Afraid of making mistakes on your first public cosplay? Have you been planning to attend cosplay conventions? Are you sure you’re prepared? It’s easy to get caught up in cosplaying at conventions. You must avoid cosplay mistakes that could put a damper on your fun day.

Certain things never fail to bring down a cosplayer: forgetting something very basic, ruining someone else’s costume, or a general lack of preparation.

Cosplaying at conventions can be a great way to showcase your personality and creativity. However, cosplaying mistakes can sometimes be inevitable. From a costume mishap to not properly abiding by cosplay convention rules can ruin your time and even potentially be disrespectful to others at the event.

Let’s talk about it. Hopefully after reading this, you will learn and take note of the top 5 cosplay mistakes to avoid so you can have a comfortable and happy time at your next cosplay convention. 

 Forgetting To Be Yourself

A cosplay fail to avoid is not being yourself. Regardless of what character you decide to be or what character others at the convention choose to be, you should always be yourself. No. Matter. What.

Yes, it’s one thing to “act the part” and know certain poses that would look good for your specific costume in pictures. However, you should never force yourself to be someone you aren’t just to fit in.

Cosplaying at conventions is meant to be a fun way to express your unique creativity. So, don’t compare your costume to others, or act a certain way that isn’t authentic to who you are.

Not Bringing Entertainment For Yourself 

Whether you’re going to a cosplay convention by yourself or with a group of friends, another top cosplay mistake to avoid is not bringing things to entertain you during the convention.

Consider packing a book, plenty of snacks, and any portable item that will be easy to keep you entertained throughout the event. If you expect to spend ample time on your phone or other electronic devices, remember to bring a charger and/or portable charger for your devices.

Getting So Wrapped Up In Your Costume That You Don’t Enjoy The Convention

Creating and wearing your favorite character at a cosplay convention can be a great way to show off your creativity. But, don’t let your costume and the stress of making your costume perfect take away from enjoying the convention.

Other common cosplay mistakes that can result from getting so wrapped up in your costume are:

  • First, your costume doesn’t abide by cosplay convention rules. This means your costume doesn’t follow the specific event’s rules. Be sure to check out your cosplay convention’s rules on costumes so you are respectful of both the event’s policies and the event goers around you.
  • Next is frantically staying up late the night before the convention to complete/perfect your costume. Yes, it can be super fun to put your all into making your costume everything you want it to be. However, it isn’t worth being exhausted the day of the convention because you were up all night putting the “final touches” on your costume.
  • Lastly, your costume is uncomfortable, making you not enjoy the convention or experience the cosplay convention to the fullest. 

Again, your top priority is to have fun cosplaying at conventions. Don’t get consumed with perfecting your costume or having such a difficult/uncomfortable costume that you can’t have an enjoyable experience. 

Not Bringing Extra Stuff For When Something Goes Wrong With The Costume (which it will!)

The key to reducing costume mishaps on the day of the convention is by being prepared for them. Be sure to pack extra stuff in case you have a costume emergency during the convention.

Some items to pack include:

  • Makeup and Hair Kit – Be sure to pack your makeup and hair product essentials in case you want to do a touchup (or two) in the bathroom.
  • Sewing Kit – Bring some sewing basics like a needle, thread, and some safety pins in case of a costume mishap for a quick fix.
  • Bring an extra set of clothes – In a worst-case scenario situation, consider bringing a spare set of clothes in the event of a costume emergency. Feeling safe and comfortable should be your number one priority at a convention.’

Packing portable supplies in case of a costume emergency will keep you prepared for the many mishaps that can (and will) happen at the convention.

Forgetting About Bathroom Breaks When Cosplaying As A Large Character

Wearing a large character costume at a cosplay convention can be fun and make for some great pictures!

However, don’t forget to schedule and take adequate bathroom breaks during the convention. Even though it may require some time and effort to carefully take on and off your large costume to go to the bathroom, it is still better than having the urge to go during the convention.

Final Thoughts On How To Effectively Avoid Cosplay Mistakes

Follow this complete cosplay guide to ensure you don’t make thesefive cosplay mistakes at your next convention. 

From abiding by costume convention rules to being well-prepared. Finally, these cosplay tips and tricks will help you have a safe, comfortable, and fun experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cosplay etiquette when attending a convention?

Always ask for permission before taking photos of other cosplayers.
Don’t touch other people’s costumes or props without permission.
Be respectful of other attendees and their personal space.
Follow the convention’s rules and regulations.

How do I keep my costume looking good during the convention?

Always bring a small repair kit with you in case of any costume malfunctions. Stay hydrated and take breaks if needed to prevent overheating or sweating in your costume. Consider wearing comfortable shoes to make it easier to walk around the convention.

Should I stay in character while cosplaying at a convention?

It’s up to you! Some cosplayers enjoy staying in character to enhance their overall experience, while others prefer to be more casual.

How can I meet other cosplayers at a convention?

You can attend cosplay meetups or gatherings, which are often organized on social media or through convention forums. Try to strike up conversations with other cosplayers who are wearing costumes from the same series as you. You can also join online cosplay communities to make connections before the convention.

What age is appropriate for cosplay?

There is no age limit on cosplay. All are welcome to dress up in their favorite characters to join in on the cosplay convention festivities. 


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