Gank is feeling joyful with Costime IV! Gank is a proud Gold Sponsor and one of the official ticketing platforms for Costime IV!

Lucky draws for gifts worth RM 3,888 sponsored by Sun Cycle. Also, we will be bringing our famous 360 photobooth platform and of course a chance for you to meet and greet your Gank favourite creators – we are going large for Costime IV. Come to us for both days. 

We have FIVE ways to get yourself a Plinko lucky draw chance on our booth. 20 epic prizes worth RM3,888 to be won for two days from this lucky draw sponsored by Sun Cycle! Just get yourself to complete one of the below : 

  1. Share and hashtag #Ganknow & #SunCycle on your 360 videos in social media postings (feed and/or story post).
  2. Share and hashtag #Ganknow & #SunCycle of your photo at Sun Cycle’s PC area (feed and/or story post).
  3. Donate more than RM30 to any maids at Maido Cafe through Gank.
  4. Purchase/Donate more than RM30 to Gank’s Creator through Gank.
  5. Purchase more than RM30 in transaction at Sun Cycle’s Booth.

Once you completed the step above, get yourself to our Gank booth on Costime IV to play our Plinko lucky draw game :

  1. Show your transaction above to one of our staff then approach our Plinko board.
  2. If you score the number ‘28’ on our Plinko board, you get to smash one of ‘Kin No Tamago’ 20 eggs which contain 20 of our epic prizes! 
  3. Do not fret if you score other numbers on the Plinko board! You can still win fun gifts written accordingly on the board. 

Eager to know the 20 epic prizes x Sun Cycle if you get the lucky ‘28’? 

  1. Samsung 27″ Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor x1
  2. Keychron Q1 Hot-Swap RGB Fully Assembled Blue Frame – Gateron Phantom Blue x1
  3. Glorious Model O Wireless – Matte Black x1
  4. Akko 3068S Shine-through Black ASA Fully Assembled Hot-Swap Keyboard – Akko Jelly Pink x1
  5. Tecware Phantom+ 87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Wraith Orange Switch x1
  6. Tecware Q5 Premium 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset x1
  7. Cooler Master MM730 Wired Mouse – Black Matte x1
  8. Fnatic Gear REACT eSports Performance Headset x1
  9. Fnatic Gear DASH L Mousepad x1
  10. Ducky Shield XL Mousepad – 900 x 400mm x1

And from us! 

  1. Gank Gaming Pads – Limited Edition x10

In total, we have 20 eggs for two days – 10 eggs to be smashed per day! 

Many more prizes for yours to grab from our Plinko game such as Gank T-shirts, Gank Tote Bags, Anime A7 Postcards, Gank Stickers, Gank Paddie Keychains and Gank Lanyards.

Everyone’s a winner on Gank x Costime IV x Sun Cycle! Sign up now on Gank to fully utilise our features, create a profile and make sure you activate your donation feature to use our free 360 photo booth on our Gank booth!

Event FB Page : Costime IV

Sun Cycle Pages : Website | IG | FB | TikTok

Event Venue : Paradigm Mall Convention Centre (Johor)

Event Date : 3rd June ‘23 & 4th June ‘23


1) Terms and Conditions only apply during the period of event which is from 3rd June ‘23 & 4th June ‘23.

2) Gank reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify individuals who do not comply with the terms and conditions set, or any individual who Gank reasonably believes is interfering with the fair running of the event.

3) Gank, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, assume no responsibility and are not liable for (i) the accuracy or otherwise of the prize description, (ii) any warranty, condition or guarantee in respect of the prize, and (iii) the loss, late or non-receipt, damage or illegible of a prize notification or other communication sent with regards to this campaign.

4) Apple is not a sponsor and is not involved in any way with this lucky draw or contest. 


By participating in the event means you have read, acknowledged and agreed to the Terms & Conditions set out by Gank. 


Gank reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend the terms and conditions when there is any change in applicable legislation, regulation, or gaming law or our interpretation thereof, or if directed to do so by any competent authority. 

As such, these changes will be made known to all individuals through Gank’s Discord Channel and Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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