Refund Policy


Gank follows a strict no-refund policy. Refunds will only be considered if the circumstances fall under the following scenarios, all of which are subject to an investigation:


a. Double charging for a single transaction (required: proof of double charging)

b. Unauthorized purchase due to a hacked account (required: proof of hacking)

c. Creator account deletion before fulfilling a commission or service (required: proof of non-fulfillment)

d. Supporter receives wrong/damaged goods from creator (required: photos/videos of goods)

e. Non-fulfilment of an order within a reasonable time frame (for confirmation of creator)


Gank reserves the right to offer refunds at its discretion. Users seeking refunds must contact Gank at [email protected] or open a support ticket on our Discord server ( #support-ticket text channel) within 14 days of the transaction. Users will be notified of refund approval or denial, with approved refunds taking up to 7 business days to process. 


Please note that our refund policy is designed to ensure fair and transparent transactions for both creators and supporters.  Gank has the right to suspend or delete a user’s account if we suspect that any refund/chargeback request was made in bad faith. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.


I. For Supporters


Wallet/Gank Gold

Wallet credits are non-refundable, and unused credits cannot be refunded.


Services under Shop Listing 

In the event a Creator fails to fulfil a booked session ("No Show"), resulting in session cancellation by the Supporter, a refund will be granted. Please contact us at [email protected] with your session information for such cases. 


For Supporter-initiated cancellations, if a session has been started but not completed due to Creator issues, Gank may, at its discretion, provide a credit or partial credit. Cancellations due to change of mind, schedule incompatibility, and the likes will not be entertained. 


Digital Goods Shop Listing and Pay-Per-View Posts 

Transactions involving media that has been viewed or downloaded, such as Pay-Per-View content or digital goods from the shop, are non-refundable. Gank is not liable for any discrepancies between supporters’ expectations and the creator's product. Any disputes arising from such misunderstandings must be resolved directly between the creator and the supporter.


Supporters, however, can open a dispute if products/contents are not received, or if the content violates the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. 


Physical Merchandise under Shop Listing

Merchandise in good condition sold on the platform will not be eligible for refunds. Differences in the actual product delivered versus the description in the shop listing, and the next steps to address this concern must be settled between the creator and the supporter. 



Donations made on the platform are considered final and will not be refunded. 



Membership subscriptions are considered final and non-refundable. Memberships that are cancelled after the renewal period will not be eligible for refund. Supporters are responsible for cancelling subscriptions before the renewal period. Note that you are free to cancel your subscription at any time before the renewal schedule through the “My Subscriptions'' module on your Gank dashboard. Be advised that this cancellation will take effect on the next billing cycle and you will continue to have access to the creators’ membership-exclusive content until the end of the current subscription period.


II. For Creators


In the event that a supporter initiates a refund or chargeback for a payment directed to your account through their credit card provider, Gank will conduct a thorough investigation and you will likewise be notified of the matter. Subsequently, we reserve the right to deduct an amount equivalent to the earnings attributed to the charged-back or refunded payment. 


In cases where a supporter submits a refund request resulting from receipt of damaged/wrong goods or non-fulfilment of orders, Gank will require proof from you to verify the basis of the complaint. If there is reason to believe that the order is not properly fulfilled, Gank reserves the right to refund the supporter and deduct the refunded amount from your earnings. We encourage you to regularly update your supporters on the status of their orders to prevent such instances.


We encourage creators to consistently deliver quality content and services to minimize the likelihood of disputes. Our commitment is to uphold equity and integrity for all stakeholders involved. For any inquiries, you may reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] or by opening a support ticket on our Discord server ( #support-ticket channel).