What is the payment fee and how does it benefit me?

Our trusted payment partners levy a payment processing fee for each transaction made on our platform. This fee is used to cover the costs of processing your payment and protecting your account from fraud.

In addition, Gank places priority on the safety of your payments and actively monitors for fraud and theft, in doing so we minimise costly chargebacks and improve the creator experience. We have a dedicated team to ensure payments to creators have no issues and are paid on time.

Our secure process with our payment partners ensure we can offer your favourite local and international payment options and receive support from fans around the world. 

The introduction of the payment fee allows Gank to offer flexibility in pricing your shop listings, PPV, stream alerts and digital goods, we will lower the minimum amount of USD$2 on donations to USD$1 along with the payment fee implementation and remove the minimum on all shop, membership and PPV prices by April 2024.

How does the payment fee work?

Different payment options will have different fees charged by our payment partners. Local payment wallet options and bank transfers typically have the lowest fee. On the payment selection step, we highlight the payment option that has the lowest fee.

Coming soon

The rollout of payment fees and removal of minimum donation amount will be scheduled as follows:

Vietnam – December 2023

Thailand and Taiwan – End January 2024

Singapore and Malaysia – End February 2024

Indonesia and Philippines – End March 2024

Rest of countries and removal of minimum amount for listings, memberships and PPV – early April 2024

We understand that some creators would like to absorb the payment fee as a token of appreciation for their supporters. The flexibility for creators to choose whether they absorb the fees will be available for creators in the near future.


How do I know which payment option to choose?

The average payment processing fee for local payments is around 1-2%, and credit card/PayPal will be higher than that. Depending on your transaction amount, a clear label will be presented beside the payment method to indicate the cheapest fee.

Will it affect my existing membership subscriptions to creators?

No. Existing membership subscriptions will not be charged the payment fees. It will only be applied to new subscriptions, where the fee will be applied on the first subscription payment and subsequent renewal payments.

Does this payment fee apply to Boost or Boost+ plans?

No. This fee will not apply to Boost or Boost+ payments. You will still be able to subscribe to the plans at a fixed price in your local currency.


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