Ever wondered how Joe Rogan managed to gain huge success with his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”? Well, there’s more than his strong personality that attracts millions of loyal listeners. His ability to find the best podcast topics that align with his interests is the key.

So if you want to start your own podcast, make sure you come up with amazing podcast ideas. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to attract listeners without having captivating topics in your channel. This way, it will make the channel fail to grow.

We believe you want to avoid experiencing that. However, you also dislike spending time on brainstorming without finding good ideas, right?

We got you covered. Here, we’ll give you 100+ podcast topic ideas to choose from. So, you can easily pick the right topic for your next big channel. Read on!

44 Inspiring Podcast Topics for Aspiring Podcasters

Hold on tight, as this will be a long list of amazing podcast topics ideas in 2023. Here are the first ten topics:

  • A Day in the Life of a Professional
  • Repurpose Content
  • How to Start Anything
  • Self-help Personal Development
  • Industry News
  • What Happens Today in History
  • Random Facts
  • True Crime
  • Horror Stories
  • Top 10 List of Everything

Now, let’s continue with the complete list of podcast ideas and topics!

1. A Day in the Life of a Professional

This is one of the excellent podcast ideas for beginners. It’s about sharing stories from your everyday life as a professional.

This concept works for every professional, like a doctor, a firefighter, a writer, a make-up artist, and many more. Your podcast can revolve around detailed storytelling about your daily experiences, including discussions with coworkers about certain topics in your niche.

You can also dive into problem-solving scenarios that professionals commonly encounter. The possibilities are endless, depending on the nature of your job.

WorkLife with Adam Grant podcast is a great example of this idea. He is a psychologist who brings many topics in his podcast, discovering the key to better work-life for his listeners.

  • Why Audiences Love This: People are naturally curious about how others live. They are even eager to know how others overcome their unique challenges.

2. Repurpose Content

Gary Vaynerchuk needs no introduction. He is one of the best entrepreneurs and speakers and is known for his strong personality and expertise in digital marketing.

What makes him stand out is he is a great content creator with awesome repurposing skill, including how to turn ideas into great audio experiences. This can be a great inspiration for you to pick good podcast topics without having to start from scratch.

You heard that right. Basically, you can use the existing content, like articles in your blog, and transform them into another form, like audio. This way, the process will be much easier, and your content will gain better discoverability because it is available in many formats and platforms.

  • Why Audiences Love This: There is a chance that people like your content but want to access a different format that suits their preferences and learning style. So, having repurposed content is helpful.

3. How to Start Anything

Are you feeling a bit unsure about what podcast topic to choose for your new channel? Well, why not start your podcast by sharing your own journey as a beginner?

Dealing with something new is hard, but you can make it valuable by sharing your experience and exploring new challenges. In your channel, you will be free to share your challenges and talk about the details of mistakes you make and all the lessons you learn.

This is recommended podcast idea for beginners, as it allows you to connect to listeners. You can share ideas with those who experience the same struggle or seek guidance from your more experienced audience. For example, you can share your experience as a streamer on Twitch.

You can also think about starting a podcast that captures the experiences of people who managed to start something new. There are many podcast channels you can use as inspiration, like The Side Hustle School.

  • Why Audiences Love This: Podcast topics focusing on practicality always attract many audiences. Also, the shared feeling that they are all newbies can make the podcast more engaging.

4. Self-Help Personal Development

Personal development expert is in demand. More people are looking for those who can share the experience of their success. This is one of the podcast topics you should never ignore if you want to attract many listeners soon.

Tim Ferris‘s podcast and Happier with Gretchen Rubin are great podcasts for your inspiration. However, you don’t have to cover such wider topics, though. You can focus on a niche to show your expertise in personal development at any stage of your life.

The key to success for these topics for a podcast is understanding what your audience’s concerns are. Then, you can provide advice, strategies, and tips to help your audience improve their lives.

  • Why Audiences Love This: People are looking for sources that can positively impact them. Personal development is one podcast ideas topics that can give what their needs.

5. Latest Industry News

The latest news around the world can be exciting podcast topics, too. For instance, you can create a podcast channel about industry news that discuss anything from the latest gadget to specific platform updates.

It would be an advantage if you were a professional in that field. However, as an enthusiast, you can jump into this idea to cater to anyone interested in staying updated with the latest trend in certain fields.

Techmeme Ride Home is an excellent example of this idea. But, there are many subjects to explore that will attract lots of audiences as well.

Let’s say you are fond of SEO news; reading Google updates for your audience, like what Barry Schwartz does in the Search Engine Round Table channel, is a great idea.

  • Why Audiences Love This: Audio News is a new way to stay informed with the latest trend. It’s even more meaningful if the expert can comment on such news to add unique perspectives.

6. What Happens Today in History

Don’t you think it’s fun to know what happened today in history and share your thoughts about it with your listeners? If so, talking about historical events can be one of the interesting podcast topics to pick.

Basically, you’ll look for historical events that happen every day in certain years for your content material. Then, you’ll read some facts about it and comments on anything based on your reading. Sometimes, you can ask your friends to join and discuss the events with them.

This Day in History is a popular podcast channel you can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

  • Why Audiences Love This: One of the excellent podcast topics combining informative aspects and the fun of storytelling.

7. Random Facts

If you don’t want to restrict things to talk about on a podcast, then you can start a random facts podcast. On that channel, you can talk about a wide range of topics, ranging from comparing the Colosseum with the modern-day arena to understanding how weathercaster work.

You can listen to the Stuff You Should Know podcast to get an idea of how this idea works. In fact, this is one of the podcast topics that has attracted many people around the world.

The core of this podcast is providing tidbits of information to share with your audience. That said, you need good research to make sure that the information is valid. Think of your random fact podcast as a channel to educate and entertain at the same time. So, you need to strike a balance between the two main purposes.

  • Why Audiences Love This: The channel is anything but boring as it will be full of interesting facts. Also, it is a way to get information in a fun way.

8. True Crime

Unlike a random fact podcast, the true crime channel will be strictly for mature listeners. That said, you might have a limited audience for your channel.

A true-crime podcast is a type of podcast that explores crimes like kidnapping, missing person cases, and other criminal activities. This is one of the great podcast ideas for you who like to dive deep into investigating something, whether by online research or interviewing people related to the story.

While the audience may be limited, true crime is a popular genre that could attract a large loyal audience.

One good example channel is Crime Junkie, which gets almost 10 million weekly listeners. The podcast releases each episode as a standalone story. So, it will make the listener easy to jump from one episode to another.

  • Why Audiences Love This: The genre tends to attract the psychological interest of the people. It also highlights the flaws in the justice system that might become the center of attention.

9. Horror Stories

Any stories will make people interested, including horror stories. If you’re still looking for good podcast topics, why not start a channel telling scary stories that thrill the listeners?

Even though you can just tell all horror stories randomly, it will be better if you focus on one approach. Let’s say you tell stories of your listeners. Encourage them to share their own terrifying experiences through emails or messages, and then bring those stories to life on your channel.

Another topic to talk about on a podcast is urban legends. As these will vary in many countries, you will always have stories to tell. You can talk about the Dark Watchers, Bigfoot, and many more. Urban legends will keep your listeners hooked and awaiting each episode eagerly.

  • Why Audiences Love This: One of the best topics with engaging content that arouse the imagination and evoke an adrenaline rush.

10. Top Ten List of Everything

Did you know that WatchMojo has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube? That proves people love a channel that shares the top 10 list of everything. This can be one of the excellent podcast topics for your channel.

Don’t worry; this works not only for visual platforms but also for audio experiences like podcasts, too. For example, List Envy by Mark Steadman is a popular podcast that talks about top-five of everything, ranging from music to the latest gadgets.

Think of this idea as a listicle in audio format, making it one of the great podcast ideas for beginners. The top ten list can give you endless content and a low barrier to starting it from scratch.

In your channel, you can just narrate the top list of anything you’ve researched before, or you can have a great conversation with friends or experts like what Mark Steadman did in his podcast.

  • Why Audiences Love This: Audiences will get a mix of entertainment and mobile learning as they can get new knowledge while commuting to the office or relaxing on the way back home.

11. How to Fix Things

How about focusing on practicality when considering podcast topics? A how to fix things podcast can be a good option. This podcast will give advice and step-by-step tutorials on how to repair something. Think of it like a DIY guide for maintaining and improving the products you use.

This is one of the podcast topic ideas to choose if you have expertise in a particular area like cars, gadgets, or home repair. Or, you can use the channel as the medium to share your experience fixing things.

One of the great channels to inspire you is Young House Love. A married couple, Sherry and John Petersik, is behind this podcast channel sharing their home improvement project online. You can learn from this podcast that it’s not always about your success to do the repair but also about the mistakes and missteps.

The key to building a good podcast topic like this is being authentic and trustworthy. It will make you gain a lot of listeners who look for tutorials or experience similar struggles.

  • Why Audiences Love This: A channel that shares practicality like this is a go-to source for listeners looking for solutions to their problems. Also, it will make listeners more self-capable and confident when fixing things.

12. Small Business Profile

Did you know that 99.9% of businesses across the US are small businesses, according to Forbes? What a jaw-dropping statistic. For those who are looking for podcast ideas, this means the potential to discuss small business topics on a podcast is absolutely massive.

Don’t get it wrong. You don’t have to be a successful businessman to start this type of podcast. In your channel, you can focus on sharing stories or insights from the small business that has gained success. It can be stories from your local newspapers or online sources.

You can also invite someone to talk about their challenges and successes when running a business, regardless of what niche they choose.

One of the channels which gain success with this podcast ideas topic is The Indie Hackers Podcast. In this channel, Courtland Allen, the host, had conversations with the founders of many profitable Internet businesses. They share insights into how they got started and how they run their businesses.

  • Why Audiences Love This: One of the most wanted topics which offer practical insights for many listeners. The podcast itself can become a medium to build connections among entrepreneurs.

13. Traveling

Choosing traveling as one of your podcast topic ideas is a good decision. And guess what, you’ll never run out of content! The world of travel offers a vast array of fascinating topics to explore.

You can talk about a wide range of subjects related to traveling. For example, you can start sharing tips on finding great deals for your holidays. Or, you can give advice on ensuring the car is ready for a long journey to your destination.

If you want to be more general, you can make content about the best travel destinations, budget-friendly travel hacks, travel safety tips, and so much more.

This can be one of the podcast ideas for beginners as well because you don’t need a high-end setup to start the channel. Let’s say you want to share your experience as a backpacker or your life in a campervan.

  • Why Audiences Love This: One of the most wanted topics which offer practical insights for many listeners. The podcast itself can become a medium to build connections among entrepreneurs.

14. Book Summary

Are you an avid reader with a knack for making complex stories into easy-to-understand summaries? If you are, then a book synopsis podcast might be one of the podcast topic ideas you should try.

In general, the channel is about you providing bite-sized reviews and giving listeners a brief rundown of any books you’ve read. You can think of it as a Blinkist app in the form of a podcast channel. You’ll make it more lively as you can adjust your tone to be friendly and excited, not boring.

What’s more, a book synopsis podcast can cover a wide range of genres. You can share your impressions or even critics on the books you present in your content.

Need an example for your inspiration? Bookworm channel, hosted by Mike Schmitz and Joe Buhlig, is one of the best podcasts. Not only does it provide detailed book summaries, but it also discusses how the ideas within these books can be applied in real life.

  • Why Audiences Love This: One of the interesting podcast topics to help busy readers to stay informed about the latest releases. This is also a great channel for those who enjoy learning about new books before deciding to read them.

15. Post-Match Review

Everything about sports is always captivating, from news about players’ transfers to pre-match predictions. So, if you are a sports enthusiast who loves analyzing games and discussing tactics,
a post-match review podcast is one of the best podcast topic ideas for you.

In your channel, you can share your views on player performances. In short, unleash your true talent by examining the details of each game and offering your take on what happened. It can range from team strategy to coaches’ decisions to pull out top players.

What is excellent about post-match reviews is you can have vast options for any sport, from soccer to NFL and basketball. This will let you choose which sports you are more passionate about to talk to many audiences on your channel.

The Anfield Wrap and ArsenalVision are among the great podcast which provides an analysis of every match for Liverpool and Arsenal fans around the world.

  • Why Audiences Love This: If you want to make the audio home base for sports club fans that offer more than just highlights, this is one of the podcast topic ideas worth trying. A vibrant community of sports lovers can be a huge potential for your loyal listeners.

16. Event Interview

What if someone is busy with their job and has to skip attending certain events? You can be a savior with your event interview podcast. This is one of the fantastic podcast ideas for those who love talking to people and traveling around the world.

The idea is simple, you attend events like tech conferences, music festivals, or cosplay events. Then, you describe the nuance of the event and engage with attendees and speakers for insightful interviews in your podcast.

Don’t worry, you will never run out of questions to ask in your interviews. Not only can you prepare the questions yourself, but you can also ask your listeners what questions they propose for specific speakers at that event.

An amazing example of an event interview podcast is Eventualities. In each episode, Belinda King interviews key figures of a particular event to give listeners a tremendous behind-the-scenes nuance of the event. From the Lismore Lantern Parade to Woodford Folk Festival, she covers them all.

  • Why Audiences Love This: Think of it as a virtual ticket you offer your listeners. This is a great channel to help those who may not be able to attend in person. Through your interviews, they can learn from industry experts and experience the atmosphere of each event.

17. Podcast About Podcasting

If building a blog about blogging can be a great idea that generates thousands of dollars, then starting a podcast about podcasting is definitely a path worth exploring, too.

Whether making the channel is just to follow your passion or to make money from it, this podcast idea offers tremendous potential for success and growth.

Things to talk about on a podcast in this niche are the ins and outs of podcast creation. You can share tips and tricks and offer insights on how to get into the podcasting industry. It can range from creating engaging content to marketing strategies.

Podcraft is a channel about podcasting that you should listen to. You can learn about content setup, content planning, and audience growth and can have many downloads. There is an episode about podcast downloads, too. “Do Downloads Mean Listeners?”” is such a captivating topic, right?

  • Why Audiences Love This: As podcasting trends grow over time, a podcast about podcasting is a go-to source for beginners. Make your channel a favorite for those who are ready to jump into this industry.

18. Teaching a Language

If you are fluent in more than one language, it would be best to start a podcast that helps people learn some linguistics skills from you. Not only entertaining, podcast topics like this are rewarding.

Depending on your skill level, you can share lessons, tips, and even cultural insights into learning a new language. Whether it’s Spanish, French, Mandarin, or Japanese, your podcast can be an effective platform for listeners who want to learn a language virtually.

If talking about grammar is a bit boring, you can just focus on vocabulary lessons or pronunciation guides. Remember, you are the one who decides what makes your podcast grow fast and engaging.

Take a look at how Tofugu breaks down the Japanese language into easy-to-digest lessons. Focusing on specific topics, like Why Japanese always end their sentence with “But”, Tofugu makes it easy for listeners to learn with practicality at their own pace.

  • Why Audiences Love This: Teaching a Language is one of the evergreen podcast topics with a huge audience. The key to its success is defining how to make learning a new language fun and yet practical.

19. Biography of Famous People

The story of famous people often become part of podcast topic ideas about random facts. You can turn it into a biography podcast channel that talks about well-known people specifically.

You can share the life of inventors, athletes, and artists with the world through a captivating storytelling technique. To make you tune in to the story even more, make sure you narrow down your content into a specific niche of your liking.

In each episode, make sure you arrange the story into certain parts which are easy to follow. Starting with the person’s personality, their early life as an ordinary person, their journey to fame, and their legacy. This will require you to dive deep into thorough research to provide lesser-known facts and inspiring stories.

Need inspiration on topics for a podcast about biography? Founder is an amazing channel to learn from. This channel discusses Napoleon, Bernard Arnault, Charlie Munger, and many more.

  • Why Audiences Love This: A podcast about the biographies of famous people is always insightful. So, this is a favorite topic for the audience to learn about the person behind the fame and the making of the iconic figures.

20. Anime Review

It’s fascinating to know that the anime market was valued at over $28 billion in 2022! This thriving industry offers many opportunities to explore and create anime-related content. If you’re a fan or enthusiast, presenting podcast topics about anime can be truly rewarding.

Among other podcast ideas, the anime review podcast is one of the best you can start today. As its name suggests, in this podcast, you will review anime series and films. You can also discuss their plotlines, characters, and animation styles.

As the host, you’ll have the opportunity to share your passion for anime and engage with a community of anime fans. To inspire you, Otaku Spirit Anime is a fascinating channel. Andrew and Chris are awesome to provide in-depth reviews of various anime, including Winter 2023 Anime Season Reviews.

  • Why Audiences Love This: The rise of the anime industry makes many die-hard anime fans looking for great content about this topic. If you start an excellent anime review podcast, it will make them easily find sources to follow their passion.

21. Gaming Tips and Tricks

In the world of gaming, buffs and nerfs happen regularly. That is when the heroes become stronger or weaker.

Staying informed about these changes is crucial to avoid picking the wrong hero and staying ahead in the competition. You definitely don’t want to be caught off guard, right? And guess what, millions of gamers out there feel the same way.

That’s why podcast topics focused on gaming tips, and tricks can attract a huge audience. Gamers are always hungry for strategies and advice that can give them an edge in their favorite games.

So, start providing character guides and effective strategies for different game modes in your podcast channel. You can also discuss updates and patches as well as review new releases. This way, your podcast can be a go-to destination for gamers seeking tips and tricks to level up their gameplay.

  • Why Audiences Love This: A gaming tips and tricks podcast is a great resource for gamers looking to enhance their gaming skills. With the help of your podcast episode, they can overcome challenging levels and make the gaming experience less boring of being stuck in certain quests.

22. Music Talks

A music talks podcast can be one of the podcast ideas topics to bring in 2023. This is a perfect idea if you have a broad knowledge of various genres, artists, and songs.

As the host, you can share your passion for music and your unique insights. While you can talk about wide topics about music, from discussing hit songs and music history and comparing genres, it’s fine if you want to focus on a certain niche.

We Speak English Good is a podcast that focuses on musician life, ranging from their music to mental health and other personal problems. In one of the episodes, they’re talking about Ed Sheeran winning the copyright case “Thinking Out Loud”.

  • Why Audiences Love This: Music talks become one of the podcast topic ideas which offer listeners an in-depth look into the world of music or musicians. The stories behind the music bring listeners closer to the artists.

Read More: Content Ideas for Musician

23. Life as a Vegan

If you’re a passionate vegan and recommend this healthy lifestyle, starting a podcast about life as a vegan is a good idea. Not only can it connect you better with the vegan community, but it also helps you to reach those who are curious and want to learn more about it.

In that podcast, you can cover a wide range of subjects related to veganism, from meal planning and cooking to ethical discussions and health benefits. To give you an example, you can share your favorite vegan recipes and discuss the nutritional aspects of your diet.

Matt Frazier and Doug Hay are doing their best on The Plant-Based Morning Show, one of the excellent podcast ideas turn to live. They share vegan news to keep their listeners updated on the latest health studies and trends on vegan living.

  • Why Audiences Love This: A life as a vegan podcast can be inspiring for those who want to experience that lifestyle and make informed decisions. Make sure you provide genuine and accurate information to gain a massive audience.

24. Freelance Work

Do you want to share your ups and downs as a seasoned freelancer in the gig economy? A podcast can be a great medium to share your insights. With this channel, you can help others to reach success in the world of freelancing, which can be scary for those who just started.

In your podcast, you can share how to find and manage clients, what is the best way to negotiate contracts, and also the tips for balancing work and personal life. Try to be a unique person who can take all the different aspects of freelancing.

Freelance to Founder offers good podcast topics about freelancing. You can listen to this channel to learn how to create a portfolio as a freelance or what if you are offering too many services to clients. All of those episodes are life-changing for those who are serious about jumping into the gig economy.

  • Why Audiences Love This: Your podcast will be a valuable resource for freelancers that will give them practical advice and inspiration when facing the unique challenges of freelancing.

25. Parenting Podcast

What is one of the podcast topics which never runs out of the audience? It’s parenting. The reason is the challenges of becoming parents may evolve over time.

By choosing parenting as podcast topics, you’ll have a loyal audience that is eager to learn and share experiences to make them the best parents possible. The world of parenting is diverse and full of unique situations, this will make your podcast are far from being boring.

A good tip for running a parenting podcast channel is to start small with a narrow topic like parenting styles. If you manage to cover the whole issue well, you can broaden your topics. This way, you can ensure that you can provide valuable insights which come from real experiences.

Good Inside with Dr. Becky is one of the recommended parenting channels available on Spotify. You can learn from her how to deliver actionable guidance in parenting.

  • Why Audiences Love This: One of the podcast ideas which has a sense of community by helping others to navigate their challenges of raising children. The audience will think of a channel like this as a friend who understands the ups and downs of parenting. Thus, it makes them a loyal audience.

Another Podcast Ideas You Should Try in 2023

If those 25 podcast topics above don’t suit your needs yet, here are recommended podcast ideas to try this year:

No.Podcast TopicsDescriptionExample
26Autism and ADHDDives into sensory processing disordersAll Things Sensory
27Poetry ReadingReading great poems and add thoughtful commentaryPoem Talk
28Political SatirePerforming satirical take on the political newsThe Daily Zeitgeist
29Conspiracy TheoryDiscussion on popular conspiracy theoriesConspiracy Theories
30Topical DebateDebates on various hot issuesThe Late Debate
31Market UpdateDaily updates about cryptocurrency or stocks marketWhat Bitcoin Did
32Survivals in the WildStories from survival expertsOut Alive
33PsychologyExplores how psychological principles apply to our livesPOW: The Psychology of Work
34AstrologyProvides horoscopes, and discusses astrological signs and planetary movementsWhat’s Your Sign
35KidsFun and educational content aimed at childrenWow in the World
36MeditationProvides guided meditation sessionsThe Mindful Minute
37Scripture ReadingDaily readings from religious textsEvery Day Bible
38Magician RevealsMagicians discuss their craft and sometimes reveal secretsThe Magic Detective
39Artificial IntelligenceExplores the advance and impacts of artificial intelligenceEye on AI
40Manga A home for manga fans, discussing manga series, authors, and genresManga Machinations
41GardeningProvides tips and advice for gardeningThe Joe Gardener Show
42Women in STEMHighlights the contributions and challenges of women in science, technology, math, and engineering fieldsWomen Tech
43Interior DesignExplores trends, gives tips, and interviews designersThe Great Indoors
44Feng ShuiShare knowledge and stories about Feng Shui and its application in homeHolistic Spaces

Things to Consider When Choosing Podcast Topics Ideas

You have all those podcast topics to choose from. However, how to find the right one for your next big channel?

1. It’s about Your Own Passion

What keeps you committed to maintaining your podcast in the long run? Of course, it’s your passion for the podcast topics you choose to cover.

If you’re really passionate about the topic, you’ll feel happy doing every process in its content production, regardless of the challenges you may face along the way. You heard that right, podcasting can be demanding sometimes. It will ask you to be all out; from planning to recording the content and promoting the podcast.

On the flip side, you’ll end up burnout and lose enthusiasm if the topics are not your interest. And guess what? When this happens, your listeners will feel it and may lose interest in your podcast, too. As the whole process requires a lot of work to do,

2. It Reflects Your Expertise

Choosing podcast ideas that align with your expertise is excellent. However, you don’t have to be the top leading expert in the field, though. What matters most is the information you provide should be factually correct.

With up-to-date and accurate information, your podcast will be a reliable source. At the end of the day, this will build trust among your audience. That way, they’ll see so much value in your content and will never hesitate to stay tuned to any updates you share on that particular topic.

Do you have to be the expert on a widely established subject? No, it’s not necessary. Instead, you can make your own approach to those subjects, which has proven to deliver results. By doing this, listeners will consider you an authority in that field.

To give you an example, look at the Tim Ferris podcast, which has attracted audiences around the world. Due to his expertise in business and credibility as a self-help book author, his podcast surpassed 900 million downloads.

3. It Has a Clear Audience

Having a clear audience is vital when choosing a podcast topic ideas. This way, you can create content that suits your listeners and will eventually help your podcast channel grow faster.

How to do that? Start by identifying your potential audience’s demographics, interests, and needs. When you tackle topics that address their concerns, your content becomes relevant and valuable. So, it will be easier to gain a loyal audience for your podcast channel.

Bear in mind that knowing who your listeners are also means understanding the appropriate tone to use throughout your channel. Different audience needs a different way of communication, so adjusting your approach can make a huge difference.

Adding to that, making a podcast with a clear audience will help you choose the best podcast platform for the right audience. For any podcast ideas for beginners, you can use the default platform like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.

4. It Offers a Unique Approach

What if someone has already come up with the podcast topics you’re about to pick? No problem, you don’t have to think about any real original topics or anything unheard of before. Sometimes, you just need to present a distinct perspective to stand out from up to 3.02 million podcasts around the globe.

Let’s say you want to build a podcast channel about fish. Then, you can start podcasting about fish and its communities and culture, like Fish of the Week, or you can simply talk about fishkeeping as a hobbyist, like Aquarium Dilemmas. The sky is the limit for your imagination.

A unique approach also means how you deliver your content. You can experiment with an unconventional format or use an uncommon narrative style. Whatever that is, always make sure that the end product will make you engage better with your listeners. However, bear in mind that you portray your true personality as a podcaster and don’t hold your personal view when doing so.

4. It’s Sustainable

Being unique is great. However, it’s crucial to avoid narrowing down your topics too much. Why? Because you don’t want to run out of content for your podcast.

Think about it this way: when you have to go over the same discussion repeatedly, as there is nothing more to cover in that niche, it will make your audience bored, right? So, no matter how unique your podcast topics are, your listeners will lose interest in your channel soon.

Not only that, narrower topics tend to attract smaller audiences. That way, your audience is limited, so it becomes more challenging to make your podcast grow. This could be discouraging and eventually make you lose enthusiasm to maintain the channel.

That’s why it’s important to pick podcast topics with potential long-term content creation. A good tip for this is to try to delve deep into a specific niche and gradually expand to a broader topic in that nice.

5. It’s Potential for Monetization

We understand that for some people podcasting is driven by passion. So, it’s important to focus primarily on high-quality content rather than on monetization.

However, you should not overlook the fact that maintaining a podcast channel comes with its own cost. That way, you need to make sure that you have enough money to cover the expenses for content production. Otherwise, your podcast might have a short lifespan due to financial obstacles.

Moreover, monetizing your podcast channel opens the door to sponsorship revenue. This can be a great advantage because having a sponsor not only adds a sense of expertise and credibility but also attracts a larger audience.

In short, you should choose podcast ideas which are potential for monetization. This will make your podcast easier to grow.

Final Thoughts on Podcast Ideas

Topics to talk about on a podcast can be broad. In this article, we have presented more than 30 podcast topics to choose from. So, which podcast ideas topics will you choose?

Remember, the possibility of coming up with new topics ideas is endless. You are free to use our list as an inspiration to come up with your own unique ideas. Your topics can range from podcast ideas for beginners to those for advanced users. You can even go with podcast topics for young adults or targetting more mature listeners.

Whatever that is, make sure the ideas suit your expertise and passion. But don’t forget to choose the ones that can be monetized, whether as a casual podcaster or a professional. This is important to manage your podcast in the long run without financial issues.

Now, the world of podcasting is still open for those ready to share their voice. So, why not dive in to gain success in podcasting?


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