What are Buyer Instructions?

We are excited to introduce a new feature – Buyer Instructions. It is available for all Merchandise and Service listings on Gank.

This feature allows creators to customise instructions for their buyers. Creators can now communicate specific requirements, such as shipping address, name, phone number, or any other requests directly to the buyers during the order placement process.

Who is it for?

  • All merchandise / service sellers

How does it benefit you?

  • Personalised Instructions & Requests: As a creator, this feature enhances your ability to streamline the order fulfilment process. By providing clear and personalised instructions to your buyers, you can ensure that all necessary information for you to complete your order is captured upfront. 
  • Time Saving: With the required information collected as soon as the order is placed, it eliminates the need for extensive back-and-forth communication with the buyers, saving you time and enabling a smoother order flow.

How does it work?

New Listings

  1. Create any new listing with Merchandise or Service as listing type
  2. You will find a new field titled ‘Instructions for Buyers’ as part of the configuration (Enabled by default)
  3. Fill up the instructions that you want your buyers to see
  4. Publish your newly created listing
  5. Voila, your instructions will appear on your listing page and also the payment page!

Existing Listings

  1. Open up any of your existing Merchandise or Service listing
  2. You will also find this new field titled ‘Instructions for Buyers’ and it is unchecked
  3. Simply check the setting and the field to key in the instructions will appear
  4. Fill up the instructions and save your settings
  5. Again, your instructions will now appear on your listing page and payment page

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