Are you a content creator looking to sell merchandise? Or a content expert who wants to provide valuable knowledge to your community? Gank makes it easier for you!

You can start selling digital products like wallpapers, photos, artwork, novels, music, coaching, tutorials and many more in just a few seconds!

DID YOU KNOW? Gank charges 0% platform fees that allow creators to maximize their profit!

Manic Pixie Dani discussed how you can earn extra income with Gank!

What can I sell on Gank?

Here are some digital products/services you can offer in the platform:

  • Merch (digital stickers, photos, artwork, wallpapers, photoshoots)
  • Services (play, coach, hang out)
  • Podcasts & Webinars (tutorials, behind the scenes, WIP, exclusives, early access)
  • Software (plugins, extensions, brushes)
  • Events (contest, giveaways)

Gank is a platform with an extensive array of features that allow you to create and manage your product and services for all kinds of custom products! Not only that, you can also create posts for updates and add links to your other platforms!

Inspirations for your profile!

Here are some Gank listings you can take inspiration from!

Amaratv sells gaming services like coaching & play together.

Cresar provides custom sfx, music and post production audio services.

Hippochii sells photobooks and prints of her cosplay.

How To Setup Your Gank Shop

1. Go to your Gank’s Shop Listings

2. Click Add New Listing

3. Put a Listing title (e.g. Genshin Stickers, Emote Commissions, Valorant Coaching Session)

4. Make sure to add a description in order for the clients to know the details of your listing.

For example, if you’re selling emote commissions, you can write something like this.

I can create your custom emotes on for Twitch/Youtube/Discord 

I offer a variety of emotes and will create a unique design that fits your personality.

When you order, make sure to fill out instructions clearly, or chat me, if you are not too sure about your twitch emotes

For text emotes, write the word you want to make and the color you want

clearer instructions would be much better

I will draw cute chibi/anime style emote based one:






What you will get?

EMOTES 1000px (source), 112px,56px, 28px, or others

If you have any questions or would like to see more samples, feel free to message me here or email me at

5. Make sure to add thumbnails/samples of your work!

Check these listing samples from Haliya, AhTinaRocksYou, and elisewongcreations.

6. You can add a Youtube Video to provide more information like your process, samples etc!

7. Pick a category for your listing.

8. Your listing is published! Now you can share your shop with one link!

Now you’re ready to sell on Gank!

What are Gank’s payment methods?

Gank has a currency called Gold and you can easily top up through Paypal and Gcash. Note that 10GG is approximately $1 USD.

Are there platform fees?

Gank offers 0% platform fees for everyone!

However, do note that there will be charges by PayPal and Gcash for using their transaction services.

Key Takeaway – Sell On Gank Now

Now that you have a better idea about how to use Gank, you can publish your own listing! And if you still don’t know what might work best for you, why hold back any longer? It’s time to start exploring more of Gank features and find out what works!


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