Yes, as content creators, we all know that social media is one of the best places to put your content out. Learning how to manage social media content is important in growing as a creator.

It helps to share your content with your closest network, who in turn would most likely reshare them. This would create a ripple effect for your content to reach more people. 

But we all know the pains of managing content put out on your social media pages, especially if you are a creator that had just started out and still using your personal pages to promote your content.

Sometimes, ideas get jumbled up, and you seem to have lost your direction in your content creation journey.

How to Manage Social Media Content as a Content Creator

We have put together some ways you can manage the mess on your social media pages in this article, just for you!

1. Setting Marketing Goals

The more specific your overall marketing goals are, the better you can adapt your social media content to fit those goals. Start by getting clear about your overall marketing goals and how you want your content marketing strategy to fulfill those goals.

Then, your strategy needs to include posts that drive people to landing pages or to other parts of your marketing funnel. This way, you can craft tailored content that drives engagement and efficiently moves your community through the marketing funnel.

Don’t forget personalization. The more personalized your social media content is, the more effective it is at driving your business goals. 

2. Take Advantage of Social Media Software

Social media management tools can publish the same updates across all of your social accounts, schedule future updates, and help you discover the most relevant and effective content to publish and when to publish it.

Once you have written down your social media strategy and made the decision to set up more accounts on more social networks, it is important that you find the right software tools that will help manage it all.

Tight on cash? You can always take advantage of free tools available on the Internet whenever possible. You will also find gems when searching for free engagement tools from time to time.

Functions such as idea generation, analytics, and integrations with other software sometimes come for free if you are lucky, so keep on searching! 

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3. Create a Social Media Strategy

Create your social media marketing strategy with an eye toward one cohesive effort that drives value to your brand, but it is important to take into account user experiences on each of these platforms and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

There are countless social networks out there, and with proper audience research, you can identify the best one for your brand. There are many benefits to analyzing your followers — including building stronger customer relationships, creating more relevant content, and improving social media conversions.

By understanding who your audience is and how you can deliver value for them, identifying more distribution channels, integrating SEO, and creating a robust plan for measuring, you can make sure that your content has sufficient fuel to ignite on social media and other digital marketing channels. 

The way to excel in social media is to define concrete goals, produce valuable posts aligning with these goals, and deploy the content to the appropriate platforms. Have your social media goals in mind, create a content calendar, produce branded content, and begin building relationships with potential partners in order to grow your brand effectively.

Add a little more depth to your content calendar, and make your brand sound like an even bigger boss by curating content that is tailored to your brand’s audience.

To curate content that is right for your followers, curate blog posts, videos, infographics, and other media from other brands or thought leaders in your industry. Build your content strategy around the matrix of precisely what your audience will want, and make sure you incorporate compelling visuals to back up the copy within the post.

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4. Manage Profiles on Multiple Platforms

Manage profiles on various platforms and keep your audience engaged through a regular program of relevant content.

Benchmark competitors’ performance to ensure you are not falling behind – or missing out on opportunities to surpass them. Tracking your social media performance is crucial for understanding your campaigns’ performance, identifying your most successful tactics, and correcting weaknesses. 

That is why having the right tools is so essential. These tools can simplify your workflow, help save you time, and ensure your content reaches the right audiences at the right times. By creating a social media strategy that includes policies, procedures, and a style guide, you give yourself (or each of your content team members in the future) something to follow along in your content creation process and journey.

5. It’s Worth It

Managing your various social networks is, at best, laborious and slow and, at worst, nearly impossible. But the trouble will be worth it because social media offers significant opportunities for making money — if you manage your social channels organized and efficiently.

Check out Gank’s Discover Page if you want more direction and insights from our creators on managing your social media content. Visit and explore their pages. There will always be valuable information and best practices to help you better manage your social media pages. 


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