GTA V RP is everything that the online gaming community has been talking about these days. A large part of its recent bad-boy status is owed to an active RPG community on Twitch, propelling GTA V to overtake Just Chatting as the platform’s most popular category

It’s hard to tell what the exact allure of GTA V RP is, but there’s no doubt that a large part of it is role-driven. As opposed to the base GTA games which give characters fixed development (or the lack of it), GTA V RP is your one chance at building the character of your dreams in the wild world of GTA V.

So what sort of thrilling adventure have you got planned for your character? Or perhaps you’re looking to just bask in the simplicity of an everyday Joe. Consider some of these fun roles to play in GTA V RP!

Everyone wants to be a Burger Flipper in GTA V RP

You’ll be the unsung hero of burgers that fellow players won’t be able to resist sinking their (characters’) teeth into. And ever so often when someone asks, you can tell them that, yes, you did indeed want to spend the rest of your life flipping burgers.

If you’re lucky enough, you might even land your first job at the coveted specialty burger joint in town, Burger Shot. And depending on the type of burger flipper you are, you might indulge someone’s request for the perfect medium-rare patty, or flip them off.

And if you don’t feel like talking to anyone, you get to hide out in the kitchen.

Enforce the ‘law’ realistically as a Police Officer in GTA V RP

Many of us wanted to be cops when we were younger, but it may not have worked out for various reasons, including, well, life. In GTA V RP, you’ll get to come hurtling past corners as you chase down criminals.

In GTA V RP, server rules will mean that your responsibilities will be very close to those of a real cop. And more importantly, you’re going to have to be able to frantically make decisions on your feet, even keeping yourself from dealing too violent a punishment to other players who are criminals.

Dare I say, GTA V RP might be the most realistic cop simulator game we’ll ever get to play.

Respond to urgent calls as a Medic in GTA V RP

Part of every realistic roleplay experience is injury. And when players are injured, it’s you they’re going to call on. Broken necks, car crashes, and gunshot wounds. There’s nothing that you cannot be prepared for.

As a medic, you may or may not have a basic response script based on the server you’re in. And don’t think that you can go become a medic without any knowledge of human anatomy. As a medic, you have to know how to ask players to explain the injuries they’ve sustained, and then figure out how to help or stabilize them.

Be a Car Dealer at Premium Deluxe Motorsport

There’s no doubt that cars are the soul of the GTA series. If you are passionate about cars in real life, why not take up the role of selling these speed machines at Premium Deluxe Motorsport? 

You earn a commission for every sale you make. It all depends on your sales pitch. Remember, you are not the only car salesperson around. Life in the city is a tough hustle. 

Work hard and help fill the roads of Los Santos with fast cars and proud owners! 

Be at the heart of GTA V by roleplaying a Mechanic

Stylish rides and battered trucks are the lovable automobiles that make the beating heart of any GTA game. Why not take your love for slick rides to another level by getting to know them inside out?

As a grease monkey, you’ll need to perform repairs with relevant parts, and give vehicles the maintenance that they require. And besides hanging out in garages, you might also get to answer road calls and get characters fixed up so they can be on their way.

A friendly neighborhood mechanic is always the person you’ll want to keep on speed dial.

Bonus: Sell the most glamorous homes as a Real Estate Agent in GTA V RP

If you’re looking to see stacks of paper in your time as a character, you might want to consider becoming a real estate agent. That is if you’re cut out for it. You’ll also play a very integral role in helping sustain the strong economies of your RP server, and housing fellow players and their families.

You’ll also get to witness market inflation and plummets first-hand, and as a real estate agent, it’s part of your responsibility to ensure that buyers still have a fair experience. If you like spotting trends and have got a knack for numbers, maybe this is a role for you.

Wanna gain access to these roles?

Good news! Gank had recently started hosting its own GTA V RP server as a tribute to the regional streamer community. It is gaining traction in the Southeast Asia scene with many streamers logging in every night, often streaming for more than 8 hours. So be prepared for long queues during peak hours! Join the GTA RP community at Gank Discord to get whitelisted today! 

Lead your dream life in GTA V RP, because real life sucks, most days.


Is GTA RP Free?

Playing on Gank’s GTA RP server is free. You must first have an original copy of GTA V on Steam. Following that, please download the FiveM Client. FiveM is the main software that will allow you to join GTA V RP servers.

Can FiveM get you banned from GTA: Online?

No. You cannot get banned in GTA: Online for playing FiveM. FiveM is essentially a multiplayer mode built on the single-player GTA. Therefore you don’t interact with the Gtaonline files and you shouldn’t get banned.

What can I expect in a GTA RP server?

  1. Real World – The main GTA 5 Roleplay Feature is the Real World Implementation. The RolePlay term actually means to Play with the Real-life Roles, i.e. Police, Public, Criminal, etc.
  2. Complete Jobs – You can complete Jobs that are provided for you to sign up and earn in-game money, which buys you food for sustenance, a roof over your head, and cars for you to drive around in the city.
  3. Make Friends – As this is an Online Gameplay, you will be able to interact with real people and enjoy the gameplay. Just remember to always practice good RP.


Gank GTA V RP server has been decommissioned since October 2021 to allow us to focus our resources to develop Gank with better utilities for all our content creators and users.

We’ve really enjoyed the good old days of building Gank’s version of the GTA V world with our earliest users and gamers from all over the world. We certainly hope that our RP server will have a chance to come back again, someday.

If you are a gaming content creator, whether you are a streamer, a gaming coach, or simply someone who loves gaming with others, do join us by signing up for a free Gank account. The GTA V roleplaying days might be over, but on Gank, gaming never ends.

Till then, farewell and goodbye.

Gank GTA V RP team


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