Hey, Creators from the Philippines! We hear you, and we have improved Gank in order to support you better.

Gank can now accept INSTANT GCash transactions for all Donations, Service Transactions, Gank Gold Top-ups, Earnings Withdrawals, and Membership Purchases. Our developers worked hard on this one, so please do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

In addition, guests can now support their favorite creators through GCash without signing up for Gank themselves. We are sure this new feature will be convenient for users as we expand our communities. However, please continue to encourage your guests to sign up for a free account to follow, like, and share your latest content!

Gank is growing stronger, faster, and better every day. Join the #Gankwagon now!


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Gank is a content membership platform that helps content creators accept donations, sell goods and services, and manage memberships at 0% platform fees.

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