Frequently Asked Questions


About Us

What is Gank?

Gank is a content membership platform that helps content creators and gamers accept donations, manage memberships and sell merch, for free. 


What is Gank offering to its users?

Gank offers the simplest way to earn for content creators and gamers. Creators can 

  • Set up donations
  • Create exclusive content for their subscribers
  • Set up membership subscriptions for supporters
  • Sell digital and physical merch to engage with their supporters. 
  • Monetize their time by earning from their video gaming-related skills as Gamepals in our safe and secure marketplace.


What are the benefits of using Gank?

At Gank, we believe creators deserve everything that they earn. You enjoy the following benefits as a Gank Creator:

  1. 0% fees when receiving your donations
  2. Localized payment choices for all our users
  3. The ability to set up subscriptions and memberships 
  4. The ability to provide exclusive content for members
  5. Sell your digital and physical merch in our marketplace
  6. A one-stop personalized profile page
  7. Integrations to connect your Gank account to Discord, OBS, and Twitch


Gank is also a platform that hosts gaming entertainment and creates many opportunities for our users, from casual gamers to esports professionals.  


What is the Age Requirement on Gank?

  • You must be at least 13 years of age to register for a Gank account 
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to list a service on Gank

Parents and legal guardians may notify us at if your child is below 13 years old and has registered for a Gank account.


How do you obtain the "Tick" (Verified) badge?

There are several ways to get the Verified badge.

  1. You are already a verified content creator on other platforms
  2. You are either Gank Ambassadors or Professional Esports Athletes. 
  3. You are our pioneer Gamepals and have earned their badges by being excellent gaming services to users over a period of time. 
  4. You are an active user of Gank. Get noticed by tagging Gank when you promote your listings on your own social media platforms. 

If you are just starting out in your journey as a content creator, do approach our staff in the Gank discord channel if you wish to be verified. We can’t wait to talk to you!



How do content creators get paid?

Payments go directly to your chosen payment methods. We encourage you to choose your local digital wallets to reduce payment portal charges (Charged by your choice of payment services. Gank does not charge platform fees). Transfers go through within 7 local working days (excluding weekends and public holidays).


Users can withdraw payouts using:

  • Paypal 
  • GCash / PayMaya / BPO / BPI / Metro Bank / Union Bank (Philippines only)
  • Touch n Go (Malaysia only)
  • PayNow (Singapore only)
  • Bank transfer (Indonesia only)
  • Promptpay (Thailand only)


How do I buy Gank Gold and donate to my favorite content creator?

Simply visit our in-app store to purchase. You will also be prompted to top up your Gank Gold when you do not have enough in your wallet. Payment gateway fees apply.


Users can pay using:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe - Credit & Debit card
  • Gcash (manual)
  • GrabPay
  • GoPay
  • Touch n Go
  • FPX


Why do I have to pay payment gateway fees during withdrawal as a service provider?


Payment gateway fees are payable to the payment gateway companies like Paypal, Gcash, Touch n Go, etc. Payment gateway fees, paid directly to these companies are necessary to keep your transactions on Gank safe and secure, provide convenience and reliability.


Gank is a free-to-use platform and we will never charge our users commissions. 


Platform Usage

How can I report a bug or provide feedback?

For bugs and feedback, please join us at our Discord server ( and drop them at our bugs-report and suggestions channel. Our staff is always online. We will answer any questions and get back to you personally when we get the answer for you in the shortest time possible.


How do I report someone?

There is a Report User and Block User function for all our users. This is an essential part of the user protection policy that we have in place. We seek the assistance of users to provide us proof via screenshots or any other form of evidence possible. This will aid us in our investigations of any cases of bullying, abuse, or misconduct between our users during a service session.  



How do I delete my Gank account?

Mobile app - Please go to your dashboard/Manage Account --> App Settings menu and click on Delete Account.


How do I contact customer service/support?

Please contact our support at Gank Discord server ( or leave a message for us at our Facebook page ( We will contact you within 2 working days.


What are Gamepals?

The Gamepal service on Gank allows you to pay-to-play with another gamer of your choice. These gamers are known as Gamepals, and they serve as your gaming companions. If you love playing random and making new friends along the way, our Gamepal services are definitely suitable for you. 


How do I get featured as a Gamepal?

Please watch the videos on having a good profile and listing in our discord announcements channel! If you fulfill the requirements, please reach out to our staff in our community discord

  1. Setting up a good profile:
  2. Setting up a good listing:


How do I earn as a Gamepal?

When you list a service on Gank, you are viewed by hundreds of gamers who may need the services you are providing. Gamepals can provide services such as companion gaming, coaching, or carry services.   

We highly encourage users from the gaming industry to earn from their expertise. It may range from teaching someone how to set up live streams, to imparting new skills like esports shoutcasting. There is also a custom option if your services do not fall under any of our categories. 

A potential customer may start by chatting with you on our platform to find out more about your service. It is up to you, as the seller, to make your pitch and close the sales. It is not as hard as you think. Gaming services are quite straightforward and self-explanatory. With our latest patch version, you can also state your availability for better scheduling. 

Once the customer clicks the ‘Hire’ button in the chat, your service should start. The app currency, termed ‘Gank Gold’, is paid by the customer and is automatically converted to cash into your seller’s ‘Earnings’ wallet. After the service is completed, you can withdraw the earnings to your chosen e-wallet account. Do take note that these payment platforms may charge a fee for receiving the earnings.  


Why are some games not listed?

We are truthful when we say that we want to cover every video game in the market. But realistically, there are too many titles and undiscovered gaming communities. We want to pace ourselves steadily to that eventual point where we can cover every single game title that has a following and community and at the same time, not overwhelm our users on the app with information. 


How does Gank verify Gamepals? 

We have a stringent verification process in place. As different game titles use different mechanics and rating systems, we are not able to list them all in this FAQ.

An example of a verification process:

  1. Gank invites the Gamepal to give a short sample coaching session to our quality assurance staff. It’s all fun and games, nothing too formal.
  2. The audit check will become part of your portfolio on Gank and in return, you will also get a “verified” badge on your profile.
  3. Badges will bring confidence to buyers when they are looking to hire Gamepals.


We allow sellers to position themselves as Gamepals while being unverified. It is up to the buyer to determine which Gamepal he/she chooses. However, a verified badge on your profile will certainly carry more weight when compared to another unverified Gamepal.


Will Gank be breaking the TOS (Terms of Services) of game titles, including the prohibition of the RMT (Real Money Transactions) clause?

Gaming services listed by users are meant to help others improve gameplay. We do not encourage autopiloting or botting practices which involve the take-over of player accounts during any service, be it coaching, carry or support.


Our sellers are encouraged to provide in-person assistance, in-game. We also do not take the personal data of any of our users, and we do not use/host third-party software that will disrupt gameplay. 


On Gank, it is all about the hiring of another person to help you out. We strongly discourage piloting or taking over accounts as part of a seller's services. We are also committed to keeping our platform clean and secure by doing our own sweeps to deny anyone from selling any kind of TOS-breaking services on our platform.


It is not safe to hand over private information such as passwords to anyone on the platform. Gank staff will never ask for your log-in details. We depend on our users to help to report any errant users who are engaged in such errant practices i.e selling of accounts, taking over of accounts, etc. We need everyone's assistance to keep this platform clean and legitimate for all gamers. 


Gaming Services

How do I search for a seller? 

Use our search function and enter the Gamepal’s in-game-nickname or social media handle. You can also search by games and add in more search filters to have more accurate search results.


How do I contact a seller?

Gank comes with an integrated text messaging, voice, and video chat function. You can connect directly with the Gamepal using our platform. 


How do I reschedule or cancel a session?

All cancellations can be done in-app with a simple click. Rescheduling of the session requires both parties to agree on the date and timing. Sessions will only start when the Gamepal accepts the order and initiates the session. Sessions can be paused and used on another agreed time by both parties.


How do I get a refund?

Payment by users is held by Gank upon the transaction, and only be disbursed to the service provider after the transaction. If there should be any disputes during or after the transaction, both parties will have the option to file a complaint with the Gank administration for a fair resolution within a one-hour time frame.


How do I review a seller?

After every completed session, you will be prompted to leave a text review and star rating for our Gamepals. Your reviews are very important as they help us monitor the standards of our service providers. Any service providers who fall short of being the best will naturally have lower ratings and a lesser chance of being hired.   

Gank Events

How do I sign up for events?

You can sign up for events through the Gank platform. On Gank’s homepage, select the Events tab. From there you can select the event you are interested in and sign up. 


You may encounter events that have an overwhelming number of participants than allowed. Do not hesitate to sign up for them if you are interested, as we might just open up more slots for you. 



Does Gank have support for streamers?

(Updated October 2022)

We have developed integrations with streaming platforms such as Twitch through a useful widget that enables donation alerts to be shown while you are streaming. We will be developing more integrations in the future to help our creators earn more while using their preferred streaming platforms. 



Will Gank become more like a social media community for gamers?

Gank will evolve with its users. We want to be a sandbox with many possibilities in store for our users in the future.