What’s new?

We’ve revamped the My Orders page to make managing merchandise and service orders a breeze in our latest update.

  • Effortless Order Management
    • Clearer Call-to-action buttons: All CTAs related to the order status will be brought forward to the order card, instead of being hidden in the kebab menu. This will apply to both creators and supporters’ views, so that they know what to do for each of their orders.
  • Stay on Top of Things:
    • Total orders number: The total number of orders for each status will be shown within the status filter, so that you can easily see if there are any pending orders that are required for your action.
    • Web notification: We are going to send out notifications when there is a status update to your order so that you won’t miss out and are able to react as quickly as you need.

Who benefits?

Creators who offer merchandise and services / commissions via our shop listings, for example:

  • Digital artists who offer commissions 
  • Artists who sell custom made merchandise
  • Cosplayers who offer physical photo albums
  • Streamers / Gamers who offer coaching services

Supporters who enjoy the merchandise and services offered by creators will also be benefits through this change.

How it works


  1. Receive orders from supporters
  2. Easily view all order details and statuses in My Orders page.
  3. Take quick actions with clear call-to-action buttons (accept order, complete order).
    1. Accept Order: Creators are able to accept order once they receive one from the supporters
    2. Complete Order: After the order has been fulfilled from creators’ end, they can then complete the order


  1. Place order on creator’s service & merchandise listings
  2. Conveniently track order status and updates in My Orders Page
  3. Wait for creator to accept and fulfil the order
  4. Once creator marks the order as completed, supporter can simply confirm by clicking:
    1. Complete Order
  5. Order is then completed and creator will receive their earnings




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