One of the fastest-rising games today is Genshin Impact. It is available on mobile, PS4, PS5, and PC. It is an RPG game that also feels as if it were a MOBA game with the numerous different characters you could acquire and level up and skills you can improve. The gameplay is quite comparable to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It utilizes some of its mechanics and builds upon them with a beautiful-looking open world. 

It has only been around for about a year but has been one of the biggest and most talked-about multiplayer games today, along with Mobile Legends, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. With its rising popularity, it’s only natural that it would have such an enormous fanbase. That fanbase is filled with so many different types of players. The pros, the casuals, the memers, the big spenders, and of course, they’re part of almost every gaming sub-community, the cosplayers.

How Big Genshin Impact Cosplayers Are Now

The more Genshin Impact grows, the more popular the Genshin Impact cosplayers become. Genshin Impact is coming to the point where you don’t even have to play the game to know some of the characters. You’d immediately know that the purple-haired, eye patch-wearing dude is named Kaeya. 

The same goes for cosplayers. You’d know which character they’re representing. It’s also because of all the unique designs of the characters. They all have features that are unique to them. Because of this, the character cosplays all look different and special. 

If you look up Genshin Impact cosplayers, you will see hundreds of amazing and detailed cosplays. Almost none of it looks low-cost because of the amount of time the cosplayers dedicated to making their costumes look their absolute best. They’re what help build this game up and attract more gamers to the game.

Why look for them on GANK

Whenever you team up with a cosplayer, there’s a good chance that they’d act like the person or character they’re portraying. They will make you feel like you’re actually beating hilichurls down alongside Diluc or you’re dismantling a Cryo Regisvine with Jean. It will seem surreal because we all know they’re just fictional characters. Sometimes the actors/voice actors who played them may even cosplay as their character or a different character in the game, like when Sasha Zotova, a Russian model who Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3 Remake was modelled after, recently cosplayed as the terrifying but beautiful Lady Dimitrescu from the newest Resident Evil game, Resident Evil VILLAGE. 

Nothing says dedication to a game more than cosplay. If you’ve cosplayed as someone before, it’s because you have a passion for the game the character belongs to. You might have spent hours in the game and have become a total pro in it, or maybe you’re still not good at it, but you love the game so much that it doesn’t matter how many times you die; you still have a good time. Hiring a Genshin Impact cosplayer from Gank will definitely make your playthroughs a bit more interesting and maybe even easier.

If you’re looking to become a cosplayer yourself, you could even hire them to teach you how to begin. It seems like only pros even attempt to cosplay as Genshin Impact characters because of their unique and fantastic designs. Just chat up any sellers who dress up as a Genshin Impact character on Gank. They would surely be happy to share their tips and tricks with you.

The possibilities of combining gaming and cosplay together are endless on Gank. We are starting to see many seller listings featuring their cosplay costumes. What a great way to stand out from the crowd! Tap on the trend and grab the opportunity to launch your cos-gaming career with us!


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