Expected release date: 5 June 2024

What’s new?

Previously, Creators had no idea what amount they would receive into their local accounts as we used a FX rate that is unknown to the creator. We want to let the creators know what rate they will be getting and specifically request for the withdrawal based on this rate so there will be less dissatisfaction with the rate they get and more certainty on how much they will receive in their local account.

  • Creator Withdrawal Calculation Display:
    • A new interface that allows creators to view detailed calculations of their potential withdrawals.
    • Displays breakdowns of fees and final payout amounts 
      • USD to USD – we will show a withdrawal fee of 5% of the amount
      • USD to local currency – we will show the fx rate used and final local amount to be received.

Who is impacted?

All current and new creators who are withdrawing their earnings. 

How it works

When a creator makes a withdrawal, the exchange rate used by Gank and the expected amount the creator will receive will be displayed. The admin dashboard will capture these transaction details exactly as they appear to the creator, and the finance team will process the transactions based on this information.

Current version: 

Releasing version: 

  • USD to USD
  • USD to Local Currency 

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