A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services to multiple clients without being tied down to a specific company. Their work is based on contracts with certain companies, fulfilling their requests without any form of formal permanent employment. This allows them to manage their time and handle multiple assignments given to them to make a living. They exist in every industry, even in gaming.

Freelance Gaming?

It might sound weird to some. How does a gamer do freelance work in the gaming industry? In fact, there is a long list of jobs that such freelancers can take. From coaching to beta testing, content creation to reviews, there are many ways for a freelance gamer to earn a living. GANK provides a platform for such freelance gamers to earn some money by providing services such as being the ‘carry’ or ‘gamepal’ for whoever hires them. You can try it out for yourself!

A freelance gamer can differ greatly in terms of popularity and subsequently, income. You are considered a freelancer if you create content for your YouTube or Twitch channel, even if it’s not earning much. On the other hand, notable figures like PewDiePie and Shroud are freelance gamers too. Sure, they have signed multiple contracts but they are all not tied down to one company permanently. Some may look like they are working for a certain company, but that’s because they signed a long-term contract.

Such freelancers still have freedom over what content they want to post, with the consideration of what their respective contracts require. It could be a shoutout, product placement, or just an advertisement. More often than not, such big-name YouTubers receive the company’s product as compensation for their work. Or it could be a simple sponsorship where the content creator is required to display the product in their video and/or stream.

One popular area where freelance gamers excel is smurfing gaming. Smurfing involves creating a new account to play against lower-ranked opponents, and it can be a controversial practice within the gaming community. However, for a freelance gamer, smurfing provides an opportunity to showcase their abilities, take on new challenges, and offer coaching services to new players.

As a freelancer, they have the flexibility to choose their own projects and can explore different gaming communities. Smurfing gaming allows them to test their skills against a wider range of opponents, stay competitive in the gaming industry, and even develop new strategies that they can use to excel in their profession. For those who love gaming and are looking for a unique way to turn their passion into a career, becoming a freelance gamer specializing in smurfing gaming may be the perfect fit.

What it takes to be a Freelance Gamer

It takes someone who is decent at gaming and socializing to thrive as a freelance gamer. When you are experienced, skilled, and can present your worth to the companies out there, your opinion will be respected. The public will also recognize your worth as a gaming figure and from there, you would be able to be more influential in the gaming realm.

Of course, it takes a great amount of commitment, motivation, and discipline to succeed as a freelance gamer. You will also need to be able to handle yourself in social situations such as discussing a contract and showing yourself to the world on live streams and videos. Consistency is key in this field as you would be producing regular content for your viewers, so you have to make sure that you cater to their consumption. They did choose to follow you after all.

If you think you’re able to become a successful freelance gamer, why not try and see how well you’d do on the Gank app? Here, we have many avenues to help you earn money, such as being a coach or being a gamepal. Try it and see if you are capable of being a good freelance gamer today!


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