Describe yourself and what you do in a short paragraph?

I am Calvin Rusli, a 19 year old teenager whose attending LSPR. Currently working as an ameteur voice actor and active content creator on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

I’ve won a voice acting competition alongside Maha Pancong fellows in Lomba Voice Acting Zen Gunawan and was invited to his segment (

I’ve also collaborated with other notable creators such as Kevin Anggara, Ridwan Halim (Kapten Justice), Javier Stoy, Marymond, Zen Gunawan, etc.

Lastly, I’ve also worked with these big brands too:

1. Anteraja

2. Shopee

3. Scarlett

4. Litmatch

5. Etc.

Tell us about your journey and how it started as an ASMR / VA?

Before becoming a content creator, I was just a high school student who enjoyed doing theatrical acts. However, due to COVID, I could not continue doing theaters directly and it was very hard to meet other people. Considering my experience in creating comedy videos in my junior high school days, I tried making those again. 

Referencing from Youtube, I tried making content from my singing video English assignments. It turns out my friends and the public really liked it. I continued creating comedy videos, such as the Keluarga Ngenes Banget series which was a parody of Ernest Prakarsa’s original series, Keluarga Ngenes. But sadly I stopped doing so as the video did not pique the public’s interest anymore.

I spent most of my free time attending online acting classes, and watching movies and anime. Due to that, acting and voice acting caught my interests. I’m amazed by how voice actors can bring up emotions and affect their viewers in various scenes. I ended up looking up their behind-the-scenes (BTS) clips. Watching these BTS clips from anime series such as Demon Slayer and Attack On Titan still gives me goosebumps, even to this day! These became my motivation to do dubbing content and join the community, to study, study, study, and study this craft even more.

I started doing Roleplay ASMR after one of my friends said that my voice sounded nice and suitable for it. Hence I tried recording it using my phone as a practice. After purchasing a mic, SyntaxesVA invited me to an ASMR collaboration. 

I also created Halu Voices with a friend. But the channel ended up being sold because we were too busy and gone tired of it. Subsequently, I created my own channel – LipinVA. I had actually been wanting to have a channel of my own since Halu Voices was still ongoing, but was delayed as I wanted to avoid doing similar content. 

What motivates you to create ASMR content? 

I tend to behave like the people I idolize. I really look up to the seniors of the voice acting industry, such Hiroshi Kamiya (Yato – Noragami), Kaji Yuki (Eren – Attack On Titan), Okamoto Nobuhiko (Bakugo – My Hero Academia), Reza Rahadian, even Robert Downey Jr. I’m really working hard and I hope to have a chance to work with them one day.

What is a typical day like for you?

My daily life is quite similar to any student, which involves going to college, doing assignments, eat, drink, creating Youtube ASMR videos at midnight to dawn, then sleep.

Best Part about being an ASMR artist?

As an ASMR artist, I have the opportunity to explore a new character without having to stick to its original dubbing. Reading positive comment brightens up my day, although bad comments are unavoidable.

Why choose Lipin?

The idea of the name “Lipin” was actually suggested by my TikTok artist friend (@secretiveobs). The formula goes like this:

Lipin = Kalpin = Calpin = Calvin

The questions I asked myself before adopting this artist name were, “What name sounds nice and uncommon?” and “Would using my real name reveal my identity accidently, and in turn ruin the listener’s imagination?”

Calvin also represent my name but in a different perspective and pronunciation (in a cuter way).

Biggest challenge and achievement on Gank?

As Gank is a new platform, I have to introduce, patiently get people to access my exclusive contents, and chatting with them directly. But with the useful features that comes for free, I think every content creator, or anyone who is starting out fresh from creating content, must try out Gank.

What rewards do you offer to your members/subs?

My members will get exclusive contents which I don’t upload the full version on Youtube.

I am also buiding more Membership Tiers for my fans (coming soon), such as:

  1. Youtube video early access
  2. Voice note pack
  3. Meal reminder alarm, short good night audio, etc

How would you use your donations?

I’m going to use my donations to support my daily needs and work necessities, which are creating contents, dubbing, etc.

How did you get in to ASMR?

I was invited by a friend from the dubbing community (Seitaku). I was scouted by him when I created a random voice note in the group chat, saying my voice is very suitable for Roleplay ASMR. I asked for a couple of tips and made a script, then record it using the phone used for my previous contents. 

After purchasing my first mic SyyntaxesVA invited me to collab on his English channel and created Halu Voice together. In the content creation process, I would often improvise and use my own style to add more unique “colors” into the audio. In the end due to degrading upload frequency, Halu Voice and SyntaxesVA channel was sold by my friend.

I then pondered for quite awhile as to whether to create my own channel, with the concern that my content would just be the same as Halu Voice. But after the channel was sold, I decided to create LipinVA anyway, and upload my own Indonesian Roleplay ASMR.

Where can we find your content on Gank?

Just follow my profile at to receive updates on my latest content!


Seemingly all over the place, but will do it all over again.

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