With the industry booming, there is just so much space for growth as a content creator. We are barely scratching the surface of the possibilities that can open up to us and our content. That being said, the number of content creators is also steadily growing at a tremendous pace. Content creators now have to come up with more creative ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. At Gank, we want to help you unlock your potential as a content creator and maximize your content. So that’s why we’ve decided to offer the Boost+ plan for our most discerning creators.

But how exactly can Boost+ take my content to the next level? Well, that’s precisely the question we’d like to answer for you today. Continue reading to find out if Boost+ is precisely what you need to break through that glass ceiling and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Maximize the Flexibility of your Content

Flexibility is king when it comes to a sustainable career in content creation. The more flexible you are with your content delivery, the easier it is for your followers to support you. This is increasingly becoming more important as more creators enter the fold. By providing more options, you empower your supporters to choose the right plans and services for them.

Multiple Membership Tiers

Our Boost subscriptions allow you to create different levels of membership. Maximize the flexibility of your content by offering up to 10 membership tiers with a Boost+ subscription. This will enable you to cater to various supporters from different backgrounds and situations.

Furthermore, it allows your supporters to switch through different tiers when times get a bit tough or when they’ve become more economically stable. This flexibility should improve membership retention across the board.

Bigger Online Store

Moreover, subscribing to Boost+ allows you unlimited listings on your Gank Page. That means you can have as many listings as you need without cycling items out of your store. This allows you to better establish your brand through the digital goods, services, and merchandise you offer on Gank. By creating and selling digital or physical merchandise, you diversify your income sources outside of actual content creation.

We want you to be able to showcase your entire range of services, digital goods, and custom merch on your Gank page so you can figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t. With Boost+, you no longer have to let go of your favorite active listings to make way for new ones.

Maximize your Quality of Life as a Content Creator

Here at Gank, we address the pain points a content creator might experience throughout their career. That is why we’re continuously offering quality-of-life improvements on our platform for Boost Subscribers. As content creators, we know our community’s struggles and frustrations. We believe that through our Boost plans, we can make your life as a content creator easier and more fruitful than ever before.

Verified Status

When it comes to dealing with our supporters, trust is the most basic currency that we have. Every interaction forms a social construct between the creator and the fan. That is why verification is essential; it assures your supporters that they are dealing with an actual person. Every Boost+ subscriber will undergo our meticulous verification process to earn that coveted red tick. This increases your credibility as a content creator and the likelihood that fans will interact with you. Furthermore, our verified creators will always appear on top of search queries and suggested accounts.

Faster Withdrawals

Of course, once you’re already earning money from your content, you’d want to be able to access that money faster. Subscribing to Boost+ significantly reduces the wait time before your funds are available for withdrawal. We’re even working on making it instantaneous for some countries at this very moment. We believe that you deserve all the credit for your hard work; that’s why we’ve opted to have ZERO platform fees. With a Boost Subscription, you can enjoy the benefits you’ve earned from your content sooner and with all the protections our platform provides.

Gank Concierge

The benefits don’t stop there! When you subscribe to our Boost+ plan, you will gain access to the Gank Concierge, where a Dedicated Concierge Manager will assist you in all matters related to Gank. Our concierge service is designed to build meaningful relationships with you by taking care of all your needs as a Gank content creator. You stand to receive privileged information and access to creator networks through the many Gank-associated activities that will help you maximize your content.

Content Collaborations

Gank has been prolific in being a part of multiple content creator events all over South East Asia. As a Boost+ Subscriber, you will receive invitations to our promotional campaigns for these events. This will open up new opportunities for you to market your brand and get the word out about your content. You will even receive discounted booth spaces when you decide to participate as a vendor at any Gank-associated event. How cool is that?

Gank Creator Fund

Of course, when it comes to new opportunities, the crowning glory of the Boost+ plan is the Gank Creator Fund. Available to annual subscribers, Gank may help you create your dream content through an investment of up to 500 USD. This should allow you to break through your current barriers and take your content to the next level. At Gank, we put our money where our mouth is when we say we’re here to support your content creator dreams.

Maximize the quality of your content

Last but not least, we want to be able to help you produce and deliver higher-quality content. We want you to be able to deliver your content to your supporters in the best possible way. Your vision and creativity deserve the best. Likewise, we aim to deliver the best as well. As technology adapts, so do we, and through our Boost+ Subscription, you’d have access to features that will allow you to maximize the quality of your content.

Better Quality Uploads, Bigger Storage Size

Don’t let the quality of your work suffer because of storage and upload limits. Your photos and videos deserve to be viewed in the highest possible resolution, and high-res files often mean gigantic file sizes. This issue should be a thing of the past when you subscribe to a Boost+ plan. Enjoy up to 50 GB of storage space and a 750 MB file size limit for your digital uploads. You and your fans deserve only the best; it’s time to stop worrying about storage space and instead focus on the things that actually matter: your content.

Quarterly Feature Packs

Our commitment to helping you improve the quality of your content is a long-standing one. As a matter of fact, this commitment is embodied by the quarterly feature packs that we release for the platform. These feature packs are specifically designed to help you keep up with the fast-paced world of content creation. Here is the list of features currently available for our Boost subscribers:

  1. The Visual Sharing Pack with Video Call + Screenshare
  2. The HD Visual Sharing Pack with High-quality Video Call + Screenshare
  3. The Vanity Pack with Customizable Usernames and Donation Alerts
  4. The Embed Pack with Vimeo and Youtube video embedding in posts
  5. The Breakthrough Pack, with our latest developed feature, that is focused on increase your earnings

Our platform team is constantly developing new features to help our fellow content creators stay on top of their game. Subscribing to Boost+ assures you that you’ll get access to all these features at the earliest possible time.

Maximize your content with Boost+ today

If you’re already on Gank, the best way to maximize the mileage of your content is really through our Boost subscriptions, with Boost+ being the best. As shown above, it will holistically improve your content creation experience. From offering you the flexibility in managing your content creation journey to addressing pain points and improving quality of life to allowing you to enhance the quality of the content you create, Boost+ is your best bet at taking your content to another level.

If you’re not yet on Gank, we’d love for you to give it a try so we can show you just how good content creation partners we can be. Whatever the case, we’re sure that you’ll find your place on the platform. Keep on creating, and see you on Gank!


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