There are a variety of terms on social media today. With that in mind, it would have made sense if you were to mistake content creator vs influencer and vice versa. But did you know that they are different roles?

It is true that influencers and creators share similar characteristics. However, the two are unlike each other in certain ways, which contributes to their strengths and weaknesses.

So, what is the difference between influencer and content creator? And if you aspire to become either of these roles, which one fits your preferences? That is what this article is going to answer.

But before we discuss content creator vs influencer, let’s take a look at the definition of the two.

What Is A Content Creator?

Content creator is someone who makes content, as the name suggests. Their work can be in the form of texts, visuals, audio, or a mix of these media.

Today, creators are synonymous with anyone who shares their work online, including bloggers like Neil Patel, YouTubers like MrBeast, and social media creators in general. Nonetheless, creators have existed before the internet era. Authors, painters, musicians, and other kinds of artists are considered content creators too.

Creators’ main goal is to share their knowledge and artistic expertise with their audiences, whether for entertainment or educational purposes. Because of that, they typically focus on delivering high-quality or in-depth content, while building a large following comes second.

Content creators have many methods of making money. Among them, selling content in a pay-per-access or monthly subscription business model is one of the most popular.

Nonetheless, it is also common to find creators who offer their skills to business. Those who work for brands produce informative content surrounding their clients’ products to gather audience and spread brand awareness.

Now let’s understand influencer’s definition before we discuss content creator vs influencer.

What Is An Influencer?

Influencer refers to any famous individual who, using their popularity, influences a group of audience to do their bidding. Most of the time, their call-to-actions involve buying a product or signing up for a service of brands they work with.

Those who are considered as influencers include TV celebrities like the Kardashians, internet personalities like Logan Paul, and industry experts like Elon Musk. However, less well-known personalities with only thousands of followers on social media are also influencers.

Influencers do not persuade people by plainly asking them to buy or sign up for something. Instead, they demonstrate its benefit on their social media posts, blog entries, or other content sharing platforms. Influencers’ posts are typically less in-depth than that of a creators’, though.

For example, beauty influencers educate their audiences with skin care and makeup tutorials. In doing so, they also show the products they use for the how-to guide with the aim to advertise. Since they only need to explore the practicality of the products, there is no need to dive deeper into other information surrounding it.

Outside brand promotions, influencers’ main goal is to build trust and authority within their community by posting content and interacting with audiences. They do it to invite and connect with more followers, who are valuable for their fame.

As their following grows in size, influencers will find more opportunities to reach out to brands for partnerships. In fact, highly popular influencers do not even look for brands. They receive sponsorship deals instead.

Content Creator vs Influencer: The Differences

You probably notice some similarities after looking at the definition of creator and influencer, such as:

  • Both makes content to reach their goal
  • Both uses various media to share information with their audiences, including social channel and blog
  • Both partners with businesses to make money while indulging in their passion

That being said, influencers and creators are different in certain areas. The main difference between influencer and content creator is their focus. Influencers center on growing their audience size through sharing content, while creators prioritize content delivery regardless of how big or small their following is.

But that is not the only difference between content creator vs influencer. The goal of their work is also unalike. Influencers aim to persuade people into doing an action that they desire, whereas creators make content to entertain or educate audiences.

When talking about creators vs influencers, it is also clear that they have different ways of doing business with brands. Creators leverage their creative expertise to produce thorough content about their employers’ product for increasing brand awareness. Meanwhile, influencers endorse products or services with less-in depth content that are still informative.

Nevertheless, a mix of characteristics can happen in the context of content creator vs influencer. Creators may sometimes produce content with the goal of influencing the audiences’ action, depending on their goals. On the other hand, Influencers may make content just for the sake of it and not think about promoting a brand.

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Influencer vs Content Creator: Which One Should You Become?

By looking at the differences between influencer and content creator, you can see that each of these roles have their strengths and weaknesses.

When talking about content creator vs influencer, it is clear that creators may not have as big of a following compared to influencers. However, they are eager to share information in a comprehensive way, which will attract readers or viewers who want to learn more.

Influencers may not produce content with that characteristic, but they are commonly more popular than creators. With their wider reach, influencers can affect audiences’ actions in a way that creators may not be able to do.

All in all, you can say that content creators prioritize delivering information, while influencers focus on growing the size of their following.

So, between content creator vs influencer, which role fits you? If you have the passion to delve into topics and share various aspects of the information, becoming a content creator is a great idea. But if you are eager to connect with more people and have the ability to direct their decisions, becoming an influencer will suit you better. 

Closing Words on Digital Creator vs Influencer

Content creators are sometimes mistaken as influencers and the other way around. However, the two have different goals. Creators focus on creating content, whereas influencers primarily aim to grow their following.

Also, influencers’ goal is to affect their audiences actions with their information. On the other hand, creators do not really think of persuasion since their objective is to educate or entertain their crowd.

Nevertheless, the traits between content creator vs influencer can mix at times. Creators may use persuasion in their content and influencers can make content without the intention to influence.

We hope this article answers your questions regarding the difference between influencer and content creator. If you enjoy reading it, make sure to subscribe to our blog for more information like this!

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Creator vs Influencer

What are the key differences between content creators and influencers?

Creators and influencers differ in focus. Creators prioritize making content for educational or entertainment purposes. Influencers also produce content, but they do so to affect their audiences’ decisions. On top of that, influencers’ posts usually promote brands they partner with, which is not necessary for content creators.

Can content creators become influencers?

Creators can do the job of influencers and vice-versa. For example, creators can make a blog article or YouTube video promoting a certain product while keeping the comprehensiveness of the information. Meanwhile, influencers do not always have to share content for advertising.

Content creator vs influencer: which role is right for you?

Becoming a content creator may be the right choice if you like sharing informative content that goes deep into different aspects. But if you like to build fame and use it to persuade people, becoming an influencer is more suitable.


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