Buying a gaming service online can be a daunting experience for some. We understand that trust is of the highest importance to our users when it comes to transacting online. Gank provides you protection for your purchase, if the service you bought was not satisfactory or could not be completed, it will be completely refunded back to you! Here’s a quick guide for our users with regards to buying a gaming service on Gank.

How do I buy on Gank?

To buy a gaming service, simply select the listing you’re interested in, followed by the ‘Chat’ button. In your chat conversation with sellers, you can now start asking them more questions about the service, request more verifications, and more details of how the deal will proceed!

Users are free to decide on the kind of arrangements that they prefer or suit them best. Once details of the deal have been confirmed and agreed upon by both users, press ‘Hire’ and wait for both parties to start the session.

How do I make payment to the seller?

Gank is primarily a platform to allow buyers and sellers to connect through buying and selling. Prices are determined by sellers and buyers are to come to an agreement on when and how the service will be executed. 

The method of payment will be made through a currency called Gank Gold (GG). You will be prompted to top up your in-app wallet before proceeding with payment if you have insufficient GG on you.

GG paid by the buyer will be held by Gank before disbursement to the sellers, just in case of any disputes between buyers and sellers.

Buying safely

Your safety on our platform is our utmost priority. Here are some guidelines and advice we would like you to have before adventuring further into hiring services to enhance your gaming experience. 

  • Do your due diligence – Do your research and homework, read the service’s description, ask questions, and check with the seller that the service you are getting is as you have expected.
  • Read user reviews Read through detailed reviews that a seller received by going to their profile. This is where other community members, including buyers like yourself, share their experiences dealing with the user.
  • Use the review system – Leaving reviews for a seller is one of the best ways we can help each other. Give praise to sellers who have been beneficial to your gameplays. This would help us know our community members better and make Gank a better place for gamers everywhere.
  • Chat more before going for your session – Do not hesitate to ask more questions to check and ensure that the service will be as you have expected, such as timing and method of delivery, before paying the seller.
  • Deal only on Gank – Don’t take your chances with any payment arrangements out of the Gank platform. At Gank, we are committed to ensuring that our users transact with the assurance that services are rendered by sellers as agreed upon with the buyers. Any disputes that may arise from dealings out of the GANK platform will not be entertained. 
  • For Gamers – Do not engage in power leveling and boosting services that use account piloting or bots – When purchasing a Carry or Gamepal service, refrain from engaging any services that advertise account piloting and the use of bots. These are against the terms of service of many online games. At Gank, we encourage in-person assistance to be rendered by the sellers. Gank will not be responsible for any account bans or penalties users will encounter due to the use of illegal boosting services. 
  • Report an issue – If you have encountered an issue with a purchase of a service, contact our team immediately at our Discord channel or send us feedback on our website so that we can help you out.
  • Obscene or Offensive Content – If you come across any inappropriate services which you think should not be listed on Gank, do not hesitate to report them to us so that they can be reviewed and removed if needed.
  • Harassment – If you encounter any forms of harassment from buyers, do not hesitate to report it to us so that the incident can be reviewed and have the undesired user account banned if needed. It would help us even more if you could send us a screenshot of the incident in order to strengthen your case.

We are committed to protecting your payments/deposits until the engagement is delivered to both the seller and buyer’s satisfaction. If there is a problem with a transaction, we’ll put the funds on hold until the issue is resolved. We will investigate and stay involved every step of the way. 

In conclusion

There are many types of services you can get for your in-game needs on Gank. Be sure to chat up with the seller before making a hire. In case you still have any questions about buying on Gank, feel free to approach any of our staff on our Discord channel.

Well, there you have it. Before leaving you to discover our app further, remember these three words. Chat, Hire, and Review.

Now go, top-up that wallet of yours, and start playing better together with Gank today! 


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