Meet MWF – Manila Wrestling Federation

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) is the Philippines’ prime, flag-bearing Pinoy Wrestling promotion. They have their own weekly sports entertainment program called MWF AKSYONOVELA TV, and have over 20000 followers on their socials. They are also one of the pioneer content organizations that joined Gank!

Here’s a really cool video from their Youtube:

MWF’s advice to upcoming creators/communities

Keep making content, and learn to segregate your content: low-effort (but still maintaining the entertainment value) and high-effort (where you pour your energies into creating one great product at a time).

Tell us about your journey and how it started

MWF started around 2015, but really got the ball rolling by 2017. Since we’re focusing on live events, the pandemic halted our growth- but thanks to Gank, we’re able to continue creating content and have a platform to show our hard work.

Biggest Achievement on Gank

Getting multiple subscribers and achieving half of our yearly target in a span of a few months!

What rewards do you offer to your members/subs?

We offer access to our main line content, special shows, free entry to our live tapings, and so much more! 

How do you use your donations?

We use the donations to fund our live events so we can continue creating great wrestling and content!

Where can people find your content?

You can find more of our content on Gank!


Seemingly all over the place, but will do it all over again.

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