Instagram offers multiple ways to filter what you see and who can interact with you, including block, restrict, and mute. However, this article will focus on answering the following question: “what happens when you mute someone on Instagram?”

The mute feature basically stops selected accounts’ content from appearing in front of you. That is why muting is beneficial for content creators and casual Instagram users who want control over what they consume on social media.

But there is more to muting someone on Instagram. If you want to learn more about this feature and how to use it, read on!

What Happens when You Mute Someone on Instagram?

Instagram lets you mute posts, stories, messages, and notes separately. As the term suggests, muting any of those content limits their visibility. Nevertheless, there are some differences in what muting each type of content does.

Muting posts and stories simply means you will not see them in your home feed. However, you can still see the posts and stories in their owner’s profile. On top of that, muted stories will not play automatically after another.

What happens when you mute someone on Instagram notes? Unlike muting posts and stories, doing so hides them entirely. This is because you can only access notes at the top of the direct messages list. To see notes from muted accounts, you need to unmute them.

Muting people’s direct messages gives a different result. If you do so, the messages stay visible in your inbox but you will not get notifications when new messages arrive.

When you mute someone, the person will not be notified about it. That is why muting is far more subtle than blocking, which makes it clear that you do not want any interaction.

That is what happens when you mute someone on Instagram. Now let’s look at how you can mute an Instagram user.

How to Mute Someone’s Direct Messages

Muting a user’s direct messages is easy. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Open your direct messages.

2. Tap on the chat you want to mute.

3. Tap the user’s name above the chat thread.

4. Tap Mute. Then, switch the toggle next to Mute messages. Additionally, you can mute calls with the toggle below.

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How to Mute Someone’s Posts, Stories, or Notes

You already know what happens when you mute someone on Instagram and how to mute direct messages. Now let’s learn how to do it on posts, stories, and notes

1. Open the profile of someone you want to mute.

2. Tap the Following button under the user’s bio.

3. Tap Mute.

4. Switch the toggle of the content type you want to mute.

Alternatively, you can mute someone’s posts and stories from your feed:

1. Tap and hold the user’s profile picture on the stories section of your feed.

2. Tap Mute.

3. Choose whether you want to mute stories only or posts as well.

How to Tell If Someone Has Muted You on Instagram

So far you are already aware of what happens when you mute someone on Instagram. But can you tell if anyone does that to you?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether someone muted you. Afterall, that is the point of the mute feature on Instagram.

Nonetheless, there are clues that may signify if a follower has filtered your content from their feed. For instance, if someone who usually interacts with your content goes silent for a long time, check whether they still comment on other people’s posts. If they do, they might have muted you.

Similarly, if someone who normally looks at your stories suddenly disappears from your viewer list, there is a chance they hid your stories.

Now You Know What Happens when You Mute Someone on Instagram

Muting a user on Instagram allows you to hide their posts, stories, and notes separately or altogether. However, you can still check muted users’ posts and stories from their profile.

Muting someone’s direct messages, on the other hand, only stops you from getting notifications. 

Regardless of what you mute, the account owner will not get notified. Therefore, muting is a subtle way to limit people’s presence on your feed.

We hope this article helps you to filter your Instagram feed. If you want more tips like this, be sure to subscribe to our blog.

FAQs about What Happens when You Mute Someone on Instagram

What is the difference between mute and block?

Muting an Instagram user only hides their posts, stories, and message notifications. Blocking, on the other hand, cuts that person’s access to interact with you on the platform.

What is the difference between mute and restrict?

Restricting someone on Instagram limits their ability to interact with you in an inapparent way. Their comments on your posts will be hidden from you and others. Also, their direct messages are moved to the request folder.

Can you tell if someone has muted your content?

No. Similarly, you will not know when someone mutes you.


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