the industry expands and gains popularity. In most online games, there is a set of gamers that have engaged in instances where they have caused trouble toward other players. In reality, the players taking part in this are frequently well-known characters in the videogame industry.

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You Don’t Need To Deal With Toxic Gamers On Your Own

In conclusion, the main and most important point is that you don’t need to deal with toxic gamers on your own. If you see online toxicity, just mute it and get on with your life. Giving your attention to someone who is just trying to ruin your day will not help you in any way and muting it all is most of the time the best way to deal with toxicity.

We hope you have fun and safe gaming sessions when you follow these practices!


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